Honey G


I read about her in The Sun a couple of weeks ago, and she was bragging that she was “hard core” coz she had taken coke a couple of times, tried ecstasy a couple of times and had spent NEARLY a WHOLE summer smoking marijuana.

She said she had to stop the weed before she became addicted.

Newsflash honey g, you don’t get addicted to weed, strung out , yes, addicted, no.

Without bragging or sounding a twat, that’s pretty lightweight compared to what me and my pals done and some still do.

I don’t know if its a joke, I hope so…………

Nominated by: Birdman

37 thoughts on “Honey G

  1. (Mocking HoneyG) “Yo yo what up peeps I got a certified black friend so I be ghetto n shitez now I don’t know what ghetto means but I’m sures its a good thing , ghetto fabulous bitches I be selling crack to school kids but don’t be playin hatin’, bitch nedd to be fed ya feel me” Fuck you HoneyG

  2. Shit, on the telly I thought it was a fella!

    Unless he/she is/was at one point…? You never know these days and I don’t like to ask for fear of being branded an intolerant racist.

    The only thing I recognised from the picture above is the nose.

    • Me too! I thought it was a bloke when I saw it on the Cunt Factor final.
      Now I admit I don’t like rap music but I can appreciate something done well. Eminem and Ice Cube and RunDMC aren’t to my taste, but they’re good at what they do.
      Honey G couldn’t even seem to talk in key and in rhythm with the backing track. And all it seemed to ‘sing’ about was itself.

      When ‘music’ gets this bad then you have to admit it’s all gone pete tong…

      • Honey G (or more fittingly Honey C(unt)) was featured on that tedious, sycophantic arse head Lorraine Kelly’s brain dead morning ‘show’. Predictably Cowell is releasing a HG single; I won’t call it a song or rap because the big conked, talentless pig couldn’t do either if her worthless life depended on it.

        I got accused by Frau McGurn of being a miserable cunt with no sense of humour, as I lamented the state of ITV, Cunt Factor, Honey G(onzo) and popular ‘music’ in general. But know this: I understand the whole ‘joke’ act concept and I have a tongue in my cheek at times. But that she-mong has no redeeming features. A joke act is meant to be funny. She / it has nothing to offer.

        Look forward to seeing the mouth breather on ‘I Am A Cunt Z Lister Get Me Outta Here’ next year!!! That and the now mandatory sob stories in the tabloids about getting bullied, plus the album in the bargain bin in a matter of weeks.

          • Norman, now that is true genius!

            Having been handed my cards (just before Xmas – fuck ’em – cunts) that made me laugh!

    • Probably Honey Monster and Kenny G’s lovechild.

      That’s what I like to think anyway.

      • Doesn’t help much. I know who the Honey Monster is but Kenny G? Second thoughts, as Titslapper says, ignorance is bliss.

      • Haha rebel!
        That made me literally lol!
        And I’ve never even said that cunting sentence before!

        • Shouldn’t that be “what” is Honey G?
          It looks like the love child of Wimpy and Olive Oil from the old Popeye cartoons…

  3. What”s all the fuss about eh?………….If the wench wants a game of scissors,paper,rock with Donna Summer…………Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  4. Ok I just YouTube’d Honey G.

    I can see why I thought it was a fella.

    Also why does she talk like Roland Rat?

  5. By the way, has LinkedIn been cunted? You used to be able to check but some cunt has deleted the alphabetical cunts directory.

    LinkedIn. What a bunch of up their arses, deluded cunts.
    Management bullshit and the wise words of cunts like Branson and his ilk.
    Some cunt ‘likes ‘ this. Some other cunt has posted a pile of self serving shite.
    And the same pointless cunts get pointless jobs in a never ending rota of cunts. And all with pictures. I fucking hate the lot of them.

    LinkedIn – Facebook for tossers.

    • Every useless cunt I’ve met is on linked in. Everyone one can actually do the job they’re supposed to be able to do isn’t.

      I am on LinkedIn (so I am a useless cunt) but only because I was press-ganged into doing it by a manager type. I think I’ve looked at my profile a handful of times in the intervening years since.

      Basically you get two types of cunt on there: 1) Cunts pretending to know what they’re talking about but actually don’t, 2) Agency cunts wanting to “connect” to you to mine you for info for any roles that may be coming up, or, to offer you a non-existent role – hoping you’ll say you’re interested – so they can call your boss and tell him you’re thinking of leaving and that they have an idea replacement for YOU!

      8yrs ago when I joined it, it had some modicum of professionalism but now it’s just FaceBook lite for cunts who have an overtly inflated opinion of themselves, who go on there to massage some other cunt’s ego in the hope that the “soft soaping” is reciprocated.

  6. Look at the size of its conk,you could ski down that fucking hooter,shes just another tentacle of the Cowell cancer that stands for weekend entertainment in this fucked up rock we live on,Saturday nights for me is a downloaded pirate film and a bottle of Australian red..

  7. Some people just need a really hard kick in the cunt. Honey G falls at the top of this category.

  8. This mong looks like a character from Bo Selector, I can’t stand that cunt either – Leigh Francis, who is now permanently stuck doing the Keith cunt lemon character.

  9. Cunts like this are breeding across the “united ” kingdom .. strange how so many chavs speak the jamaican patois, albeit with a somerset or cumbrian accent… just shows you cant keep a good cunt down… shame they arent on the receiving end of a volley of 7.62 as they would in good old Kingston town courtesy of the JDF… HO HO Merry Xmas

  10. Filling one of those nostrils with coke could feed the farmers of Columbia for a year…….fuck me she should of been in the opening scene of the Life of Brian, definitely from conk city.

    She must have some sort of agent, shame these agents seem to encourage these 15 minute celebs to say anything to get their name in the papers and get their noses ahead in the z list celebrity self destruction race.

    Honey G is certainly a cunt but for fuck sakes honey, keep your gob shut, take the money and enjoy the extra cash you’ll have if your smart when you return to anonymity.

    Take a look at Kerry Cutona or Daniella Washedup and note how they built them up and helped knock them down. Don’t play their game,, play your own, make as much money as you can, buy a dictionary and get someone to explain the definition of dignity to you and get the fuck out of Hollywood.

  11. There are occasions that I treasure my ignorance of what may be termed “popular cultcha”. Until today I had never heard of honey g and I have managed up to now. Mind you, that’s a right “Dockers Hook” its got as a nose.

  12. That is one ugly cow, last time I saw a snout like that , it was destroying a termite hill. Reminds me of the guy had a knock on the door and a copper standing there saying “Sorry to inform you sir but it looks as though your wife has been hit by a bus” – I know officer but she’s good with the kids and she takes it up the arse”

  13. You should all be ashamed… even now she is sat down with her Mum in the bungalow they share having a slice of Mr Kipling and playing the piano… its well known that all Gangstas behave like this.. although maybe not the ones who the BBC seem to like,,,

  14. Even though she hasn’t had a hit single yet, I have no doubt that this chavette concorde conked cunt, Honey G will appear on the laughable Christmas Top Of The Pops, presented by some squeaking token black ‘dude’ and some daft slag called Fearne Laverne (they’re all the fucking same anyway)…

    Here’s today’s charts summed up perfectly:


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