Justine Greening

Justine Greening the education secretary and equalities minister is a massive cunt.So she has announced today that she wants to make it easier for people to change gender by making it official via a form with no input of a Doctor or Psychologists as well as reducing the sex change age to 16.She has also announced she wants to make it possible for people to change their birth certificates to reflect their gender.To top it all off her deputy Nick Gibb wants teachers to be tougher on kids who use words such as “gay”.As a gay man himself, he says “this is personal”.So the Education Department led by Greening is now the department for Social Justice Activism and Cultural Marxism (Although it has been going that way for sometime).This is supposed to be the Conservative Party but its main influence seems to Corbyn and his unwashed brigade of freaks who will never vote Tory anyway.Unnecessarily throwing shit in the eyes of your members when you only just clung to power is beyond the pale.I doubt I will bother renewing my Tory membership unless another leadership election is on the cards.We need a proper Conservative Party not one that is just a watered down version of socialism.They should rename themselves The Cuckservative Party.The Tories have delighted at spitting in their loyal supporters face for years.Detestable cunts!Where is Farage when you need him!

Nominated by Shaun

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        • LGBT issues are no longer a ‘left’ or ‘right’ thing. If they ever were, noisome Internet sensation gay representative of the KKK Cunt: Milo Yiannopoulos, changed all that. By all means slag off the left and ‘liberals’ you disaffected tories, but Greening is yours and yours alone, nothing to do with Labour and Corbyn.

          • “LGBT issues are no longer a β€˜left’ or β€˜right’ thing”

            Wrong, LGBT issues has and will always remain left wing if you think Milo’s rightwing your cooked. Greenings a rino or perhaps better put CINO Cuckservative In Name Only

  1. Fuck me the way things are going we will have to officially opt out of arse rape.

  2. I wonder what her gender is πŸ™‚ does she identity as a turnip? seriously shes got a bloody head shaped like a turnip baldrick would be turned on thats forsure

  3. Would it be possible to change gender on a temporary basis? It’s the only way I’ll ever be able to experience lesbian sex.

  4. A truly worthy cunting OP; bravo.

    It is getting to the point where I am just ever-increasingly gobsmacked at how desperate politicians are across the spectrum to pander to the fucking confused/attention-seekers/campaigning shirtlifters.

    Ask yourself, what exactly is the proportion of gender-querying bastards in the UK? Surely less than 1% – yet cunts like Greening are all to happy to destroy proper processes like passport control and birth certification – not to mention cunting society- just for this handful of fucking freaks???! How on Earth, Mars or fucking Krypton can that ever be justifiable?

    I really can’t live in this fucking country any longer, I just fucking can’t. I decided a while back to relocate to AUS and now I am more determined than ever. Between peacefuls, enrichers, reactive ad-hoc governance and the exponential destruction of core societal values by the left, the UK has been truly, irreversibly destroyed by the lunatic fucking liberals and the ‘nu-cuntservatives’.

    Oh, and just a reminder for anyone not in the know. The last time governors and politicians pandered so overwhelmingly to such a minority (gays and haemopheliacs) was during the AIDS crisis in the early 80s, before anyone knew what it was. The critical infection rate could have been avoided in both San Francisco and New York, if the politicos had had the balls to listen to the doctors and scientists; namely, to close gay bathouses, screen donated blood and advertise/campaigned the risks of unsafe sex on a national scale much sooner. But no, thanks to the overtly liberal – who would have been in upoar if their right to Barrymore each other clean up to the elbow in disease-pits like Mineshaft nightclub had been compromised – all cunts involved made sure that HIV spread irreversibly to the point of epidemic.

    The far left = 1,000,000 times more destructive than the far right.

    • Come on over mate, you will be most welcome. Where are you thinking of moving to in this great southern land?

      • @Grumpy

        Many thanks. Brisbane principally, both for my line of work and knowing a fair few people there already.

        Everywhere and every country has it’s problems of course. But I can’t bear what is happening here any longer. Swore I’d jever jump ship but then again, I never thought things would get this out of hand. My last hope was when Brexit won; but seeing the potential of this vote being endlessly eroded and knowing it will be a failure in this government’s hands just proved to be the last straw.

    • AIDS was big disappointment. We need to thin the population and I was seriously hoping that would do it. Almost as disappointing as May and Cameron, but only almost…

      And let’s face it, Greening was just a token girlie. It shows. All the charisma and talent of a cardboard box – which would be best placed over her head!

    • I feel your pain, Empire.

      I left the UK to go work in the US in 2001. It was only supposed to be for a year to 18 months. I always intended to return to Blighty and carry on where I’d left off. However, my US project took way longer than expected, then a woman became involved in my life, then….you can guess the rest. Since that time, I got divorced from that money grabbing bitch, moved states and got re-married to someone far nicer.

      During all this time, my feelings towards the UK have been on a rollercoaster ride. I’ve pretty much ended up where you are now. For years I always intended to return. Then I noticed how incredibly more expensive the UK is compared to the US. Then on visits I noticed foreigners in sleepy out-of-the-way towns and villages I frequent in deepest Sussex. Then the housing crisis seemed to grow worse and I realised how much my standard of living would drop if I returned. Then half of Poland moved to the UK. Then the rest of the European free loading third world moved to the UK. Then I realised both my standard of living and quality of life would nose dive if I returned. Then the rapeugees and peacefuls came flooding in. Then Brexit didn’t deliver what was promised. Now I don’t want to move back. Ever. I will probably grow old and die in the US and not in the country where I was born, raised, educated and started my career.

      My homeland is well and truly fucked and I’ve watched it happen from afar over the last 16 or so years. Breaks my heart. Don’t get me wrong – the US is not some Utopian paradise as it too has its issues. However, little did I know how life would unfold when I left and how I’d end up dodging the bullet which wrecked my own country. I wish you well with your plans to relocate. Cheers – I.Y.

    • Join the club Empire, I am looking to go to Aus. I know they have problems and issues, but this country is well on its way to being totally fucked. The cunts have definitely taken over the asylum.

  5. If your Dear Leaders truly want to empty your once fine country of everyone except right-on pc cunts, gender whatever cunts and peaceful cunts, then they really are on the right track. Nations from around the globe observe the shit that you guys have to put up with and collectively shake their heads in dismay.
    Sorry cunters, but I think you’re fucked if dippy bints like this are running the show.

  6. Personally I always thought Greening was fucking useless but clearly she has fuck all else to do if she’s proposing bullshit like this. The sooner Boris is PM and cleans out these clowns the better…

  7. Education secretary and equalities minister?….Always wondered what happened to Doreen Burns from Prisoner: Cell Block H…..

  8. I’m just fed up of the minority lording it over the majority – in whatever guise or for whatever reason – and the majority having to just “suck it up”!

    Whatever happened to “Majority Rule”???

    What is so bad about the generally accepting nation that is the UK that *we* need to be told to change? Why don’t these cunts try and affect attitude change in – oh, let’s say – Saudi Arabia, or China, or Russia, or even the USA (certainly in some states).

    But no we suck it up like mana from heaven. Every fringe group under the sun having the lion’s share of the say because that’s true democracy isn’t it, the minority gets it way and the majority just has to grin and bear it!?!

    Fuck’s sake! Where is my Common Sense Party???

    Also what is the cost of appeasing these fringe groups from all of the documentation stakes, forms, etc.?

    “Sorry people of XYZ we can’t afford to run your hospital this year because we blew your budget on making GP appointment forms ‘Gender Neutral’.”

    It’s a disgrace and makes no common sense whatsoever!

    There is a tiny fraction of people born each year who are hermaphrodite and posses both male and female genitalia. Outside of this minute, tiny fraction of society, when you are born, you are either male or female.

    What you choose to call yourself, or do to yourself in later life is your business but legally and medically you are either male or female, and it is as simple as that!

    But apparently now these cunts (pardon the pun) say that genitalia is not an identifier of sex.

    Hmmm, ok then, you tell a fucking farmer that then! YOU CUNTS!

    Oh, that’s right, that just makes too much common sense doesn’t it? And who the fuck wants that in the UK these days!?!


    • It’s astonishing.

      When I woke up this morning, I was convinced that this bat-shit proposal must have been a bad dream. But no. It has really been suggested by a real fucking government minister.

      Beyond fucking words.

    • Majority Rule was executed on 24th June 2016, when the British people failed to do as we were expected, and instead voted to leave the EU. The reason Blair refused to allow us a referendum was because Mandelson told him the electorate couldn’t be trusted to vote to stay in the EU. Possibly the only time Mandelson was correct.

  9. Coming to the UK real soon;


    Yes, you read that right, self titled social justice tribunals.

    For any perceived injustice anywhere at anytime just lodge a complaint and drag some poor unsuspecting ordinary person (that is me and you by the way) through the mire of this complete charade.

  10. Silly twat looks as if she is a man trapped in a womans body or vice versa…..a hard slap and a shrink that’s what these fuckers need….oh and a mirror

  11. How log do you think it will be before ‘The gender unicorn’ will be in our primary schools.

    I leave fellow cunters to google it up for themselves.


      No doubt the Tristram and Jemima parents of the world will lap this up!

      Ordinary folk will be equally horrified but – as the majority – they have no say in the UK anymore!

  12. Oh my poor benighted isle, the needs of the minority always outweigh the needs of the majority who finance most of the minority. How did we end up in this shitfest?

  13. Those pesky XX & XY chromosomes.

    Impossible to change gender.

    Possible to be a pathetic useless twat who likes to dress up as a girlie and get fucked by sweaty biffers

  14. And the carefully planned destruction of Western Civilization takes another step…
    She looks like T P McKenna in a wig by the way.
    Welcome to the freak show…

  15. I’m all for it. I plan to register as a woman just as soon as I can. I shall then have the perfect excuse to haunt women’s changing-rooms,drive like a monger,sit on my arse all day moaning, lob my moobs out in public and scream “sexist” at anyone who dares pull me up for it. I shall also, once a month, expect everyone to be understanding when I act like a completely unreasonable Cunt.

  16. I have decided being half white and half black that I must have the right to choose what colour I want to be on any given day.
    For example on a Monday I will be white, go down the pub for a pint and eat a pie, on Tuesday I will be black and go to the fried chicken shop and smoke a spliff.
    I will be starting a campaign on Twatter and Cuntbook for recognition of being a black and white cunt, and not only that but having the choice of which colour to be on any given day.
    I’ll call it the race neutral campaign,
    I will ask the government for funding to get me special t-shirts made, on my white days the t-shirt will say: Keep away from the darkies,
    On the black days the t-shirt will say: you white cunts.
    I demand recognition of the race neutral campaign.
    What a pile of cunt.
    I know naffink abaaaaaht it.

      • I’ll also like funding to make half my head blonde and a blue contact lense on that side and the other side can be an afro (a bit bold now, so I’ll need a Rooney). I’m confident in this day and age that 1) a load of cunts on Twatter and Cuntbook would support my cause and probably set up a go fund me page.
        2) the Government would probably set up an investigation to see whether this bollocks is worth pursuing.

        • Call me old fashioned but if someone is born with a cock they must be a man ????
          We’re seeing the destruction of western civilisation right before our Very eyes.
          Putin must be laughing his head off at us , he won’t have to lift a finger we’re fucking our selves up from within.

          • When we get a gender neutral division in the Army, it’s time to call it a day.

  17. The Conservative party has lost it’s marbles. Who the fuck do they think this will appeal to? Traditional Tories? – No. Working class Tories? – No. Working class labour traditionalists? – No.
    A small minority of liberal lefties, the Twitterati if you like, will applaud this rubbish. Will make no positive electoral difference whatsoever. Will keep voters away or voting for a sane alternative (as if there is one, which there isn’t)
    You cant self identify as male or female. You can be gay. You can be straight. You can have mental health issues. But your chromosomes identify your sex not some right-on crap.
    God help us all.

    • The UK no longer has a conservative party.

      How much less left are they than Blairs new labour?

      Apart from trying to rein in reckless government borrowing and spending what policies, particularly social policies, have been rolled back? None that I can see.

  18. On a similar line.
    Last week i heard a report on the radio about some gay boy who came out on social media and then spent the next few years being raped by older, gay men, some married and some with children.


    What was the gay newbie expecting?
    Did he think that a rainbow coloured group would turn up on his doorstep to deliver a heartfelt message of support from Coleen Nolan?
    Maybe gays aint , to a man, always sweet lovely caring human beings. Maybe some love rough sex with young tight anuses.

    What the report was about was that it should be safer to come out the closet and when they do, the should be protected from deviants.

    Well, don’t advertise that yer arse is free for the first time ever, on a site frequented by guys who just love to butt fuck other guys.

    He made his own bed.

    I wonder what he thinks of the ‘gay lifestyle’ now?
    Its not all chocolate boxes and roses, its chocolate boxes and pricks.

    Seriously, what did he think would happen when older men wanted to help him embrace the love off cock and arse? πŸ™‚

    • Just looked at Greening’s picture. Fuck me she looks like a robber’s dog. My staffie is cuter.

      • I bet Justine Greening has got a grisly old beaver with soft cheese on the periphery and as hairy as Ken Dodd’s haircut.

    • I know, lets us set up a publicly funded department to make sure that newbie gays when they come out are not targetted by nasty rump rangers who want to pound their arses. What is required is a breaking in period say an inch a week for a month then two then three then tally ho (with counselling of course and grants). I thought I was a nutter. Living in England is like inhabiting a Dali dream.

      • Maybe a Dali dream today, but in a decade more like something by Hieronymus Bosch

  19. Is it possible to have a cock and and a cunt on the NHS, if so I want both that way I can spend all my time fucking myself..

    • I may just be posting this because I have had a cunt of a day, but it seems to me that these identity crises always come hand in hand with a distaste for work. If I didn’t have a full time job to preoccupy me, Gawd knows what I might be sitting about thinking. I may go in tomorrow and tell my grumpy cunt of a boss that I can’t possibly do any work today because I feel like being a fire engine today. Any cunt that disagrees with me is a nasty fascist oppressing cunt who no doubt eats babies and voted for Brexit.

      • A fire engine is called an ‘appliance” in the biz.

        Just in case yer boss asks questions.

        Firemen don’t like the name ‘fire engine’.
        Don’t know why.

        • All noted Birdman, thanks. It occurs to me that the Health & Safety rep might have “concerns” (Christ I fucking hate that word!) about a large vehicle charging around,plus the noise. By the way,we had a sign put above the fucking kettle the other day because ” steam can be hot”. When is it not hot,and what fuckwit doesn’t know that anyway?. On a plus note, the planned LGBTQ event to “raise awareness” (fucking hate that phrase as well) got cancelled due to a diary cock-up. I actually said to one of the cunts I work with the other day that I do not want my awareness raised about some things, I preferred to remain in ignorance. That went down like a shit sandwich.

  20. When I was in my teens i could just about suck my own dick , this was quite a feat that Houdini would be proud of.
    These days you could have a cock attached to your shoulder and make life so much easier.

  21. Quoted this line from Ted 2 before and I’ll quote it again coz its hilarious and true.

    “There are no chicks with dicks, John, only guys with tits”

    When i was a teen, there was an evening that i sat gobsmacked as my pals debated whether or not they’d root Rupaul.
    Teen boys debating whether a drag queen, not even a “full blown” shemale, was rootable.

    At that moment, i knew i was gonna outgrow these deviant cunts.

    Two are now dead through misadventure.

    • I’m now reminded of an afternoon a few years ago when there was nine, fucking nine of us in a pub, and seven, SEVEN of them turned on me and the other pal who didn’t like a finger shoved up the bum during sex with a female.
      Seriously, no lie. Seven weirdos got irate and called US freaks for not partaking in that.
      They took the huff and me and my only normal pal that day left in disbelief.
      They got that irate that they’d stand up and loudly ask other poor cunts in the pub if they liked a finger up the bum during sex with a female.

      True story and still has my melon twisted to this day.

      • You’ve got some strange friends,Birdman. If anyone in my local started asking people if they liked a finger up their arse there’d be fucking hell on.

        However,after reading your post, I made further investigations and apparently “prostate massage” is quite the thing. One of the lads was telling me that a prostitute did it to him when he was taking too long…reckons it was excellent,and now his girlfriend often does it…. Can’t say I fancy it myself,but different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

        • HAD weird friends.
          The numbers are smaller these days, but i think it’s safer that way.
          Especially with they dirty cunts.

          I don’t mind watching a little bit of anal in porn, but in real life, no way.
          Done it once and olive green shite smelling putty packed behind the foreskin was unpleasant to say the least.

      • Tis funny that I remember a few years ago at work the conversation got round to the same thing with pretty similar results me and a workmate seeming to be the odd ones out and when we both said nah we were the odd ones out. Weird old world.

  22. …. off topic a little. BBC news, three Birmingham ‘boy racers’, clocked at 134 mph on a dark wet March night (organised racing), police driver witness, in court, says it’s the worst case of dangerous driving he’s ever seen ….. 12 month ban … a bit of community service. ‘What no jail ?’ …. Amar Paul, TejinderBhuee and Zafar Iqbal … Oh, that’s ok then … don’t do it again. Any other (white) cunt would get at least six months.

    • I just got done for doing a WHOLE 36mph in a 30mph zone. OK you’re probably thinking ‘CUNT’! But they did me 40yds past the 60mph-to-30mph transition and (as I queried the quisling cunts at the time for evidence of where I was Vs where they were) they were hid round the side of a building with a laser gun!

      So much for a “visible” presence. I wouldn’t care by the time I got to them I would’ve been doing 30mph (where the built up area actually starts).

      This was the likely decision process:

      – Is the car PL or RO plated? No. Check.

      – Is the car insured? Yes. Check.

      – Valid MOT? Yes. Check.

      – Driver have a “peaceful” sounding name? No. Check.

      We’re you able to check all items in the list above?

      If ‘Yes’ then feel free to issue a Β£100 fixed penalty fine + 3pts and hope they waste a day off work and pay Β£150 on a pointless “Speed Awareness” course which the insurance companies consider the same as 3pts anyway and so is a pointless waste of time and money!

      If ‘No’ then discard the evidence as there’s too much paperwork to follow up and you don’t want to answer questions from the Race Relations board!


      • I got done for 33 in a 30 limit by a cunt with a speed gun I never even saw. The course was Β£80. No conviction or penalty points so no question to answer re insurance…

  23. Emergency cunting for Islam again. The goat lovers are whinging about hate crime against them. Well here’s an idea you paedo worshipping cunts your oh so fucking peaceful religion is violent and you cunts play the victim, maybe if your religion wasn’t so fucking violent people wouldn’t hate you? Oh and if you don’t like it here you’re more than welcome to fuck off to the sandbox countries you are from, it’ll save many lives and the tax payer won’t have to pay for your lazy goat banging families either

    • Hate crime against them? Nail-bombs and stabbings tend to cause a bit of a backlash. I’m just surprised and disappointed that they haven’t had a taste of their own medicine. Show them that we can be “peaceful” too.

  24. I see a 16yr old boy from Kent has been arrested under suspicion of terror offences.

    O’course none of the main press outlets will hint at if the cunt was “peaceful” or not (that’ll probably follow as a tiny byline in 3 months time).

    However we all know what the last “bloke from Kent” did and what his “peaceful” qualities were.

    I could be wrong, the 16yr old cunt in question could be a Bhudist, or Hindu, or Sikh, or Jewish, or “insert religion here just so long as it’s not ‘peaceful'”.

    Even if he is, the library of excuses is rich and varied and within 2 days he will be painted as a national hero of multiculturalism!


  25. I don’t know why they are pandering to a minority that wouldn’t vote for them under pain of death, while losing support of their core voters with such frivolous nonsense. I don’t know if the Greening woman likes to touch tuppence herself, but the lgbtqzxvtsr brigade are well over represented in parliament as they are in the media. Both the main parties in Scotland are headed by lesbians, have no idea about the lib dems, and neither do the Scottish by the look of it. Shove whatever in whatever hole you like, but I don’t want to know about it. The cunts have more rights than straight people these days (try having a straight civil partnership), whatever happened to equality? Not good enough is it!

    • Leader of the Greens in Scotland is a ‘chutney ferret’ … ’nuff said !

      • Reminds me of Fletch’s cell-mate MacLaren in Porridge…
        From the mango-fields south of Greenock.

    • The political parties seem to be obsessed with minorities. They treat their core voters with contempt,and then wonder why people are so disillusioned with politics and politicians. They forget that 99% of the population are sick of these selfish “look-at-me” special interest groups.

      Queers and the like can do what they want behind closed doors,but they shouldn’t be allowed to force their perverted ideas on to the majority of the population.

  26. I still find it difficult to believe that this was a legitimate suggestion.

    I mean, you expect a certain amount of liberal overkill nowadays because the left are too fucking scared NOT to lay in on with a gender-neutral trowel that’s visible from space, but this is surely just complete idiocy.

    Retro-active amendments to birth certificates, for fuck’s sake!

    When I was 16 all I cared about was how many punk girls I could screw and how many snakebite & blacks I could neck before I fell into a coma. I didn’t seriously consider what life would consist of after age 21 because I was having too much fun. I don’t think 16 is any age to give someone the opportunity to make such a legally binding and life-changing decision … primarily because the average person hasn’t got a fucking clue what they want or what they prefer or who they actually want to be at that age. That’s what growing up is all about, surely? Finding that shit out in your own time.

    To be able to just casually stroll into an office and fill out a form to change your birth gender, without any form of prior psychological evaluation, at the age of 16, is absolutely fucking ludicrous in my opinion.

    I tend to agree with practically everything all of the cunters before me have voiced on the matter … this really is just one more example of what a shithole this country is fast becoming. I think The Empire Cunts Back has got the right idea personally. There comes a point where enough is enough.

    And that jawline!!! She was born to munch the proverbial rug with a mush like that. Fuck me, I wouldn’t fancy that leering up at me in the dark.

    What a load of old cunt.

    • … cover her hair in the photo … and she looks just like a mug shot of your ‘uncle’ Bob the alki…!

  27. I saw a funny trailer during the “Free Mins” on the 900’s channels on Sky the film is called “Hard Brexxxit”.

    Dunno who did the casting but there’s some absolute ringers in there especially the Flabbot actress! 😁


    • LOL, made me laugh that one, Rebel.

      I’ve always loved the creativity of porn film titles. I remember being in a Virgin Store in the early 2000s, idling over to the ‘adult interest’ section. Laughed uncontrollably when I saw ‘Cum on Eileen’.

        • I recall On Golden Blonde as opposed to On Golden Pond.

          Empire – I saw a T-shirt once which read, “I came on Eileen”. Funny stuff.

          • Seen some breakfast cereals aimed at fans of the sex industry.

            “Porn Flakes”
            “Cheery Ho’s”

          • Beverly Hills Cock
            Lawrence Of The Labia
            David Cop A Feel
            Tits: A Wonderful Life
            Knickerless Nickelby
            Fuck Rogers In The 25th Century
            Star Whores

  28. Too true, Mike. I’d recommend that the “flamboyant” community enjoy themselves while they can. Give it another 15 years or so, and I don’t think that they’ll be quite so vocal about their “rights”.

    Getting chucked off a high building should dampen their ardour . Personally I hope that they chuck the priests too.

    • Did my first Man City FC museum tour today and I absolutely loved it! Was in and out within 30 seconds…. You can’t buy that kind of efficiency… Fucking Bitter Blue cunts…

  29. Sounds exactly the same thing a liberal democrat or Labour MP would say.

  30. And she said it was important that churches were respected and protected from being forced into this back on question time a few years ago.

  31. Over a hundred children missing in this country since last year.
    Something’s gotta be done .

    While we are all swanning around, don’t forget that over a hundred kids have gone missing in our country in the last year.

    How can you go about your business knowing that over a hundred kids have gone missing this last year?

    They were last seen departing a ferry from Calais.
    If you have any information on their whereabouts, dob them in.

    Seriously, all together now, 1,2,3, WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!

    • I understand that young children do taste rather like chicken so perhaps at a takeaway near you?

    • Where is the outcry from the ‘Muslim community’?

      Over a hundred of their children are missing in a land of rightwing extremists, and not a single peep about tracking them down.

      That’s disgraceful.

  32. Am I the only one who is sick of hearing about Lady Died, Princess of Peoples, Queen of Hearts?…. Naturally, The Daily Express continue their unhealthy fetish for this woman (is there a time when she isn’t on their front page?!)…. Now we have those two spoilt buffoons, Wills and Harry going on about how great she was and how she told them they could be as naughty as they liked…. Pardones fucking moi, but that sounds like crap parenting… Not unlike most modern parents, who’ put the message across to their kids that no matter how badly they behave they won’t (and never do) get a clout…. Also the tale of her embarrassing Wills by having all his boyhood crush supermodels turn up was well snide…. A lad is sensitive at that age (believe it or not) and I think doing that to your own son is pretty shitty…. She was a cunt…

  33. Just been accepted to join a Leicester City forum.
    The first rule is, you can’t abuse other fans. Fair enough and quite right.
    Second rule, no use of the ‘C’ word. Huh!!!!!!!

    I’d already decided i wanted nothing to do with it when i had to be ‘accepted’, but cunt to that language rule.

    I’ve posted to comments.
    First comment, i told a fellow fan he was an idiot for buying a replica Leicester shirt at his age.
    Second comment, i called Vinny Jones a ‘CUNT’ for his fox hunting exploits.

    Who the fuck do some football fans think they are ?
    Supporters groups and fan sites approving who a real fan is or isn’t.

    • Any grown man who buys a replica shirt is a cunt… Any grown man who buys a replica shirt and has a name and number printed on the back is an out and out mong…. And anyone who wears a ‘half/half’ shirt or scarf (eg: half United, half City) should just fucking die, slowly….

      • Screen saver and mug are my limit, but, but, i do like the eighties retro shirts, especially the Admiral one with IND COOPE sponsor on it.

        Can we wear that? πŸ™‚

          • When i heard a couple of years ago that man utd were changing to Adidas, i thought that they may recreate the old eighties tops, but no, just like so-called classic Adidas trainers, they gave it the modern twist.

            Leicester shirts have been shite since Fox Leisure in the mid to late nineties.

          • The football fans should fuckin boycott the new shirts!! Fuck the money grabbing Cunts who run the clubs, I really hate the way they pay lip service to the fans but actually treat them like Cunts!, rip off ticket prices, shirts and all the other corporate bull shit bollocks that has ruined football……

      • Totally agree!!!
        Although most things nowadays are a complete rip off buying a polyester shirt for Β£70.00 + then adding your name to it?? Ain’t clever!! And you just know some fat cunt director is sitting in his box smiling away!! Keeerching!!

        • Ever seen a Newcastle game?

          The stands are full of beer bellies with black and white shirts stretched over them.

          I think even Geordie dogs wear them an’ all.

          Kerching indeed.

          • Apparently those polyester replica shirts cost about Β£2.00 to make!! Sold at Β£70.00 !! Jobs a good un!! New strip every other week, not forgetting the away kit and third strip!! I’ve no idea how the clubs make a profit ??

          • Home kit, away kit, third/European kit and the training kit they wear in the warm up and away training kit the wear to warm up.

          • That’s about Β£400/500 worth of Taiwanese polyester shite!!
            Add another ton or two if your an even bigger Cunt and have your name printed on it….
            GULLIBLE …… πŸ˜‚

    • Lived there after I married.
      Locals always said that “Semper eadem” meant “always in the 2nd div.”

  34. I know nothing about computers, apart from that Windows 10 is shite.
    Really shite.

    My laptop came back from being mended a fortnight ago, and it came back with Windows 10 and fuck all else.

    Everything, music, family pics, videos, everything is lost.

    Since Windows 10 has been installed, its been put back in the shop because of some class of hardware error, got it sorted, and its done it again.

    I fear change, i know this, but Windows 10 is a cunt.
    And i have to download my own Making Titans.

    Some of you computer experts will be thinking I’m wrong, but I’m a Luddite and I’m easy to break.

    • Majong Titans not ‘making’

      How the fuck does spell check not know ‘Majong’ but knows Beyonce?

      All them Chinese and it doesn’t know Majong. Jeez.

      Right, somebody else’s turn to post.
      Or are you all scared it might get lost and ignored due to a new thread opening up. πŸ™‚

      • From what I can determine, the main function of Windows 10 is to persistently try to sell you other products.
        Being an effective operating system for a computer seems to come second. On a good day…

    • My organisation is currently replacing all working systems with Windows 10. As installed, this gave you two minutes without touching the mouse before locking you out and requiring you to log back in. I don’t know what else it fucks up, because I was immediately on to IT demanding Linux. And got it. So long, bloodsucking Microsoft cunts.

  35. i see Spivey is trying to flog his stuff on Amazon. Β£5.99 for his latest guff. i’m intrigued by the reviews on there. most of them saying what awesome work he does!. wouldnt be posted by his deluded henchmen by any chance?

    • What in god’s name kind of shit does he sell?
      Perhaps a designer tinfoil hat and straitjacket set…

    • I’d argue that periods are just for women. Dressing up as a bloke doesn’t mean you are one. If you can menstruate, then regardless that you want to be called Tony, you are a woman. A stupid attention seeking twat of a woman too. Has humanity just flicked the self destruct button? It fucking feels like it…..

      • Also Norm, I hope you don’t mind but when I read your post, l pictured Cyril Fletcher of That’s Life reading it aloud. 😁

        • everyday we stray further from gods light…

          So is that a female to male transbender? or did the burnt bastard cut his cock off? lol

          • am off to the vet to get a pair of big grey ears and a trunk grafted on.
            Watch out for your KP nuts, I’ll be rampaging down Queen Street as an elephant.
            Although NOT as Nellie: I draw the line at that…

  36. Wtf? Is that a woman trying to be a man with real blood or is it a man trying to be a woman with fake blood? And what has it come to that I’m even asking such fuckin stoopid questions. Gawd almighty.

  37. This spam and sperm filter is just getting worse and worse seriously 8 cock ups today

  38. Prince George is a spoiled,whiny,strange-looking brat who looks like he licks the windows of the Royal coach. I bet the greedy cunts claim extra benefits for him being a monger.

    Do I get an award for “The Youngest Cunting” ?

    • If you want that honour of cunting the youngest, you can have it dick fiddler. I cunted new born twins last week, but i wont blame you for ignoring it.

        • Ignorant cunt!!!!!!

          It was Beyonce’s and Jay Why’s.

          Today i found out the name of the royal boy.
          I’d been blissfully ignorant of the little runts name until now.

          Cheers Dick Fiddler. πŸ™‚

          • I hope you just made that word up (nigglets).
            BRAVO. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

            The tears are rolling down my face and its probably the first time anybody’s seen me smile.


  39. yeh this bloke is a cunt, he is also black. so to call him a black cunt is factually true.. but i have to admit i do have a bit of a problem with it. now i think everybody here would agree that Tony Blair is a cunt, he is also white but how many people on here call him a white cunt? if you’re going preface someones cuntishness with their colour then do it for both , black and white. if you only do it when talking about blacks then it leaves you open to the possibiltiy that you think that merely being black makes you a cunt. and i’m sure no one here thinks that do they? well actually i can think of a few that probably do .

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