U2’s ‘Songs Of Innocence’ album was obviously filched off William Blake, but David Axelrod also did a fine album with that title in 1968… Bozo and Co’s next one will be called ‘Songs Of Experience’ which was also another good Axelrod album (1969)…

It’s OK for U2 to nick album titles and photographs (The Unforgettable Fire album cover), but they try to financially and professionally ruin some ex-employee for trying to sell one of Bozo’s pimp hats?!

Nominated by: Norman

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    • Well said sixdog,Bono looks the type to be a sat their wanking while Abbott and Corbyn perform sex acts on each other.

      • Fuck it backed ,Genral Tufto,3.30 at southwell,The old boy in with a good chance today,Fingers crossed.

  1. What sort of cunt wears women’s sunglasses twenty four hours a day, for no fuckin’ reason whatsoever…..

  2. The ‘Unforgettable Fire’ album photograph is a direct rip off of the cover of an early 1980’s book ‘In Ruins: The Once Great Houses of Ireland’ by Simon Marsden…. Also Welsh band, The Alarm, did some moody black and white photos in a desert location… But later on when ‘The Joshua Tree’ came out all the U2 fancunts and media lickarses were saying The Alarm stole the idea off U2, when it was the other way round…So (along with the Blake/Axelrod tittles) they can be culturally light fingered… But when an ex-wardrobe assistant decides to sell a hat she swears Bozo gave to her, she gets pursued through every court in Ireland and virtually ruined…Over a fucking hat…. And let’s not forget Bozo flying another of his precious hats around the world first class on a 600 seater plane… That’s a whole jet with first class treatment for a hat….. Cunt…

    • The word “cunt” must have had Bonio in mind when it decided to show its face.
      I can’t think of any other word that sums him up so succinctly and correctly.
      And U2 are shit.

  3. The honours system is overdue a cunting.
    Here we go again. Baubles for that duck faced slapper Beckham, mega rich sports stars and fuck knows who else. This is the system that honoured Phillip Green, Cyril Smith and Jimmy Saville.(among others) so what value does it have other than forelock tugging snobbery? Even fucking Geldof is a sir when all he is fit for is shouting at shoppers in a precinct while drinking cider.
    Honours exist to increase the hold of the monarchy and the establishment on us poor plebs. We know our place. And surely believing that someone is better than you because of their parents (in our case, in-bred, half witted Krauts) is racism in it’s purest, colonial form.
    Honours are cunts and anyone who accepts one is a cunt.

    Happy New Year.

    • One ‘L’ in Savile. Vile, easy to remember. How many vile pervs at the bbc?

    • It does indeed need a cunting….
      Victoria Beckham?!! For fuck’s sake….
      Only a matter of time before there will be Lord Blair and Sir Simon Cowell….

    • The Honours List has become a bit of a joke.

      To be fair, it’s not the Queen who picks these cunts. There’s some committee which does that and believe it or not, there are even lobbyists who can be hired to get your name in the frame for an honour. I think that’s sick to be honest. I think it’s become a case of ‘we have to have an Honours List so who can we pick this time around’. I’d prefer to see an honour awarded when it’s truly merited, whenever that may be. This tired round of scraping the barrel to fill the list quota every New Year has, over time, devalued the whole thing.

      Awarding a sports person for winning a medal is just stupid. That’s what they’re supposed to do. That is, in effect, their job. Do we get an OBE for getting up and going to work everyday? Fuck no, but it would make as much sense.

      Awarding someone who’s in their 80s or 90s is also fucking sick when it’s allegedly for service/contribution to something over a long/life time. Due to their age, the recipient will have very few years in which to enjoy their title and recognition. That’s just mean.

      I am sure some of the very deserving recipients look at who else has been awarded an honour and feel cheated in some way because it just devalues the whole thing. I give you: Victoria Beckam. Un-fucking-believable.

    • The whole honours debacle is a joke. Looking at some who have had one handed to them, past and present, just devalues the award and turns it into the joke it has become.

  4. I think it’s fair to say that U2 have produced some great music earlier in their career. Boy and October saw a band trying hard, finding their feet and penning a few decent tunes. War is a good album. The Unforgettable Fire is a very good album and The Joshua Tree is borderline perfect (although one wonders what that record would have been without Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno). That said, TJT album saw the start of the none-holier-than-thou sycophant cuntishness that we’ve come to expect from Bonio. The hype and marketing around that album was massively over the top and sought to elevate the profile of U2 to something greater and more significant than simply 4 blokes making a record. This continued with bells on for Rattle and Hum which is really quite vomit inducing. I actually thought they’d saved themselves with Achtung Baby, but then they blew it with Zooropa, became bigger cunts with Pop and by the time they released All That You Can’t Leave Behind (the last album of theirs I bought), their sense of ‘we are more important than music/we are in touch with the people and world affairs/we know better than you because we are famous’ was totally out of control. Bonio has gone from an interesting front man with a great vocal range and wonderful expressiveness to an abject, nauseating, hypocritical, egocentric, caricature cunt of himself. For me, he’s a prime example of how massive fame, wealth and a platform can ruin a person. The character flaws have to be there to begin with, but this is what happens when you put that kind of cunt in that kind of situation.

    I suppose newer fans of U2 might think they’ve always been this way and are therefore great. People that have followed them for many years can only feel embarrassed for them for what they’ve become and have learned to despise Bonio for just being the monumental cunt he is today and has been for many years now.

    • Followed u2 till they became mega. The JT was the start of the end, after that album bonio turned into a cunt; you are right IY I feel very embarressed of the fact I once found them well good. Once bonio was granted cuntdom that was it for me he just became another arsehole spouting shite and doing fuck all but deny the Irish government their legally owed taxes. May he find what he seeks in a thousend painful ways.

    • He wants to tackle terrorism but at the same time endorses islam?! boy these muzzies like Recep are either not bright or knows exactly know the outcome but doesn’t want to admit it these cunts are nothing but a bunch of disgusting ugly monkey people

      • Nice of Erdogan to show his hand early like the Naive Cunt he is… Ataturk would have had the cunt for breakfast, he
        ( Ataturk ) actually tried to drag the whole crippled bag of shit into the 20th Century… he must be spinning in his grave,
        He liberated Izmir in the Greek War (1922) and walked into the Central Hotel Bar and asked for a drink. The Barman, assuming him an islamist, informed him the bar was shut out of “respect”.
        Ataturk responded that the bar was now open and serve him a drink. Oddly enough, double Highball, shaken not stirred, promptly slides over the bar.
        You’re a medieval Cunt Erdogan.

        • Ataturk was a genocidal cunt. Given he was the chosen role model for the final solution, having genocided the Armenians and the Anatolian Greeks (and the Greek population of Istanbul) is he really a something to be aspired to? The “Greek war” was the invasion of land given to Greece as part of their surrender in WWI. Oh, and he made a policy of raping and murdering prisoners of war, and refusing medical treatment of allied wounded, what a guy.

          • Cenk Uygur of “The Young Turks” – the doyen of social liberalism – claims that this Armenian genocide “never happened” and just to bolster his point of view his #2 at “The Young Turds” (as I call them) is Anna Kasparian who is of Armenian descent – so that makes it alright then Cenk!?!

            “The Young Turks” was the name used by those committing said atrocities against the Armenians (which never happened – according to Cenk – even though it did).

            Now the irony – lost on the yanks o’course – is that when some idiot cunt denies the Jewish genocide of WW2 Cenk is the first to jump all over them, and rightly so.

            It’s just the double standards of it all which galls me: Uygur denies one genocide (which doesn’t suit his self promotion as a liberal) but defends another which does.

            Just like that other libbo cunt Romesh Ranganathan last night taking the piss out of two officiated and democratic vote results (Brexit and Trump) because they didn’t suit his mindset and yet threw a wobbler because “Boaty MacBoatface” won an unofficial twiiter vote but wasn’t used – cos that was of much importance wasn’t it??

            I have come to the conclusion that modern liberals are actually old school fascists because they’re against anyone who doesn’t think like them and deny democracy when things don’t go their way.

            They’re also – to a man (or woman) – the most arrogant set of cunts the world has known. I hope they continue in this vein because it’s that arrogance which basically cost them two elections either side of the pond! Cunts.

  5. The PM let the side down by quoting Jo Cox in her New Year speech…
    Terrible what happened to Cox (and terrible how St. Brendan is milking it!),
    but she (Cox) wasn’t some sort of great political thinker or social warrior,and she was certainly no saint…

    From what I could see, Cox was just A.N Other leftie snowflake career politician, who cared very little (if at all) for the working people of Britain, and cared more for her precious ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’… The people of the UK have decreed they want out of the corrupt snakepit that is the EU, yet Madame May is quoting someone who was against Brexit and viewed those who voted Leave as racist…

    As King John apparently said,’Thomas Beckett was a traitor… Now he’s become a cult… A convenient cult…’

  6. I seem to recall that the Grandiose Cunt Bono , who of course with his LibTard hat on deplores any form of violence, had some kind of revelation in the 90’s and was all up for a full on war in the Balkans against the bad Serb guys… of course it wouldnt involve him or “Oirish” folk or “The Edge” ( Whatever the Fuck that is .. ) but , guess what, Mugs like you and me humping a belt fed weapon somewhere near Belgrade.
    Thankfully the Cunt got the reception he deserved… shame he couldnt have been parachuted into central Belgrade along with assurances that the EU army would be along to support him once it had voted on the concept of using violence in support of National Aims…
    Spud-U-Like Eating Cunt

  7. The problem is these shit thick lefty libtard butt hole lickers assume that all these cunts who they are bending over backwards to accomodate above every other poor cunt in our country are everlastingly grateful. When in actual fact they just sneer and see it as what is rightfully theirs because some make beleive fairy that lives in the sky has decreed it. Don’t expect any favours back from half of these cunts. They do, in fact, despise us and our way of life. Think locusts devouring everything before them.

  8. Nothing new u2bono being cunts,just lucky cunts not getting run over by a truck in France….. but there nothing to say they wont get run over in 2017 and it doesn’t have to be a terrorist it will be anycunt who can hear….. happy new year counters…. lets hope losing Dio mean the site doesn’t go down the shitter….i love having him comment on my bad grammar the cunt

  9. I’ve just seen an ad for Harry Potter the concert.
    A massive screen showing one of the filums with an orchestra playing, well I’m not sure what they’re playing.

    I asked this the other week, and I’ll ask again, how much money does JK Howling want/need ?

    It seems to be never ending and strangely it seems to be aimed at doss cunt adults.

    I’ll admit to being a Rocky fanatic, but Rocky got spread out for over thirty years, but i feel I’ve been in a Harry Potter hellhole constantly for the last fifteen years.

    Make it stop, somebody come to their senses and make this stop.

    I’ve never seen a Potoshite, but I’ve seen the black lady with the potter boy. All he can do is create the impression that he’s holding in a piss……..

  10. Bonio quote. When the little pointless turd was asked why he always wears glasses he took them off and said ” normal person” then put them back on and said “rock star”. His tiny little head is full of magic, if it’s as simple as that I’m off to buy a wig. Without wig “angry 40s bloke who hates cunts” with wig “sexy as fuck 20s male model with a huge cock and 8 fit slags to nail”. Why did I not think of it earlier, cheers Bonio…….now get to fuck.

  11. Before the new series starts, I would like to nominate Sherlock for a preemptive cunting. Overhyped, pretentious drivel starring two IAC regulars. It’s basically – Doctor Who for grown ups – made by cunts, starring cunts, watched by cunts.

    • Correct. Complete unadulterated shite. Chuck Johnathon Creek in with that an all. Gobshite prick shit actor wank comedian Alan cunt Davies.

  12. U2 have always been cunts, particularly Bonio. A multi-millionaire, who likes to lecture others on giving money to Africa. Wanker.

  13. I stayed a couple of nights in The Clarence, Dublin,owned by Bono and The Edge. Surprisingly,there were very few black faces to be seen,except for an enormous silverback who seemed to reside in the mens toilets. Cunt had the audacity to spray me with air-freshener when I emerged from the stall after having a shit. Fucking uppity cunt. I’d have done a cheryl Cole and set about him,but I had to admit that he maybe had a point. That and the fact that he’d have fucking killed me.

    The hotel itself was quite nice,and the Polish lad on reception quite understanding when I rolled back in accompanied by a Asian lady who’d made the mistake of thinking that she could make some easy money. She earned every fucking penny.

    Luckily I never saw Bono,but I did see some cunt unblocking the toilet that I’d used the night before,who I assume was The Edge… “Shitty job,eh The Edge?” I joked… “Fuck off,you English wanker” he riposted,with the rapier wit we’ve come to expect from the Irish.

    I tried to get a reduction on the bill,citing the fact that Bono is an insufferable,nuclear-powered cunt,and I’d done the bastard a favour by staying in his glorified doss-house,but to no avail. Think I’ll write a strongly worded review on Tripadvisor ,that’ll teach the little shit.

    • What is it with Dublin having blackblack guys in the toilets offering to freshen ye up ?
      I’ve never noticed it anywhere apart from Dublin.

      Upstairs, it’s all really pale cunts, and downstairs really dark cunts.

      I think I’d rather stay in Africa than spend my life stuck in a Dublin bog….

      The Edge is English………..

  14. And his Cunt Mate “The Edge”. So how does this work, say when he goes to see his GP about his piles and the receptionist tannoys: ” Mr ” The Edge ” to Room 6 Please…..” followed by the Doctor’s ” Oh, hello ” The Edge ” , what seems to be the problem… ” Pretentious silly old Cunt….

    • That has always put a smile on my face, the edge, the fucking edge, what a complete twat. I don’t know the real name of the tit and I can’t even be bothered to google it but it makes me giggle non the less which I doubt was the intention of said bell whacker. I wonder if he is referred to by his real name in the hair transplant clinic as he seems to always wear a hat, or is it similar to his best mate bonio? With hat, rock star, without hat, Terry Nutkins clone who fingers otters. A fine pair of cunts.

  15. Isn’t Bono still hiding under a table in Nice still waiting to see if it’s safe to come out yet?

    • You mean after what Al-bbc like to describe as a “lorry attack”, ( not a lot different to a traffic accident, see? ) but known to you and me as an Islamic Terrorist Atrocity.
      Its not what you say, its how you say it…. Cunts

      • Exactly!

        Again – as I mention above – liberalist double standards. Dozens killed by a “peaceful” cunt and it’s “a man” and “not yet to be considered a terrorist attack” and “no evidence to think it was done on behalf of any organisation”. Even if they know the cunt’s name, he was wearing an ISIS flag and have him on video laying waste to innocents screaming “Alluah Ackbar!”

        Now flip this: the cunt who killed Jo Cox was named, face all over the TV and had already been associated with neo nazi factions before the blood on the road had even dried.

        Same with the youth caught hacking into US Govt computers. Now had he been of the “peaceful” persuasion I’m sure it would have been reported as “a man is helping police with their enquiries” however as it was a young white Christian male his mug shot and name were up on the screen quicker than you can say “Is A Cunt!”

        Fucking ABBC!

  16. I think in my 41 years on this planet, I’ve met about 5 U2 fans.
    None of my mates bought their records and I’ve never met someone who’s been to a gig, so it’s always surprised me how massive they are.
    The same with Michael Jackson and Madonna, I’ve never witnessed any evidence of their popularity.

    For my new years resolution, I’m going to try and not sign off with multiple full stops.
    What the fuck was i doing that for ?;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  17. The cunts are out with their fireworks again tonight, what exactly they are celebrating at 10:50 on the first of January who fucking knows.

    It goes bang innit

    Cunts, brain dead evolution defying cunts

  18. I forgot to mention a Latino new year tradition.
    After the bells, the weirdos throw crockery out of there windows. Something to do with out with the old shite.
    Some have even been known to throw telly’s.

    Its a nightmare taking the dog out, in case he gets cut paws.
    Anybody else witnessed this nonsense ?

    Feels weird without the full stops.

  19. Been watching my DvD of Spike Milligan’s Q that I got for Christmas…
    Still funny as fuck, and didn’t Julia Breck have superb tits…

    • Spike Milligan was my favourite Norman, and I loved watching Q. These modern day so called comedian/comediennes are cunts and can’t hold a candle to the past comedians. I have just re-read the collection of his war memoirs, which was both funny and at times sad.

      • His war memoirs are on audible as audiobooks, and they are read by the great man himself. An absolute legend.

        • Great to see Q again, and forgot how good Stella Tanner was as a foil for Spike… A very funny, underrated actress…

          The documentary on the ‘Ccck-A Nees’ tribe is priceless..

          • Never thought I’d see the Q shows again, when not so long ago, they started turning up on YouTube. After seeing your post, I had a peep on amazon, and there they are. Glad to see they are finally available at long last. What annoys me is the fact that the BBC cunts won’t put them on the telly, along with other greats like it ain’t half hot mum, and Alf Garnet, but they will quite happily sell you them on DVD. Every one has a price I suppose, and the Beebs is £14.99. I’m just glad they didn’t wipe them.

  20. Nice to see the ABBC continuing their assault on anyone, or anything deemed even moderately right wing with the latest Sherlock series.

    The mystery of who is destroying images of Margaret Thatcher…

    We know what this thinly disguised piece of propaganda is you fucking ABBC cunts! What’s the matter? Still arse-hurting after Brexit 6 months on? Or are you now beginning to feel the backlash of spoon-feeding us your socio-libero bullshit for the last 20yrs!

    This all started with that cunt Blair in 1997, you know that same “socialist” cunt who began privatising bits of the NHS (yep – not the Tories) and introduced tuition fees for higher education (yep – not the Tories) and the ABBC absorbed his grin-on-a-stick bullshit like a sponge!

    I can’t wait for series 5 of Sherlock: The Mystery of Why Tony Blair isn’t the President of the UK Sucking on the EU Gravy Teat While Saying “Fuck You!” to Ordinary People! Starring Idris Elba as Sherlock Holmes, Beyonce Knowles as John Watson, Adil Ray as Tony Blair and Bill Nighy as Margaret Thatcher (post op) with a special appearance by Stephen Hawking as the lifeguard.

    Tony Hall you utter cunt!

    • Forget right wing if your a white male they literally hate you and will personally blame colonization, crusades, and cancer on you The media is literally wrongthink and newspeak especially ABBC but everything is

      Also Tony Blair and his cronies are being protected for big money report was hoaxed bullshit they hold alot of secrets and shouldn’t that cunt Micheal Sheen be playing Tony Blair?…. nevermind now I know who your talking about, funny stuff Rebel
      & Beyonce Knowles could also play diane abbott if shes willing to gain another 100 lbs http://imgur.com/a/jwPZL

    • I didn’t watch Sherlock, because I knew it would be a load of libtard snowflake bollocks with extra ‘diversity’ and a few poofter innuendos thrown in…. That and talentless tax dodger par excellence,Yoko Abbington, hogging the screen just because she’s being jumped by the one who plays Watson… Was the OTT Irish poove in it too?…

      2016 was a great year for snowflake butthurt: what with Brexit, Trump bcoming President, and the Calais shitheap being razed…
      Here’s to the snowflake meltdown in 2017…

  21. Did you see that the Cologne polis detained over 300 men, mostly of North African eh, appearance.
    They were on their way to “celebrate” fondling, i mean new year.

    Quality polis.
    About time someone showed some balls.

    Al Jazeera are asking if its racial profiling.
    No it’s not. Its called recognizing a threat.

    • Apparently a swarm of 1000 of the cunts were stopped in Cologne going towards the main station. Wonder what they were going to do ?
      Newspaper report says about 150 of them were described as “the clientele from last year”
      Clientele !!!!!! I think anywhere can do without clientele of that sort. Fuck you Mutti Merkel and you open boarder obsession.

      • If that happened I wonder how far back the other way the Fatherland will swing?
        Might get a few decent movies out of it…

    • merkel’s getting worried – the cunt
      a repeat of last year in cologne wud seriously impact on her re-election chances

  22. How often can The Edging Wank-Cunt put special jangly guitar sounds on their tunes? This alone is Cuntishness beyond comprehension. But it’s trendy to lap the cunts up for the sake of world peace, rain forests and Bongo’s shit-stained sunglasses.

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