Sebastian Vettel


Sebastian Vettel is a crazy German I must win cunt.

I found it funny but you don’t say over the team radio “I have a message for the Charlie Whiting (Race Director) FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU”. I know he’s a four time champion but you can’t behave like that. I thought it was funny as fuck though, if only he’d told that dwarf cunt Eccleston to fuck off.

Talking of German cunts Nico Rosberg will bottle it and Lewis will get Championship number 4. Cmon Lewis.

Nominated by: Black and White Cunt

51 thoughts on “Sebastian Vettel

  1. Lewis Hamilton is a bigger cunt.

    “I would love to be as controversial as kanye (shut the fuck up) West but I’m afraid it would hurt my brand”
    F u c k i n g tosser cunt……

  2. It takes a special kind of talent to combine 200 mph multi-million pounds machines with exotic locations around the world and make it into the most stupefyingly dull event ever seen.

  3. He is a two faced twat. Made comments about fans being driven away from F1 due to Mercedes dominance, it was OK when was at the wheel of his red bull winning 4 championships on the bounce.

    • The imminent possibility of gruesome death was the only thing that made F1 even half watchable. Now it is too safe, hardly anybody ever dies at it anymore. The drivers these days are just a bunch of overpaid fairies.

          • Aye Sheene was a super cunt for getting it thrown off the Grand Prix calender, wasn’t a patch on Hailwood either, now he was a rider, 14 TT wins, 2 of which came after a 12 year break from bike racing, he raced F1 too and got the George Medal for pulling a fellow competitor out of a burning car while every other cunt whizzed passed and the safety crew just stood there.

  4. There’s no mano a mano in F1, it’s a technology sport.
    Trophies should be presented to the mechanics, designers and software bods.
    Cunt with the fastest car wins race after race….what a fucking yawn.
    Hamilton is a cunt without doubt but hats offs for nailing Sherzinger…jammy cunt…..

  5. I like all different types of women, but i cant see anything in that Shitzinger at all.
    Boring as fuck ,just eyeballs you like them little minx weirdos……….

  6. Every so often a cunt who I have never heard of pops up. Welcome Kshama Sawant a fucking shits**n born in India who is a members of the Seattle City Council, and a Socialist Alternative. I would gladly gouge her eyes out with a pair of rusty nails. I hate cunts who leave their country of birth and attempt to change a country that let them in only for them to hate everything that that country stands for. The stinky arsed bitch attended one of these anti Trump marches in Seattle and wants an even larger scaled event on Donny boys inauguration, or as she puts it a nationwide shutdown.

    • Tell the cunt to team up with that Gina Miller cunt and try spouting their PMT winging in Saudi or Iran….see how that works out….

    • Stay in your own maggot infested shithole and get that improved you cunt and cunts like you.
      Don’t fuck off and then try and tell others what they should and should not be doing in another country which has been good enough to take you in.
      Enough of that sort of cunt over here as well.

  7. Fuck Gina Miller, seriously, fuck Gina Miller, i mean it, fuck Gina Miller.
    I really mean I’d fuck Gina Miller……

  8. No surely not, with you on that Johnson. I don’t mind a woman moaning in my company 😉 but a whiny whinging shit face like Gina Miller, nooooooooooo…..

  9. I’m cunting high court judges.
    Ah! You think it’s cos of Brexit.
    It’s not!

    Today the fucking useless waste of space judges with their heads in the clouds decided to force the nhs to fund a tablet which means gays won’t catch aids when buggering each other.
    This for only £4000 a year per arse bandit.
    Trouble is, there’s a lot of arse bandits.

    So the nhs told those wise judges that if they go ahead with it, then they won’t be able to pay for cystic fibrosis drugs, cancer treatment and treatment for childhood leaukemia.

    The judges took this advice onboard and ignored it.
    Probably cos most of them are practising queers.

    Here’s a thought…
    Wear a fucking condom.
    No drugs needed.

    Cunts, the lot of them.

    • The stupidly of British judges knows no bounds. A large percentage of them are senile fuckers but most of them have an agenda, as described by Lord Ferrigno above. Rather than this new and expensive drug, I suggest 100 grams or so of Pb (atomic number 82) in a projectile shape is propelled by an exothermic chemical reaction at a good rate of knots up their rectums. This would reduce the incidence of Arse Injected Death Syndrome somewhat and would be considerably cheaper. What a load of perineums.

      • As I see it bum boys have a choice then; take the pill, have it paid for by the NHS, BUT if they forget and do get AIDS then no treatment on the nash.

        OR, and this one is my personal favourite, have their arse hole sewn up and have a colostomy bag fitted.

    • Seriously thats fucked up, I vaguely heard about it but didn’t understand how it worked.

      Does it keep your arse from bleeding or something?… wonder if elton john and tony blair are pre ordering some

  10. I want to cunt counselling. Just heard on the local London news that Pastors are out and about in Croydon to counsel people following the tram crash. That’s people who use a tram from time to time. Fucking hell, I spent the first few years of my working life hoping the IRA were not going to blow me up in the tube. Managed to get by without some cunt talking to me to “let it all go”.
    Every fucking bit of bad news is usually followed by an announcement that anybody affected can call someone. FFS, where has the backbone gone. A stiff upper lip may be old fashioned but it has all but fucking disappeared.
    If these spineless cunts were around in 1940 we would now be talking German.
    Where has the great British phlegm gone. Buck up and get on with it. Shit happens, it’s called life.

  11. I would like to cunt the women who are invited onto the Question Time panel. I am watching this programme while typing this and can’t believe Al BeBe Ceera put together the following cunts.
    Sarah Churchwell. American academic from the University of East Anglia and absolute virago. What a fucking dolt.
    Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh. SNP rent-a-gob and total twat.
    Yvette Cooper. Labour shadow minister for stupidity and ugly cunt. Even Dick Fiddler would struggle to achieve erection.
    I detest and deplore the BBC, including the completely biased host, Some Cunt Dimbleby.
    The only woman who was reasonable about good old Donald was an ex-pat Yank psychiatrist from the Republican Party Abroad, who thought he was nuts. That was the nicest thing said about good old Trumpy. What a bunch of cunts.

  12. Fucking Question Time? Its cunting time, time these smug self satisfied holier than thou cunts that they call the question time panel faced an audience of cunters who were allowed to speak freely without having to worry about self censorship and the PC police.

    I am fucking glad America has compounded the misery of these cunts after Brexit. Reality check you SJW cunts, no one wants your lefty liberal socialst bollocks, it is toxic.

    • Surprised he kicked the bucket so soon…. that was unexpected cause he apparently came off a tour recently with no announced health problems.

      Didn’t care much for his music although I thought Jeff Buckleys/John Cales covers of Hallelujah was touching and Don’t go home with your hard-on, is a funny song about boners

        • Cohen was the king of Misery moaner’s and people thought dylan was bad…

          I know what you mean, I can only tolerate so many sappy sad songs before I start thinking about slitting own my wrists.

  13. Still don’t know why Captain Combover winning affects us here in NZ (it doesn’t, not one fucking jot), but a bunch of cunts are going to stage a protest in Wellington, with more to follow, apparently.

    Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off.

    If you’re that concerned about foreign policy, then go and fucking live somewhere else that won’t involve you fucking things up for working stiffs here.

    • Old european proverb “When america catches a cold every one gets sick”

      Get use to hearing whiny losers bitch about their hate for Trump and constant threats to move but never actually bloody doing it! Not to mention all these bellends are fucking minted like you wouldn’t believe

      We just dodged a war(possible WW3 scenario) with russia and syria because of kilarys promise to invade and these stupid deluded cunts are angry, you can’t make this shit up!

  14. That being said Verstappen has the makings of a cunt that can topple the size of Vettel Hamilton and Rosberg put together. Cunt thinks he is the next Senna. Only thing the cunt may have similar is the way it all ended.

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