Guy Verhofstadt [3]


Christallfeckinmighty !!

This stinking turd has surfaced again, thought I’d got Hubbard Hall’s plumbing sorted.

Needs a Kim-Mong nuclear-size cunting.

So glad to see that the EU favours the grossly physically repellent (doesn’t Belgium have any decent dentists ??!) ; just like Hitler and his club-footed Minister of Propaganda. This one looks like he had a near-miss with a coathanger in utero.

What a bloody awful thought, Merkel (no doubt to be given the bum’s rush by the Germans), will be sitting cosily alongside Kinnock of Bedwetty, Juncker and this unspeakable piece of shit…

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33 thoughts on “Guy Verhofstadt [3]

  1. These cunts can spout all the shite they want about brexit and i see a lot of the cunters here seem to get wound up by these eurocunts , but just remember the leavers won ,victory is ours and despite all the bravado from Brussels ( sounds like a pop group dunnit?) they will be the ones on their knees begging for better deals ,coz we all know that the parasites just want to look after their wealth rather than the poor cunts they’re meant to represent….

    • The Remainers seem to be metropolitan luvvie cunts and scrounging Scots and Irish cunts. Plus the gravy train riders like Kinnock and his family of cunts. Fuck em.

  2. Cunt still looks like Jurgen Klopp to me, Klopp with a Stephen Hawkin makeover, silly little Belgie cunt. Fact is hangers on like Belgium can only have a say on the world if they back a monolithic EU and eat the scraps from the German table.

    FU EU Blighty is off.

    • ‘ Fact is hangers on like Belgium can only have a say on the world if they back a monolithic EU and eat the scraps from the German table.’ this sentence should be part of the National Curriculum.

  3. Nice Liemore paty reshuffle, Diane cunt Abbott is the new shadow home secretary, I can’t imagine the Chinese, Russians or US taking her seriously for a moment ad to add to the mix we have a new shadow minister for diverse communities Dawn Butler.

    Underlines he lie of an equal and fair society, certain sections of society need dedicated ministers do they? Black and ethnic minorities have a special kind of poverty? No they fucking do not.

    Do immigrants congregate together an create their own problems? Yes they do and until social issues are looked at with reason and the truth is allowed to be spoken nothing will change.

      • Putin would rip his shirt off ,mount a horse and shoot the ugly ,fat ,racist ,turd looking cunt……

        • Diane Flabbot… what other country in the world , would they let a first generation immigrant become an MP , and then let her repeatedly bash the indigenous peoples and call them racist at every turn…….. How many other MP’s get chance after chance ? No with them indigenous MPs its a heartless sorry and pushed out the door ……..

  4. Nothing more dangerous than a socialist separated from other people’s money.

    Still. Looking on the bright side. His boyfriend will be getting his bellend brie scraped off between those teeth tonight.

    Fucking Euro cunts. Faggots and kiddie fiddlers to a man.

  5. A very dangerous man, who will probably tip the continent into civil war at some point


  6. Not only non entity countries but non entities within those countries.
    I cannot cunt these cunts enough. Parasitic vermin of the highest order. The end is coming. Once the Jerries see sense and kick Mercunt out the bunker the whole stinking mess will evaporate.

    • They won’t kick her out.
      Jerries are programmed to follow any given leader to the bitter end.
      Even if it means self destruction.
      Always happens.

      That’s why the globalist cunts picked Germany as the landing pad for the third world invasion.

      • Not all Germans are stupid, mercunt is going to get a proper kicking in the state elections. Her, and that pronoun is very shaky,own party got beaten into 3rd place in her own heartand.

  7. Michael Buble, what a cunt.
    I cannot abide the fucking cheesedick twat. This poundland crooner, with his piss poor karaoke level singing, which is basically going mmmmm through an auto tuner, is back with another album. Who lets him do it? Who fucking buys it? No doubt another Christmas cracker on it, to be played to death on radio two. Also, I think he is going to replace Ant and Dec as presenter of next years’ Brit awards. It’s not like I needed another reason not to watch it, but there it is.

      • I am surprised Danglebert Pimpledick hasn’t made a comeback. His bland, beige shite fits in well with today’s karaoke autotuned, Vacant, written by an algorithm talentless fucking rubbish.

    • Have managed to avoid Michael spunk buble ‘s ‘music’ but I’m aware he exists. How the fuck he manages to sell easy listening covers to daft cunts who probably have the originals anyway is beyond me . As i said ,I’ve never heard the cunt but i would imagine he’s just a younger Susan Boyle …….

  8. The reason these cunts from these tosspot two bit crap holes have the pull they do in the EU is because:

    How would it look if it were all Germans as the visible string pullers?

    Germans are aware of their own reputation and try to mask their domination of the EU by recruiting these nobodies to do its bidding.
    Thereby letting Germany walk away, whistling to itself, with its hands in its trouser pockets, while idly kicking a stone along the floor.

    • Perhaps the real hope is she is badly mauled in the election and has to reconsider. Having said that she is fanatic enough to plough on regardless.
      No one expected Brexit so fingers crossed for the krauts to do something out of the blue and bin her.

  9. I’d like to cunt the cunts (mainly the ABBC News) who just won’t let go of the fact that in the wee hours of the morning the pound dropped 6%, and then rudely gloss over the fact that it recovered almost immediately and is back to the same level it was yesterday. Cos of Brexit – o’course.

    Utter cunts!

    I noticed that an (almost) record high on the FTSE index came and went last week virtually without so much as a by or leave – the ABBC was also selectively ignorant on that one, it may have had a mention but not a continual “banging on” about it. That’s also cos of Brexit then you cunts!

    When will you libbo appeasing fucktards realise that the di hath been cast and WE’RE FUCKING LEAVING YOU CUNTS!

    Currency blips happen all the time and across all currencies. When Greece were about to default the Euro was on the floor against the pound and dollar – who gave a fuck about that? Not me and I didn’t see the ABBC crying about it either!

    It’s a fact of life: UK hits the election trail – pound goes down until the likely winner is known and then recovers.

    Same with Germany & France with the Euro. Same with the Yanks and the dollar. So where’s the news here BBC? You anti-British traitor cunts!

    • I think the whole sterling crash has been orchistrated by our old and dear friend Mr. G. Soros. The bilionair cunt is a nortorious open border enthusiast and has previous for cunting the pound. Where is James Bond when you need an evil villan done over?

    • this “blip” was about a 6 cent drop for a few minutes was blamed upon a rogue algorithm
      what chance MSM, bank of england, FCA investigate who filled their boots when the “blip” happened and who programmed the rogue algorithm
      fuck all, the cunts

  10. I really do feel that the BBC need scrapping. It serves no purpose, its’ creative output is minimal, the soap opera, some ethnic baking a samosa, biased 24 hour news coverage Dr Who at Christmas, some fat cunt trying to dance, bunch of slags forecasting the weather

    Have I missed anything?

      • …..all the overpaid “talent”, all the lefty cunts behind the scenes.
        Only one I think talks sense is Andrew Neill (at times)

  11. If the EU collapsed ,so would Belgium, most of the cunts work for the EU.It’s anon country, divided into two and they hate each other. Miserable bunch of wankers both of them ,one because they speak French, enough on it’s own to make you reach for the Webley and the other because they speak a horrible bastardised Dutch that no cunt van understand..
    They hate themselves because they laid down in 1940 and are in thrall to the hun who just tell them what to do.
    Which is why the spiteful crap speaking piece of Belgian ordure has attracted the attention of this forum and others , he is a prime example of Flemish cocksmeg and every word he utters is orchestrated by the krauts.
    Would have made a fine camp guard in Belsen, probable fucks goats too, the cunt

  12. This cunt encapsulates everything wrong with the EU, a political Pygmy from a non country given far too much authority!! , since when did Belgium, Poland and Luxembourg tell us what to do??The EU has made giants out of nonentities, I bet they get a buzz out of pushing the UK around, growing up verhofstadt, tusk and super cunt juncker would never have believed they would be running the show.. It’s time to kick these euro liberal CUNTS out, it’s probably too late to save the EU, it’s been bent and twisted by their horrible agendas… utter CUNTS!!!

  13. Why might we have to pay a huge sum to leave? Are we not in charge of our finances? Can’t the Chancellor, Bank of England, whomsoever, just say ‘Fuck off, you’re not having a penny!’ Does the eu really have its hand so deep in our pocket? All these bureaucrats like this bellend Verhofstadt are just pissed off because they know their gravy train will screech to a halt when the other sensible European countries follow our example. I am not a violent person but would gladly have him drowned, tho he would no doubt be replaced by another soulless pissflap. As for Buble, he is very small potatoes on the current world stage…and who knows, maybe he voted Leave.. I bet Pip Schofield did..

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