Alicia Keys


Alicia Keys is a cunt…

This morning they played a song called ‘Empire State Of Mind’ on the radio… Obviously a rip-off of Billy Joel’s 1976 song ‘New York State Of Mind’, Keys has a voice that could peel paint off Blackpool Tower, and the words? Rhyming Brooklyn Bridge with ’empty fridge’ and shouting ‘Noo Yawk!’ over and fucking over…

How does this substandard sixth form shite ever get to be recorded and distributed?! I defy anyone to listen to this wank and not be irritated by the song and her awful fucking voice…

Apparently that arrogant jigaboo Jay Zed cunt was also involved in this pile of audio cack, so I hate it even more now…

Didn’t have anything against Keys until now but the tuneless squawking cunt shouldn’t annoy me in the morning when it’s pissing down and I’m a in a bad mood… So, bollocks to her…

Nominated by: Norman

21 thoughts on “Alicia Keys

  1. Not forgetting “Another way to die” performed along with Jack “cunt” White. Caterwauling, ear aching aural torture of the first order.
    Suited the shit movie though…

  2. Predator looking cunt , who rarely smiles. Always snarling and trying to look tuff whilst singing soppy, shitty, tatty love songs.

    But the thing that grates me most about her, is that she stands all hunchback like whilst playing the Joanna.
    It just makes her look like a cunt.

    I wonder if the tuneless cunt changed her surname to Keys, to go with the Joanna ?

    Also, that’s a really ugly photo……………

  3. Any football fans started to notice that when pep guardiola’s teams get beat, he always acts all jokey and smiley, but when he wins, he acts all slick and gets cocky ?
    They say he’s the best coach in the game, but IMO he’s just struck lucky with barca and Bayern.
    I’m sure he thought man city would be the same, but it seems like he’s going to have to work for titles, for the first time in his career.
    Also, the guys a shite bag. Any time a manager or player stands up to him, he looks at the ground and walks away. I’m not saying that he should headbutt people, but its embarrassing watching a grown man back down repeatedly.
    Once he held the ball from Rooney, trying to delay a throw in. Rooney grabbed the ball and told him to fuck off.
    Guardiola’s reply ?
    Put hands in pockets, look at the ground, and walks away, defeated………..

    Weak cunt…………..

  4. These so called “top managers” ain”t what they”re cracked up to be.Let”s see “em work their magic with The Wolves,Charlton,Bradford,e.t.c.Give me Pulis,Howe,e.t.c any day of the week…………..And as for the female singers of late;fuckin” shite.They either squawk in one key re- Adele,or “sing”,panting like they”ve just run around the fuckin” block……….Cunts…………….Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    • Pep is an overhyped, overpaid, overrated cunt, Wenger is knackered, and Mourinho isn’t as good as The Doc or Big Ron, never mind Fergie….
      That Eyetie at Chelsea seems the real deal though…

      • I hate it when a foreign coach comes in and the media are all over them coz he’s a “breath of fresh air” and a “character”, but I’ll tell you something, he’s a breath of fresh air and a character.

        Hope he stays that way………

  5. I can’t stop looking at that picture and wondering if it is a bloke with a problem, or a bird with a problem.

    Just don’t seem right to me.

  6. Alicia is married to a bloke who calls himself Swizz Beatz………………in the shallow pond of celebrity she didn’t even break the surface…………

    • Swizz beatz? what kind of cunty musician name is that, (googling the google) oh well that explains it… His real name is Kasseem Dean fucking retarded rappers mates I don’t understand them.

      I wonder if kasseem feels like a bloody sellout considering rap is considered haram in his religion? and that his moco music is influencing gangs, senseless violence and drug use then again all is good for jihad right

  7. Are you sure it wasn’t Swizz Tony ?
    I can understand people in New Yawk getting into this song, cos its about their city, but people in Northampton ?
    That’s just daft………

    • You won’t find many cunts in Northampton listening to this shit, they prefer the eastern European folk cunt music as it reminds them of home.

      • The cunts that listened to this shite in Northampton probably all died when greyfriars bus station got pulled down.
        The clientele made the place look like Harlem……….

        • They should never of pulled it down, it was like a set for Zombie Dawn in there, complete with chavvie cunt zombies.

          • When i moved to there , i was only seventeen and from a small town in very white Scotland.
            I had to use the bus station twice a day.
            Fuck, was that an eye opener. Big yardies everywhere, eyeballing everyone.
            I will admit that it took some getting used to………..

  8. Sorry off the fuck list this one,resembles male to much,Would prefer granny norma,Many Thanks,ANDZ.

  9. If you think she’s bad you should give Kate Tempest a listen. I have no idea what she looks like and don’t care to find out, but one second of her droney whine makes me want to stamp on the radio. And the diction! Is it really so hard to pronounce the letter “T” and speak the whole word, not just the first 80%?

    I’d suggest some songwriting and elocution lessons, but really the talentless cunt should just shut the fuck up.

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