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  1. Fucking Hell. If you don’t have PTSD now, you will after getting a blow job from Madonna. Just the thought of it makes me sick.

  2. I think even the guys who are already voting for Hillary Clinton would probably decline. Thanks but no thanks Madge!

    If it were written into law that every man who received a blowjob from Madonna was legally obligated to vote for Hillary, it would be a landslide for Trump.

  3. Is that really her teeth or is it photo-shopped? Kilary is so despised that even the FBI don’t want the cunt in power, however – as it’s the states – I’m sure Ms Ciccone’s opinion carries far more weight than any law enforcement agency!


    I’d like to nominate the modern remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (with all of the appropriate racial, gender, feminist updates one comes to expect these days) for a cunting.

    Flicking through the channels I saw it and thought bloody hell not seen that in years…when I was presented with this new version.

    I’m cunting it not because of all of the “modern libero” updates but because it was complete and utter shite! In fact that’s being disrespectful to shite! Avoid at all costs.

    Whoever made this abomination is a cunt!

          • What is it with sweetcorn?
            Goes in one end, comes out the other, floating bright and yellow in the pan.
            Sweetcorn is an indigestible cunt!

          • A bloke I worked with ended up down A & E after getting sweet corn stuck up his piss pipe from bumming his missus. I’d never met his missus so didn’t know whether it was worth the inconvenience or not but looking at him you could bet she was a skank and a filthy cunt as in unwashed as well.

  4. The evil witch, not this evil witch the other one, the Princess of Darkness, thinks it is incumbent on the FBI to publish everything they have on her right now. Erm, no. Didn’t she used to be a lawyer? Doesn’t she understand that law enforcement agencies do not disclose evidence during an investigation? Maybe she thinks the FBI should publish all the evidence they have on a gang of bank robbers, or drug dealers of kiddy fiddlers before they are arrested, just to give them a heads up as to what is coming. I know she is evil but I doubt she is fucking stupid.

    • Yeah well she is the same dumb bitch who thought that a subpoena stating “present to the FBI, your private email server for investigation” in actual fact said “present to the FBI, your private email server for investigation…….. after you data-shred all the incriminating evidence”.

      She impeded a federal investigation and at the time the FBI said “we couldn’t find enough evidence to indict her”………………… yeah that’s because she deleted it you dumb fuckers!

      I guess now that the cat is out of the bag and the corrupt MSM can no longer cover for Killary (thank you Wikileaks & Project Veritas) the FBI have to be seen to be enforcing the law.

      • Will Assange get his slate wiped clean? If he helps to destroy Kilary, he should get a fucking knighthood…

  5. I would rather have Calais migrants in my house than get a blowjob off Madonna, the decrepit old kipper scented slagbag…. Mind you, the old whore is used to giving them… She’s gone down more times than Man City did in the 80s and 90s… What I want to know is does she take her dentures out?….

    • I wouldn’t even have had a BJ off her as she was thirty years ago… Already been round the course more times than Red Rum, horrible teeth, irritating as fuck, just a total turn-off… As Truman Capote said about Mick Jagger, ‘About a sexy as a pissing toad…’

  6. If an ‘ordinary’ woman pushing 60 did the things Madonna did (offering BJs, getting her wrinkly tits out in public, dressing like a ten bucks whore from a Nevada chicken joint, being a total cunt etc) she would be hated, avoided, and very possibly arrested and/or sectioned… But people and the MSM tolerate this dirty smelly bitch and try to pass her off as some lovable, wacky old auntie (‘Madge’ and all that bollocks)… She is – and always has been – a cunt, and she has the worst nipples of all time…

    • She is an ugly old trout. Fucking pissed myself when she fell on her arse whist doing that homo satanic routine at the MTV awards. LO fucking L

      • Totally agree you Vermin and that trip, fall, thing, I kept rewinding it, kept me Laughing for days. Stupid old tart.

  7. apparently madeleine allbright giving away free anal sex for haloween night…

  8. Mad donna, now wants a toll for what she’s been doing all her life for shit and giggles?

  9. One ugly fucking cunt and I wouldn’t wish that pile of shit on anybody, well maybe a few exceptions. She is one of those irritating fuckers who thinks they invented sex and being controversial, she should be taken to Londonistan and raped by the never-ending influx of soon to be rapeugees, but knowing that sick cunt of a bitch she would probably enjoy it

    • Yeah, her ‘work’ with Mike Tyson shows that the dirty old gluebag is partial to rapists… She also simulated rape in her ever so ‘shocking’ (shocking as in pathetic) ‘Sex’ book… She really is a sick minded dirty fucker of a cunt and a total slag….

  10. Lady Madonna , ugly as sin ,
    Open your gob and let the cocks come in .
    Don’t be a vegan ,
    Suck on the meat,
    Maybe you’ll choke
    And give us all a treat.

    Offering to suck up baby gravy,
    Get your mouth around some
    hairy plums,
    Make your offer at a Clitton conference,
    See how they run….

  11. Problem with Katy Perry Norman, is that cunt Russell Brand. That is the only thing that puts me off, otherwise I would gladly give her my love juice 😁

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t like to put mine anywhere that scruffy cunt, Brand, has been… Change Katy Perry to Christina Hendricks… That’ll do me…

  12. Fuck me no wonder her son wants to stay with his Dad! Maybe she should realise being a cunt does not bode well for relationships with one’s teenage children. If she could just grow up or something I mean she is the same age as me for fucks sake and I ain’t no spring chicken.
    Though in my favour I realised many years ago that acting the cunt and speaking like a cunt does not engender one to one’s offspring and therefore the kids are happy to see me unlike the son of Madonna who really wishes she would fuck off in a big way. Imagine the stick the poor bastard got over her cock sucking statement fucking child abuse thats what it is.

  13. I have despised that skank cunt Madonna for what feels like an eternity.

    For someone who tries to be controversial the sad old slag has missed the mark every fucking time. What her PR advisers are obviously missing is that her brand of controversial stopped being controversial a couple of decades ago, right around the time she started needing Tena lady underware and Polygrip.

    She tries to latch onto anything seen as vaguely popular at the time and fucking ruins it instantly by totally not getting the point.

    Madonna fanny farts out a sprog (it probably walked out on it’s own) and instantly has to ruin a fun children’s song (The wheels on the bus).

    Moves to England, adopts bizarre English accent and buys a pub. Ruins it.

    Pens laughable book about sex while me and the girlfriend of the time were up to things that would make it look like fucking tame edition of the Freemans catalogue.

    Every film she appears in, ruins it.

    Hasn’t burped out a decent song, well ever really.

    Only relevant to the morbidly obese office bike that likes to get pissed, prance around and ironically sing ‘Like a virgin’ at the Christmas party while trying to lure an unsuspecting office junior into the stationary cupboard.

    On the plus side, those teeth would probably make a really good bellend cheese grater for scraping the Organzola right out from under the brim.

    Rant over.

  14. What a scabby nasty cunt madonna is. This putrid excuse for a female has shamelessly gag fucked her way to stardom by being one of the biggest sluts in show business. The talent-less screeching cunt has manged to earn more than most of us on this site put together, all for whoring herself to any cunt that’s fucktarded enough to be enticed by her monotonous tones, usually faggot cunts and fugly femo-nazis cunts. The wrinkly pan faced old trout has ‘reinvented’ herself more times than a microsoft OS but has still somehow managed to stay the same useless attention seeking, gender challenged, cunt. Madonna I truly hate you and when you eventually fuck off, I shall endeavor to scrawl ‘cunt’ on your gravestone, your music has dulled my life and your acting causes me anxiety. madonna is a cunt.

  15. I’d rather be fellated by Ant and Dec than Madonna. That bitch is the epitome of cuntitude. Tie her up in a duffel bag, kick her around an empty warehouse for an hour or two and then throw her in the North Sea. Worthless no-brained cunt.

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