Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s mother


OSU terrorist’s mother deserves a immediate cunting – She recently said “I love you my son. I know they kill you for no reason” at his burial. No No, No you stupid cunt! they did kill him for a reason.

To bring cunters up to speed he ran over 10 people and started stabbing the injured on the ground with a butchers knife every liberal snowflake mag in the country is shielding him like a innocent baby. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think running over 10 people and then stabbing them is a very good reason to kill your stupid ratfaced son you cunt deport her trump she has to go back!

Artan added that he was scared about other people’s opinions of him because of what he perceived to be negative portrayal of Muslims in the media, and criticized President-elect Donald Trump for not being “educated on Islam”. Well all I know is when other people don’t agree with me the only course of action is to run over them & stab them only seems logical right cunters? what better way to get educated on islam?!

They aren’t sending their best & brightest folks, they just aren’t” -Trump 2016

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24 thoughts on “Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s mother

  1. Not being educated on Islam.

    In know all i need to know about the cunts.

    I know that they hate all non believers of Allah.
    I know that they hate believers in Allah, but believe in him in a different way.
    I know that everywhere they infest, they try to turn it into the shitehole they came from.
    I know that they don’t tolerate women .
    I know that they rape girls and boys.
    I know that my life is worthless to them.
    I know that they smell bad.
    And i know that I want every fucking one of them to fuck of back to where they came from and try to act the cunt there, and see where that gets them……..

  2. Massive kudos to the policeman who shot the cunt within a minute of things happening. He probably saved a dozen lives by taking out the fucking twat.

      • If that was England…

        The cop would be suspended for a year while they investigated and desperately tried to find some reason to prosecute the cop.

    • I’m surprised Black Lives Matter didn’t stage some kind of protest for the muzzie cunt. One of his fuckwit mates actually tried to claim that he loved America. Well, his actions suggest otherwise. So does the Facebook rant he posted, in which he expressed his anger at what he saw as the mistreatment of Muslims around the world.

      First of all, you dead dickhead, the only places in which Muslims are actually mistreated, are places in which Muslims form the majority. Y’know, the Middle East, Indonesia, parts of Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh.

      In places like the US, UK and Europe, they’re actually treated better than the indigenous population. Of course a large number of the indigenous population view them with suspicion and a certain amount of resentment, but if they weren’t constantly behaving like dicks, whingeing being about being oppressed when they’re fucking not , raping young white women and girls, attempting to murder service personnel, they’re tendency to self detonate and the fucking victim complex that’s bigger than the ones black people have, people might like them a little more.

      Second, they do have the option to fuck off back to the shitholes they came from, but since their true purpose in the West is to colonise and conquer, they’re going nowhere soon. Unless they’re made to of course. Which is why I should be Prime Minister. If I were in charge, Britain would be a Muslim free zone.

  3. And now because of the her hate of all things Western she will leave the corrupt Godless USA and head back to whichever shithole she came from with a prayer of thanks in her heart. Oops got that wrong then…

  4. Same old story every time, poor moderate Muslim pushed over the edge by an intolerant western society which solely serves white privilege.

    Must of been traumatic for his family being snatched from Somalia (a nation renowned across the world for its peaceful and tolerant society) and taken to America the land of the white devils.

  5. “Not educated on islam”!!!!
    Why the fuck should we be “educated” on islam? It’s them coming over to the West with their backward,savage religion who need educating on living in OUR society. If they don’t like our beliefs,they’re free to fuck off back to whichever shithole they crawled out of…..It’s not for us to pander to their beliefs,it’s for them to learn that they don’t hold sway over here (yet).
    The apologists who excuse their behaviour should be charged with conspiracy/encouraging terrorism,that might discourage the blinkered traitors.

    Good Cunting TS.

    • Thanks appreciated, I try…

      “The apologists who excuse their behaviour should be charged with conspiracy/encouraging terrorism”

      Absolutely they should be charged and outed as the cunts they are! especially if they unapologeticly anti-patriotic Disagreeing with your country and openly hating your country and attacking it are too different things These libtards are evil spin doctors shaping the narrative

  6. Poor dear, he was obviously pushed over the edge by owning a micropenis, smelling like goat shit and not getting the homosexual man of his dreams.

    Anyway, he’s now getting his arse seen to by Satan and his minions along with all of the other muslim shitbags that bite the western hand that feeds.

    • What gets me is he was supposedly being promoted at his uni in some kind of honor roll program.

      “homosexual man of his dreams.” You mean boy of his dreams right?! because homosexual relations with a man is forbidden haram in islam seriously this is how some of these cunts think

      • You can batter the male brown eye if your a muzzi as long as the owner of said eye cannot grow a beard due to age i.e “young” men. Also boys for bumming are found in paradise if your that way inclined. Not just virgin girlies; all angles covered. Now I have been told that some of the “people of peace” who have exploded in Israel were found to have wrapped copious amounts of aluminium foil around their genital region the reason being if their tackle was damaged then they may not get a crack at the virgins. Sometimes the nuclear option just sounds right.

  7. I was just looking at yesterdays The Sun, and in it there’s a good article on “divided Britain”.
    Anyway, there is a picture of two Muslim women walking down an alley behind houses,in Bradford, and the skyline over the walls is dominated by mosque towers.

    Very surreal/scary image, have a look for yourself. It would make an excellent postcard for the cunts to send to the oncoming swarm…….

    PS. Public holiday in Spain, so no newspapers today. That why I was reading yesterdays sun. It was all that was in the shop………

    • There’s nahrt wrong wiv’ vee old Currant maaaate. You ask any scouser!

      And oy gaamble ree-sporn-sib-lee.

    • Divided Britain, fucking right. Most of the cunts that we pay to run this country are totally divided from the those of us who pay their fucking wages ipso facto goatfuck which we poor plebs have to clean up. The country is full no more..

  8. This didn’t make much of an impact on the news in the U.K. I wonder if it was the wrong type of perpetrator? The Beeb however, are trying to get an inquiry into the sinking of some rickety old boat in the Mediterranean, which ended up drowning a load of migrants. To what end? Who the fuck would be legally responsible? People traffickers fill to the brim an unseaworthy boat full of people who are attempting to illegally enter Europe from a lawless shithole. It’s not like the herald of free enterprise tipping over! #not my BBC. If I did hash tags………

    • Update.
      I watched the article on newsnight. It seems the boat in question came from Egypt! Apparently they sail from there, then rendezvous with the bigger death traps off the Libyan coast. They then can lie their arses off saying they came from Libya, and it’s not safe to return. The cunt BBC hack was badgering europol for not investigating these sinkings. The piece ended with the Beeb cunt saying how terrible it was that so many migrants were drowning. I was more worried about the many more who succeed.

  9. I don’t know if its the one off the coast of Libya, Gutstick japseye, but if it is , All Jazeera had a Libyan minister on telling them it was Europe’s problem and that Europe weren’t doing enough.
    WTF has it got to do with Europe ?
    Absolutely nothing.
    And I don’t know how a Libyan cunt dares point the finger anywhere………

    • On the other hand maybe we should have stayed the fuck out of Libya in the first place. Cameron and Obama/Clintons omni fucking shambles. Fucking moronic cunts.

        • This is why the eu must fall and in short order.
          The corrupt and scheming eu want the migrants to keep coming at all costs.
          God knows what their motivations are.
          Whatever it is, it won’t be good for the people who live in Europe.

          Nation states will be free to turn the boats round once the eu stooges currently in charge of Greece/Italy have been removed.

          Wont be long.
          It’s in the post.

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