Stephen Cowan


I’d like to give a cunting to Stephen Cowan,the leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council,who,after a trip to the Jungle in Calais promised to welcome and shelter “children” from the camp. However,when the first five turned up,he promptly farmed them out to a different area,and demanded that the government pay for their keep.

Fucking typical wanker, in the great Bono and Geldoff tradition,demand that something is done,bask in their own righteousness, and expect someone else to pick up the bill. I’d make the twat care for the fuckers in his own home,might not be so keen then.

Nominated by: Dick Fiddler

27 thoughts on “Stephen Cowan

    • Far too many of this sort of cunt around. Quite happy to bang on about doing stuff and then quickly wiping their hands of it when push comes to shove.
      Why should we have to pay for this cunts outpourings.
      You want it, you deal with it and pay for it or keep your fucking mouth shut you cunt.

  1. Well you couldnt make it up could ya what a fucking skank bastard this one be,this cunt should be made to eat 1 ton shit berg from under his constituency yeh hes another geldof type,he a knocks a me a fucking sick,hes a cunt.

    • That cunt linekers at it again he wants walkers to pull the adds from the sun paper,this fucker is a getting a me a down i wish the cunt would just go away he makes me feel ill,heeeee a knocks a me a fucking sick heeees a cunt,pure fucking cunt he beee.

  2. Sky News. Again. There reporters have been spending too much time in USA and have clearly lost their sense of irony. They report with furrowed browd earnestness that “false news” carried on Facebook swung the election towards Trump.

    • The MSM have now found a way Trump could be denied the Presidency by the electoral college which they say gives hope to the millions that oppose him.

      In the same way the cunts over here want to use obscure law to overturn Brexit cunts over there want to deny the result of the election.

      In either case if the cunts get their way and stop the will of the electorate everyone will realise sooner or later democracy is a lie and even those at first rejoice will sooner or later wait up with a cold shiver with the realisation they have no voice and no rights.

      Careful what you wish for you cunts.

      • The problem they have, is that it will piss off Trump supporters. And unlike Hillary’s mob, they believe in gun ownership.

    • What the fuck is wrong with these cunts ?

      One person, one vote. Count the results. Whatever gets the most votes wins, impliment the decision.

      No ifs no buts, no blubbing, no legal cases. Just get on and do it

      • “One person, one vote. Count the results. Whatever gets the most votes wins, impliment the decision.”

        If it was as simple as that, Clinton would have won – having won the most votes (47.7% to Trump’s 47.5%), but a smaller number of electoral colleges.

        • The Electoral College cast their votes on December 19th. The civil unrest if Trump didn’t get the vote for some reason would make the current protests look like a garden party.

      • Vaughn that is.I have always imagined cuntly being a soft spoken old man with his yellow pages in hand.

        • Give that man a cigar.
          When I picked a name there was a shit tv show on about iconic tv commercials and that yellow pages JR Hartley thing came up.
          JR Cuntley that’ll do….

  3. Apparently that big eared goal hanging cunt Lineker has asked Walkers crisps to withdraw its advertisements from the sun newspaper due to its comments about the Calais rapugee adults, oops I mean innocent children. Fucking big eared twatty cunt

    • Cant someone shoot that cunt.
      Why does he think we,or anybody, is interested in his political views. His employers should have a word. What ? Oh yes, what a cunt I am they probably have had a few words. Those words would have been “carry on”.
      Well let me have a few words: shut the fuck up you jug eared cunt and leave politics to the grown ups.

  4. Green Day are cunts and American idiot cunts at that. In particular the lead singer: Two quotes from this punk rebel below:

    Rock group Green Day say they “fully support” the protests against US president elect Donald Trump.

    “I don’t think any of us were prepared for Donald Trump to be president,” singer Billie Joe Armstrong told the BBC.
    “I think there’s going to come a time when the protests get larger and larger – and that I fully support.”
    The star, who has been an outspoken critic of Mr Trump, said he felt like his “country is being set on fire”.

    Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong publicly supported Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, branding her the only choice while calling Donald Trump “evil.”

    He tells Beats 1: “There’s only one choice for me and that’s Hillary Clinton. What a lot of liberals need to understand is there’s never been a candidate that has come this far that has had this much of a liberal and a progressive agenda.

    “Just because she has just got this baggage that comes along with her, and it’s not even really baggage, compared to Donald Trump she is basically a school teacher.

    Wall street establishment child rapist defence council Hilary either did a really good job of pulling the wool over your eyes or your a paid up establishment shrill.

    By the way your music is a parody of anything potent and your a massive cunt.

    • Green Day are complete shit. Someone gave me one of their albums once. It was a great disc….to use as a coaster for my brew mug.

    • Annoying little fag who made music for zany kids from spam valley.
      His band is fucking huge, and i have absolutely no idea why.
      I’ve pointed out before that i have a problem with soppy little cunts acting the hard man in bands when they clearly aren’t, and act all crazy and rebellious .
      A year later the first of many ballads comes out and they start weeping for the world. Then its back to craziness for two songs and then another ballad.
      And repeat until they hit thirty and stick with soft rock and the occasional classic cover.
      Green day
      Thirty seconds from mars
      Linkin park
      Mcbusted or whatever the little cunts are called.
      And many more cunts i cant think of coz i try to ignore them .
      Just like I’m ignoring the England v Scotland game coz i just cant be arsed ……..

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