Guy Opperman MP

A Cunting for Guy Opperman MP.

I’ve followed this devious little spunk-bubble’s career since the start. He managed to get himself wormed in to a safe Tory seat,and obviously is destined for big things in the Conservative party. He has been made a minister in the DWP, where he announced that he understood about zero hours contracts because he’d once worked as a £250 per hour barrister,where work couldn’t be guaranteed every day. Oh,the hardship…don’t know how he managed to survive.

The prick’s latest announcement trumps his thoughts on zero hours contracts. He has suggested that women in their 50s and 60s who have had their pensions put back should consider taking up an apprenticeship and retrain for a new career! I wonder who he thinks is going to train a bunch of middle aged women in a new trade? Perhaps he imagines a whole new battalion of blue-rinse brickies and chippies taking on the task of building new luxury pads for the “poor refugees” that his party continues to let flood in.

Mark my words, Opperman is destined for the top. He has Cuntitude in abundance to really make a top politician. He also recently married his “girlfriend”,which stopped the totally unfounded rumours regarding his preferences. This was particularly important in this rural constituency which still complains about a previous Tory MP, Alan Amos,who had to stand down after a particularly distasteful episode at somewhere on Hampstead Heath known as “The Gobbler’s Gulch.”

I want to get the first Cunting in at Opperman but I reckon,over the years to come, it certainly won’t be the last….. Oh,and the cunt also reports every abusive e-mail to the local police…

Nominated by Dick Fiddler.

97 thoughts on “Guy Opperman MP

  1. Opperman is a Tory Defender of the NHS, and ferociously attacks even his own party in its defence. He has also done some really good things for the North East.

    As for the comments quoted in the press regarding “middle aged women” retraining under apprenticeships. That idea was a good one , but was misrepresented by the media.
    Women ( and men ) made redundant near retirement age would lose the critical period near retirement ) By entering an apprenticeship, they would receive paid training for the duration, and improve employment prospects. The pay gap would be filled until age 67 and there would be increased opportunities.
    Not a perfect solution for all, but a good try.

    Opperman is everything that his predecessor ( Alan Amos ) was not. Amos WAS a cunt, a MEGA CUNT and has paid the price for his cuntitude.

    Opperman has worked on a zero hours contract ( albeit on a high rate of pay ) , but has worked “in Bono” for good causes, defending free of charge, those who could not afford to defend themselves. During his appointment at the bar “in Bono ” Opperman defended the rights of ex servicemen to win compensation and pension rights. He vigorously defends all service personnel and is a leading currently willing to act both in parliament and at the bar in furthering their claims.

    Opperman may well be a cunt for other things, but at least he is a good cunt.

    • I don’t understand why employers would pay to train people on the cusp of retirement,particularly when they could employ some school leaver on one of the zero-hours contracts which he knows so much about. Would the employer or the government be paying? Can’t see many employers being keen.
      The very fact that he can afford to do (well publicised) Pro Bono work surely only proves that he actually understands very little of the effects of a zero-hours contract for some people,although I do understand that they suit some. However laudable the causes that he choose to represent,it doesn’t alter the fact that he is just another typical politician,willing to say or represent whatever policy he thinks will elevate him up the greasy pole quickest.

      • Yep your’e probably right Dick. It was to be funded a little like the ET and YOP’s programmes of 90’s. ( In other words the taxpayer funds ) which would give people an income until Retirement Income kicks in.

        Of his Pro Bona, again, you are probably right on that one , but I can attest that he is very much pro ex Service Personnel, and fought hard in the case of a serving officer who lost both legs and got fuck all. He managed to secure good compensation and access to training when the MOD failed to honour its accord.

        Yep , he may well be a cunt with a strategy and a motive ( advancement ) but I think we can both agree he isn’t the cunt of all cunts ( Yet )

        • True enough ASA. Being fair about him, he isn’t the worst by a long chalk. It’s a personal matter that I’ve got against him….mind,that’s not to say that I cant recognise the potential that he shows in the “Politician who will advance to the highest echelons of Cuntitude” category.
          Wonder how many of us Cunters are from the North-East? We do enjoy a good Cunting up here.

          • Im a Newcastle cunt , living in North Shields….
            If.Opperman has upset you….then he IS a CUNT!

  2. Thank fuck that cunt Murray is out of Wimbledon. Bet the ABBC are cunting themselves for setting the whole studio up to now watch some greaseball lift the plate.

    • And that horrendous controlfreak cunt of a mater to the sourarsed one is all over Twatter posting things like ‘That’s My Boy!’ He’s a grown man for frig’s sake! Well at least he’s supposed to be… Reminds of that Marty Feldman sketch: a 53 year old man with a teddy bear, who isn’t allowed to cross the road and is only allowed chocolate money…

      • Federer will piss it now… At least the sourfaced twat won’t be winning it… Murray could be taking a young Raquel Welch up the Khyber, and he still wouldn’t look happy… What a cunt. eh?…

        • Indeed. And Federer is a gentleman too. Hope he does win it. Not like he needs it but he seems to just love to still be playing, and the win is a bonus.

          Im sure Andy fucks his mother. The baby from his wife is probably his brothers or dads.

          Its fucking creepy the way that mother talks about him.

          • When you gang north oer the border
            shove a Tunnock’s caramel wafer up yer shitter

            Btw, I’m 1/4 Scotty…

          • The caramel log might be painful though.
            For any newbies, start with a Tunnocks tea cake.

            The pro British Scots are boycotting Tunnocks along with many other pro Scottish independence companies.

            Fuck that, i eat Tunnocks daily, even though it’s been donkey’s since i set foot there.

    • The chip on his shoulder about sexism in tennis was likely weighing him down, his Mrs keeps his bollocks in her handbag.

        • Murray makes being a multi millionaire, womanizer and all star tennis player sound boring perhaps he had a nasty childhood or something.

          Spanked over the knee one too many times? Rich Cunts usually have traumatic childhoods, strict and sadistic parents, probably a factor of their success tho

          • I’ve said this before, Murrays as dull and lifeless as fuck but compared to Lewis Hamilton he has the wit of Oscar Wilde and the charisma of a young Paul Newman…..

          • His mater left the family to pursue her own career.
            Yep she left them all and only came back for the fame.
            It was his Da that brought him up, and I’m sure they weren’t rich.
            He went to Dunblane primary, about the same time as that beast killed they poor weans.

    • Never mind, at least ”our own British hope” Johanna Konta is still in it.
      British? Nothing against the girl personally but both her parents are Hungarian and she was born in Australia where she lived for 14 years.
      She then oved to Spain before coming here.
      Still, she’s taken the citizenship test so she’s officially British.
      That’s okay then.
      Apart from keeping fit, sport’s a cunt anyway.

      • Still better than the citizenship given to that cunt Mo Farrah cause he can run. She would be great after a few ales on a big night and from her heritage, would know its not just to piss with.

        • Yer right there King C.
          He really is a cunt..and so are all the pricks who idolise the little git.

      • Whichever one of the Williams Brothers she’s playing will batter her anyway.

      • She was British until about an hour ago when penis Williams fuck her off and out of Wimbledon!, she will now be referred to as the Hungarian immigrant!!

          • Funny how the Black Broadcasting Corporation never once mentioned the Williams car smash and the death of an old man into the bargain… Also funny how she went from ‘dangerous driving’ to ‘not at fault’ overnight… I remember 1995: the same upstanding BBC said Eric Cantona should be deported/banned/executed for kicking a piece of Palace turd at Selhurst… But the Williams car smash was never, ever mentioned…. Funny, eh?…

          • Konta is about as British as that cunt Lennox Lewis or that other tennis cunt who couldn’t win a raffle (Rudsedski or something?)… Fucking hell, at least Tim Henman was Britsh….

      • If she wins she’s british, if she loses she can fuck off. 🙂

        …oh wait, i think she lost.

        Perhaps she can be british for a little while longer.

  3. I’m from the north east and never head of the blue cunt. I don’t get involved in the machinations of corruption Errr sorry I meant politics. As for the scotch cunt “come on Andy” so glad he’s fucking out. On a slightlt different but similar note the women’s tennis gas been particularly ass abundant. Shame xhamster don’t do an x rated version

  4. Guy Opperman? Sounds like one of Adolf’s old boys…

    Don’t know who the cunt is, but he looks like he’s got a rubber johnny over his head…

    • Fuck me! read the link and Jeez….The people who comment there are all fucking mad….that cunt woodlandwalker needs a good fucking back into reality…FFS!

  5. I would like to nominate big fucking mouth and all around fuckhead Andy Murray for a substantial cunting.

    No, not because he lost at Wimbledon yesterday.

    No, not over some base level British/English/Scottish prejudice.

    I want to nominate Andy Murray because he is increasingly becoming the exact same sort of SJW cuntlord that all sportspeople fawned over by the BBC morph into, a la Gary Lineker.

    His comments on equal pay for less work in tennis, constantly correcting the press pack to curry favour with feminists, and his ‘speaking out’ against doping. Of course, the big one – supporting Scottish independence while cosying up to Nicola Cuntgeon. Remember “let’s do this”? What a fucking bastard. The fucking Graun this week wrote an article that Murray is ‘exactly the sort of feminist tennis needs’.

    I also find his constant swearing at his own fucking box and moping around on court the signature of an absolute cunt. Part of me wants to see Ivan Lendl leap over the barrier and give the the spoilt fuck a major beating with his own tennis racquet.

    Was interesting too seeing him lambaste Dan Evans for testing positive a few weeks back due to taking cocaine, yet his own brother was playing mixed doubles at this year’s Wimbledon with Martina Hingis. Martina Hingis who served a ban for taking cocaine. Fucking hypocrite.

    His mother is a spectacular media whore, freeloading from the talent of her sons. But she is so fucking annoying that she can have another cunting on another occasion.

    • btw, I started this cunting late morning, went out for a bit, and didn’t notice the semi-cunting posted since. Great cunters think alike.

    • When it comes to the Murray family there cannot be enough times they can be cunted

    • Great cunting.

      Reminds me of a rant that I posted under the andy burham cunting regarding actors.
      Not as elequantly put as your cunting but it summed these cunts up I think.

      Sports cunts are the same as actors. Fuckin sjw twats.

  6. TBH there’s been a long line of imported sports Stars who have been anything but…..

    Zola dudd….( Rhodesian)
    supposedly the savour of British women’s middle distance running, flattered to deceive, the dozy cunt fell over at the Olympics and came nowhere!!

    Graham hick…. ( Rhodesian) This man was sold as the batsman that would prop up England’s faltering middle order?? Well hick was okay if you blindfolded the bowler and made his bowl with a tennis ball……

    Joe bugner… Hungarian by birth the man that would be heavyweight boxing king!!, joe had it all, the size , defence and good reflexes, the problem was joe didn’t really enjoy fighting and couldn’t hit a cows arse wth a banjo!

    I suppose mo ( chicken chaser) farrahs done pretty well….
    every cloud as they say……

    • Don’t forget Kevin Pietersen and Greg Rusedski.

      Fucking Greg with his aunt from ‘Doosberry’.

      • Although a gigantic cunt KP was a pretty decent player………
        rusedski was just a cunt !! 😂

  7. Forgive me, fellow cunters…I may be sinning !
    I’ve tried so bloody hard, REALLY hard, but Charlie Gard’s parents deserve a massive cunting.
    I genuinely feel sorry for the kid, but as the ethics professor said, just leave him to die in dignity.
    And virtually every court in the world, including the ECHR (and don’t the parents look like typical hipster eu wankstains ??) have said NO.

    I am reliably informed that a JK Rowlingesque meerkat court may soon be passing judgement…
    It is a sad situation, but as I said, looking at the parents – him in particular (yes he CAN be held responsible for his looks, as he’s so very obviously gone to some wanky, metro-hipster barbershop for THAT look), they should abide by THEIR ECHR…

    • I agree with you almost 100% but I suspect the parents aren’t in the right place mentally – I think they are being manipulated by the press.

      My perspective… the precious hospital resources spent keeping that poor lad alive when there is objectively very, very little hope – to the point where law courts agree it is not a valid hope – these could be spent helping other children.

      If qualified medical professionals believe there is next to no chance of this child being helped, then that is enough for me.

      • It will probably be a neverending industry/cashcow… Not unlike Hillsborough and those fucking McCanns….

        It’s cruel to keep the poor mite alive when he has no hope….

    • OK, just watching the news faeturing the Gard case now. He cannot move, breathe, smell, see or hear.

      The Nucleide therapy in the US has helped 5 out of 9 children – none of whom as badly affected as Charlie – and out of those 5, a mere 1 can now breathe unaided. That is the pinnacle of the therapy.

      Therefore, it sounds beyond fucking cruel to keep him alive if that is the best they can hope for. Someone needs to shake the fucking parents and think of the quality of life that kid will have. The mum and dad are being truly fucking selfish here.

  8. Treachery in Brussels today led by the arch turncoat Catweazle himself. There’s only one way we’re going to get out of this fucking EU…..Paris 1968 springs to mind.

  9. Great cunting fiddler!

    I’d never heard of him but by the sound of things he is indeed a 42 carrat cunt!

    I know this site is about cunting people but I’d like to offer a huge discunting or uncunting for rhodry phillips the 4th viscount of whatever the fuck.

    He’s just been jailed for (I presume jokingly) offering 5 grand to whoever runs over that cunt gina banana … sorry, Miller.

    He also called the banana throwing cunt a “boat jumper” and said: “If this is what we should expect from immigrants, send them back to their stinking jungles.”

    …a fuckin hero if you ask me.

    I have no problem with immigrants, as long as they remember who’s cunting country this is.

    I heard today from a friend that a girl that he works with from nepal was being deported next week. She’s been here for 10 years and worked and paid tax and never been in trouble. She loves this country but they’re kicking her out anyway.
    Yet the freeloading, freedom hating, benefits claiming cunts are allowed to stay.

    …makes me fuckin sick.

    If someone loves this this country, works, pays tax, behaves and has respect for us they should be allowed to stay.
    There’s more than enough deserving cunts to kick out if the government want to thin the numbers.

      • I should just clariry that the fact that it’s 5 years and not 10 makes no difference. She should still stay.

        ….i’d offer to marry her but she’d probaly rather go home. 🙂

    • It’s always annoyed me, that the cunts will kick out someone who has really settled and become part of the community, usually been here for ages with family ties even, but the can’t be arsed to boot out the robbing raping murdering scum that seems to walk in and out unhindered. Oh, poor Ionut, he stroked a neighbours dog once, its now his human right to live here. Bollocks. I’m sure they do it to tidy people to make people think that every case is the same, but we all know that’s bullshit.

    • Strangest thing… I just googled “Threats to kill made by muslims” and “muslims threatening to kill”. All I get is endless (with one exception) examples of muslims being threatened. Google obviously only seems to recoginze threats against muslims,not threats made by muslims…either that or they really are “peaceful people” who have never made threats against anyone.

      • Weird isn’t it. There’s definately some kind of conspiracy going on.

        The most openly violent and bloodthirsty sect on earth, and the only trace is peace and love, paved with flowers.

        …I’m gonna go watch some rebel media Tommy Robinson videos.

        He’s been destroyed by the media as a Nazi and a racist but he isn’t.

        Shame they don’t go after the jihadists with the same vigour.

        • Same deal with “women who hate men” and “men who hate women”. All the search engine results are biased toward misogyny. Cunts at Google don’t know what misandry is.

        • Check out the twat that made a video calling Tony,ehTony,eh Tommy Robinson a c••t.
          And others also a reply from some funny blogger.

      • Can’t remember if I read it here first but type in happy married american couple in google the image results are very biased towards black or black/white couples. Methinks two examples of Google having an agenda. Cunts

    • Aaahh, second time today, how did I miss this?

      I’ve just un-cunted the Viscount myself. I’m still laughing about this.

  10. Im in the moderation club!!! WTF!! There’s fuck all in there!! Moderation is a cunt!!!! 😡

    • The worst thing about moderation is that no fucker seems to read the posting when it’s finally moderated.

      • I will pay £5000 for somebody to run over the moderators…..
        The Viscount of something or another….. 😂

  11. Opperman gets my nod of approval for a heavy-handed cunting.

    That wanker wouldn’t know genuine hardship if it gave him a lube-free fisting.

    Smarmy little cunt would probably run to the rozzers at the first sniff of a punch-up. I hope he meets with a bizarre and untimely demise … something like falling from a light aircraft onto an unyielding concrete metropolis.

    I’d laugh my fucking socks off.

  12. Those foreign tosspots all over Grannyfucker Rooney as he makes his err… second debut in some Bogo-Bogo flyblown shithole… Not a white face in site… It was like Grenfell meets Escape To Victory… The crowd was mainly nu-footie sambos, and one clueless gimp with a United shirt on, with a piece of cardboard that read ‘Thanks for the memories Wazza! Legend!’ This daft greasy gravystain doesn’t even know where Manchester is… And the cunt has never stood on a rained on windswept Stretford End, bawled his lungs out, watched a crap game, and then sank a few in the much missed Dog & Partridge… Fucking cunt!

  13. I’d like to issue an un-cunting (or anti cunting) to Viscount Rhodri Phillips, who has been sentenced to 12 weeks jail for issuing an online bounty of £5,000 on the head of interfering shitcunt Gina Miller.

    Made me fucking laugh haughtily. Phillips is definitely not a cunt. Totally stupid, but not a cunt.

  14. Overrated pop Cunt Harry styles has announced that he is retiring from acting after 1 film?? Shame he hasn’t retired from making dreadful music the prick!!

  15. Sorry to keep posting links cunters (last one for a long time …. very lazy I know) but I’ve had a few and found it amusing.

    Tucker gets stuck into another stupid lefty cunt.

    …well he just laughs at her really.

    In a way I support them. They should learn self defence.

    Lets face it, if you’re this much of a cunt, a hell of a lot of people are gonna want to attack you.

    …wouldn’t stop me though. Lefties can’t fight.

    I did maritial arts for a few years. Funny how all those great moves suddenly get forgotten when some cunts screams bloody murder and runs at you!

    All about the attitude.

  16. I’d like to nominate the London Underground for a cunting. Why? Well, let the Newspeak cunts at Minitrue speak for themselves:

    London Underground workers have been told to stop greeting people by saying ‘ladies and gentlemen’. Instead, Transport for London (TfL) workers will use phrases such as ‘good afternoon everyone’ as the city takes steps to become more gender-neutral.
    Mark Evers, director of customer strategy at Transport for London, said: ‘We want everyone to feel welcome on our transport network.
    ‘We have reviewed the language that we use in announcements and elsewhere and will make sure that it is fully inclusive, reflecting the great diversity of London.’

    George Orwell would be spinning so fast in his grave he could drill for oil.

    • “Cunt! 6079 MegaCunt W.! Stop cunting political correctness!” Yelled a voice from behind the telescreen.

    • These snowflake excrement are cunts…. Men and women are what make this world what it is… All this PC crap and gender neutral/fluidity/bollocks will kill off the human race… If earth is still around in 500 years time, it will be full of Dalek-like creatures… Dickless, cuntless, titless gender free blobs all making contact on Zuckerberg’s monster and Twatter will replace Christianity as the new God/religion….

      • Transbenders are not men or women… They are not fucking natural… These Tube cunts are showing disrespect to both sexes (there are only two and ever will be!) by not using ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ any more…. But these freaks get treated like they are precious jewels… They are cunts, but the libmong cunts who worship them are worse…. Damn you, Evers, and fuck you, Khan…

        • I was flicking through an old newspaper the other day waiting for the kettle to boil … and there’s a ‘headline’ story on a woman claiming to be the first bloke to give birth … turn to page whatever. Intrigued by this biological impossibility I turned to the appropriate page. There’s a picture of a plain looking bird clutching a fairly new sprog. I read on. Ok, so the bird has had a kid and is now going to proceed with some sort of gender change. The entire gist of the story is not that it was the impossible of an actual bloke having a kid, as the woman has still all her working reproductive organs…. but that the print on the scan shows the gender of the ‘parent’ to be male.
          Two things here … either a member of medical staff needs a hoof up the arse for not knowing male from female when it comes to a pregnancy scan … or … a poor member of medical staff has been put under pressure by some bird / bloke Cunt to ensure their gender is marked down as they choose. Bollocks either way if you ask me.

      • I do wonder what the point of all this is.

        It’s like they’re trying to instigate the extermination of their own race.

        …but who the fuck would do that? …. I’ll never understand the mentality of a lefty.

        Fair play to gays, if that’s what floats their boat fair play to em, but maybe they should get told to at least help the population.

        Service to the country and all that.

        …give em a fuckin turkey baster if that’s what it takes.

        And unfortunately norman, that’s the best case scenario.

        Chances are the muzzies will take over (at this rate it’ll happen but certainally not while I still have breath in my lungs) and all white females will be rape slaves and the men will do what they’re ordered or lose a head.

        • Maybe the idea is to replace the “spoiled and unruly” British working class with one that’s more used to enduring strict and overbearing authority, or maybe these shiny eyed, idealistic cunts really do believe that they are acting out that shitty “great big melting pot” song and are busy creating their “One World Utopia”, regardless of the massed casualties that they know full well will result, because they believe the ends justify the means.
          Whichever it is, we are in the way and hence expendable.

          • Whatever is going on, I have the feeling that a hell of a lot of people are going to get a very nasty wake up call one day.
            Unfortunately the lefty cunts that started this shit will be long dead and our generations will go down in history as the cunts that lost everthing.

  17. I would like to nominate Gok Wan, the ugliest woman i have ever seen. There is a vital campaign going on to achieve social justice for the gender nuetral and gender fluid and where the fuck is Gok? Surely it would be the ideal non binary to lead this campaign against this oppression and discrimination? But where is Gok, girlfriend? Please don’t tell me that Gok was never a bumder and was only doing it for the money. I will be sooooo hurt.

    • I recon his real name is gook wan but the beebistan made him change it. 🙂

      • What does Gok Wan and a banana have in common?…

        They’re both yellow and bent….

    • Christ, I’d consigned that fucking vintage cunt to the annals of shit-history.

      Gook Wan struck me as one of those shirtlifters who also don’t mind being in the proximity of women’s bits, hence all the excessive arse-groping when telling fat munters how good they look in some two-bob ill-fitting smock.

      There was a time when this cunt was never off the TV. Hopefully this specimen from the elite corps of cunts is nearing obscurity.

  18. Michael Portillo just gave that unfunny cunt Richard Herring a fucking savaging on this week for trying to be a clever cunt, Fucking brilliant seeing the cunt squirm
    anyone else see it?

    • Richard herring.
      Havent heard that name for years.

      Was he the guy that did fist of fun?

      …fuckin loved that show!!!


      • He partnered that other unfunny fat cunt Stewart Lee if memory serves me
        both a pair of lefty cunts who need a good fucking slapping

        • Yea these days stewart lee is a lefty twat (probably was in the first place) but when I was a teenager I loved fist of fun.

          In fact I had a fist of fun for many hours in my teenage years!

          …but that had nothing to do with these twats.

    • Ahh fuck, I decided to shower/shit/retire after Farage was finished. I didn’t fancy seeing a paid-up member of the fucking liberal elite giving it large. Wish I had now.

      Old Portillo is pretty fucking formidable during TW debates… I like the way he goes about it, too – understated, precise, reasoned. He always struck me as quite the bellend when he was an MP; I’ve definitely revised my opinion since.

      Balls however remains an overexcited lisping manchild. No fucking wonder he’s staying up all hours – I would too if I had fucking Yvette cunting Cooper keeping the double divan warm. That po-faced liberal cunt looks like a male-to-female trans that changed its mind halfway through the op.

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