Miller and Jones


Ruth Jones and Ben Miller are cunts…

If I see one of their fucking Tesco adverts once more… The latest one having so-called ‘funnywoman’ (except she isn’t!) Jones ‘shopping’ in Tesco and moaning about ‘Christmas’ and hoping to ‘manage’… The silly patronising fat cow will have no problem with Christmas or Christmas shopping (either getting it or affording it) and the lying bitch also does not shop at Tesco…

Miller is also a cunt for going along with this shite and may I say their substandard Terry and June impressions make me fucking sick… If Tesco want to improve Christmas sales and lure in customers, they could do better than having two totally unfunny moneygrabbing cunts on their commercials….

Nominated by: Norman

37 thoughts on “Miller and Jones

  1. Good cunting sir! He is an annoying up his own arse tosspot anyway. Distinctly out of any funny league and she is just a cunt.
    Who decides in Tesco that this appalling cuntery is a good image for the company, whoever, sack the cunt immediately. One of many ads that crawl right up my hooter , top of the pile being that fat welsh so called opera singer who honestly needs a white hot fencepost up his arse.

    • Taffy goes to the doctor and says “I keep waking up in the middle of the night and suddenly burst into song”

      “What type of songs?”…asks the doc.

      “Well so far it’s been.. The green green grass of home, Delilah and What’s new pussycat.”

      “Ah” says the doc..”That’ll be Tom Jones syndrome”..

      “Is it a common problem?” Asks Taffy.

      “Well it’s not unusual”….replies the doc..

      • That prick is how I found this site, so I have to thank them for that. Still, glad they dropped the cunt.

  2. I’m sick of seeing christmas adverts already, and it isn’t even December yet. All this crap on offer because people feel obliged to buy gifts, most of which will disappear into a drawer never to be seen again, or be thrown straight into the bin.
    Hate this time of year. Roll on January 2nd.

    • And Tesco always pick cunts for their adverts… From unfunny fat get Dawn French, to horrible voiced luvvie cunt one trick pony Jane Horrocks, right up to now with those cunts, Jones and Miller… Joke is neither Jones or Miller would probably be seen dead in Tescos, yet they’re ‘encouraging’ all us ‘riff-raff’ to do our shopping there… Their sort would advertise dog shit if the price was right… Cunts…

    • The worst for me are those ads with shiny-faced,cute kids and their entire family all gathered around the christmas table,everybody with a fixed rictus grin as competent mummy serves up the perfect spread,and dopey dad does something silly,but loveable.
      Fucking nauseating cunts.I hope that they all get salmonella from undercooked turkey and shite themselves into a coma.

  3. Crack converters, sorry I mean Cash Converters need a cunting.

    These cunts rip poor cunts off and then try to make out they’re offering you a deal on some shit the poor cunts who sold it to them cannot afford to buy back. The cunts.

      • On that note Bright House need a cunting too. Charge two grand cash price for a 1500 quid telly then by the time the poor cunt has shelled out 26 quid a week for 3 years it cost a total of four grand what cunts they are.

  4. The high street is a cunt,

    We are in a transition period at the moment. I am old enough to remember when you had independent shops and it was pleasant to walk down the high street. What have we got now on most high streets in any major city? A bookies every 70 yards, fucking Poundland, some weird clothes shop that I don’t know who the fuck shops in, a charity shop, 6 Halal chicken and kebab shops, 4 Halal butchers, Tarquin and Jemima’s pop up art shop which is full of shit and shuts down after a month and of course the Polski Sklep or Polish shop where you find many special offer. What a piece of fucking cunt.

      • You lucky bastard. I’d kill to live somewhere that posh. A pop up art shop? – heaven.

    • Not forgetting the Latvian convenience store, the Polish off licence, the Albanian cafe, the Somalian shop (run by some ‘migrant’ and funded by the local fucking council!) the paki mobile phone shop. the paki tat shop, the paki baccy shop, endless E-Cig shops and stalls, Costa Coffee, Starbucks Coffee, some other expensive cup of shite for a tenner Coffee, Mc Fucking Donald’s, Poundland, Poundworld, Poundplanet etc….

      The last independent record shop in Bury (market town near Manchester) closed last week… The excellent Save Records had been there since 1968, but thanks to cunts like Amazon, Twatify and Apple and ShiteTunes it could survive no longer…. I got many a single and album from there… Same goes for the great Vibes Records (1976-2009), which is now a Quality Save ‘bargains’ place… You’re right, mate… It is a piece of fucking cunt…

      • Oh, and ‘Frurt’… The place that sells frozen yoghurt, which student twats apparently actually pay for and eat… Fucking cunts…

      • The list of cunt shops is endless Norman, shame the real record shops are all closing because cunts would rather pay for a shit quality MP3 than have a nice bit of vinyl, or even a CD. The high street is on its way out as is the Pub, every cunt wants to shop online because we’re all so busy apparently, add Cuntbook and Twatter to the mix and before you know there is no community and everyone is even more segregated.

      • Pakistani phone shop.

        A couple of months ago i bought a USB charger, 5 euros.
        A few weeks later it broke , new one, same shop, 10 euros.
        It broke , new one, same shop 15 euros. I bought it but told him to fuck off.
        When it broke, i sent my daughter in coz the cunt barred me, and she got charged 8 euros.
        They aren’t even trying to hide the fact , that they are thieves.
        Shameless cunts.

        I know i was right to tell him to fuck off, but its a strange feeling getting barred from a shop at 41……

  5. There’s no escaping Honey ( he/she) G.
    I have eventually discovered that this is not a joke act.
    She believes herself to be”streetwise” .
    Even though she had never performed before, she has been a crapper since 2001.
    I’ve been singing in the shower/bath, work and even walking the dog, for years, but that don’t make me a rock star.
    This is one delusional bampot, who believes that putting a cap and shades on makes her street.
    Slebs play dress up all the time, like Beckham, tux for events, rapper clothes for the basketball and James dean clothes for his bike.
    Its actually funny.

    Message from Honey G,
    “Make the children smile…we can live in a happy world”

    • Ron Jeremy can go and suck his own cock , for all i care.

      Hey Ron, i was only joking, get that out your mouth.

      For the uninitiated, they wee guy CAN such his own cock.
      I wonder what he was doing when he discovered that he could…………..

      • Old Ron’s piled on the pounds in recent years, trying it now might kill him.
        Got him in me Pool noms, just in case…

      • Ron jeremy one of the ugliest shitbags Ive ever had the displeasure of looking at, also his cock isn’t even that big

        Any bloke could if you have good flexibility and are in decent shape but the real question is Are you prepared to cum in your own mouth lol 🙂

        Also I wouldn’t doubt you could twist your spine or something equally disastrous that would be quite a hospital visit wouldn’t it?!

        • All it would take is a few doctored photos, and we put them on social media.
          Call it the “suck your own cock challenge” and within a few hours the hipster world will be posting their sick photos online, and the polis can arrest all the doss cunts……..

          • Would make a change from the “suck someone else’s cock challenge” which all the Guardian writers and other horse’s hooves are already expert at. They epitomize cuntitude while having nothing to do with the little, wet, furry creatures.

  6. Adverts annoys the fuck out of me, everyone of them is all about the thicko men being guided by the oh so smart women.

    In my local Tesco the blokes are saying to their similar looking mrs, “shut up you fat trout”

    • Most radio and TV ads portray six year old girls as smarter than their dads. Bastards will embrace any PC crap to flog their crappy products.

      • Yes like the TV ad…

        “Because only *we* know which remote and how to use them!”

        If my two drains on my resources tried that in my house I’d nab the controller for 5 seconds and say: “Ok then, show me!”

        10 seconds later: “Daaaaaaaaad! What does ‘Parental Lock’ mean?”

        “It means your TV viewing is fucked until you learn not to be clever little shits!”

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