The great Kardashian robbery


I would like to nominate the perpetrators who robbed Kim Kardashian at gunpoint.

You bunch of cunts were less than 5ft from this fucking skank, armed with a guns and you didn’t put a fucking bullet in her skull.

Therefore you are cunts.

I’d rather have the satisfaction of executing her than her jewellery, which was no doubt either on loan from Cartier or insured.

Nominated by: Boaby

54 thoughts on “The great Kardashian robbery

  1. fucking hell it was me there she would be looking a shit site worse that that,anyway I bet its only make up or her latest plastic surgery bruises,and I’m with boaby if it was me there I would have had major problems not taking some firing lessons……anyway its all bollocks there was no-one there and she wasn’t robbed the insurance scamming cunts her and that utter wanket cuntye wank

  2. The is a symbiotic cunt karma Kim + Kayne West = massive cuntitude and when they eventually fall out and start ripping the fuck out of each other in court their lives will become a living hell as they try and destroy each other.


    • It’s fucking pity there ain’t no antibiotics to wipe these germs out or separate the fuckers like Brad Dipshit and Mogolina. Trouble is then they’d become a fungal infection; irritating cunts.

  3. Off-subject, for which I apologise. I have been following IAC for some weeks now. Absolutely hilarious – I haven’t laughed so much in years! A bit like Mock the Week and Grumpy Old Men and Women, but muchhhhhhhhh ruder.

    Dick Fiddler, Norman, Boaby, Kath, Kath, Sir Limply, BAWC, and the incomparable Dioclese, thank you all.

    I’ve got a couple of questions, if OK.

    Are Dio and The Eye the same person?
    Are Dio and Chas C the same person?
    Are Dio and Tricky Dicky Doubleday the same person?

    • Thank you for your kind comments. To answer your questions,since you asked nicely :
      1. No
      2. I do his videos, he does my musical offerings like the Xmas song.
      3. Don’t be a cunt!

      The site was originally set up by The Eye and Grumpy Old Twat. Gotty lost interest and I stepped in rather than let it die which I thought would have been a shame…

        • Cant be too careful MF, and can i add that its very refreshing to know a glamorous granny uses the word cunt and also Google’s it………….

          • Thanks. I was born on the wrong side of the River Thames, so no stranger to the C-bomb. IAC rules!

  4. If suspects are questioned, I expect they’ll use the Dirty Harry defence.
    “Anyone can tell we didn’t do that.”
    “Why’s that?”
    “Because she looks too damn good, that’s why.”

    • Top film. Andy Robinson’s “Scorpio” was a brilliant character…
      “You really want 200 dollars worth?”
      “Every penny of it”.
      Felt a hint of sadness when Harry’s .44 blew him into the lake at the end.

      • I was in San Francisco recently, and I had to go and find some of the locations from Dirty Harry. Hubba hubba, pig bastard!

  5. This fucking skank makes my skin crawl shes a fucking nuisance im sick to death of this cunt its needs blasting far into outer space if she ended up on pluto it wouldnt be far enough fucking sick to my back teeth with this one,she knocks me a fucking sick,shes a cuntttttt.

  6. This is what’s wrong and fucked up with today’s society and Generation Dipshit. She gets robbed and it’s all over the news because it’s the centre of the universe. Some poor hardworking bugger gets done over and it’s “just live with it…shit happens”. Fucks sakes, society is totally fucked.

  7. I would love to see the insurance policy that lets this halfwitted tart have £9million of jewellery about her person in a hotel room. One thing is for certain ,there ain’t going to be a cheque arriving any time soon from the insurance company.
    What a boring collection of talentless cunts we have here. What a fucking condemnation of the public that this useless big arsed moo and her equally useless family can get themselves endless publicity for just being .
    This is what the word cunt is for, to describe gargantuan wankers like this ,absolute cuntish nonentities , Cunt Hall of fame tossrags.

  8. Anyone connected with those two are retarded cunts. Basically, all she is known for is having the biggest arse in the universe ( can you imagine what it must be like for her to have a dump) and Cunte West for being a total shit stain wank stain, actually they obviously deserve each other, cunts cunts cunts

  9. I’m the very opposite of these jewel thieves..I like to creep into sleeping womens bedrooms and give them a pearl necklace.

  10. And so the farce begins… Already it has been confirmed that most of these ‘child migrants’ from the Calias Shitheap are adults and blag slag wogs… Bullshitters like that Lineker turd saying that grinning greaseball that looks like a Paki Dave Clark (of Dave Clark Five fame) is a ‘home office interpreter’… When in actual fact he is probably near (or over) 30 and is out for all he can get… The very fact this cunt who looks more like an Algerian pimp than he does a child got into the UK as a ‘child refugee’ sums up what a joke Britain is… And while this cunt and his fellow ‘children’ are indulged, some poor old British pensioner will drop dead this winter through lack of food, care, or heating… Fucking cunts….

    • I remember speaking to an algerian pimp in french in tbe 90s in london…he told me that he,d just walked into britain at heathrow with a fake italian id card (a primative handwriitten orange brown card were piss easy to forge) and his brother had then posted his algerian passport to the uk which then used to lodge a assylum claim twlling the pricks down at lunar house he come in tge vack of a lorry from calais….the uk authorities have been a laughing stock for the wogs for years .

      • I was behind a group of Italians at passport control last week, and they all had these peach coloured paper booklets and passed with ease.

        I have to replace my passport every couple of years coz i use it twice a day , and it gets that tatty that the border control don’t let me through , and there’s these cunts with something akin to a library card pressing through no worries.

        Thank fuck the new ones have chips, so maybe i might get my nine and a half years out of it……….

        Why not ten years ya cunts………

  11. Haven’t researched it but this cunt had probably been out of the news for 5 minutes so had to do something to get the front page. Media bitch.
    The whole family are a talentless group of cunts with some transgender (aka perv) attached. For the life of me I don’t understand why so much paper is wasted recording what these cunts get up to.
    The cunts who had a chance to rid us of this modern scourge are indeed cunts for not putting the firearms to proper use.

  12. Azealia Banks is a cunt..

    Typical ‘gangsta rap badass’ gobshite bollocks, throwing tantrums, spreading bullshit and always – fucking always – playing the race card as an excuse for her shitty behaviour and when she gets some stick back in return… Her track record for creating and attracting trouble (like shit attracts flies) is legendary (Even her record label couldn’t stand her, and fired her!)…She’s a daft bitch, who needs to learn that she can’t type everything that passes through her little pea brain and put it out there in the public arena…. She is used to picking fights with the likes of Nicki Minaj who take her on by responding at her own level….. But the little bitch may have got out of her depth with Russell Crowe… Sure, Crowe can be a cunt himself, but as far as I am concerned, any shit he gave that unpleasant little cunt, Banks is what she deserves…Because Azealia Banks really is a fucking cunt…

    • Thats black women for you no matter how many people call you a liar,storyteller or a psychotic violent bitch they still act like they are “victims”.

      In their mind though they haven’t done anything wrong and start going even more batshite crazy when you call them out of their bullshit

        • I heard about that, TitSlapper… The Roses are 50-odd year old men, does she really think they’re going to start a Twitter war with a silly 20 odd year old girl? Some of the accusations she moved at them – Ian in particular – were pretty heavy (Anyone who knows Ian knows he is the most anti-racist/fascist man in the world!)… She changed her tune soon enough (from ‘He called me this and that….’ To ‘Well, Somebody told somebody else who told me that they thought they overheard…’) In short, she is a lying little turd, and I reckon she got some warning of further legal implications…. She wanted a playground fight, she landed in the grown up world…. Interesting that she deleted all her tweets about it, all articles claiming they deliberately sabotaged her set and racially abused her have been removed and now she doesn’t even mention their name, but refers to them as “the same guys”… Did the Roses’ lawyers got onto the bitch? I fucking hope so!

          She’s all about getting herself noticed…. Still, she wants to be careful how far she pushes it…. You can’t go round accusing people of “sabotaging” your gig and then accusing them of being racists and of shouting abuse (using words that she seems to freely use herself) and even that they threatened to kill you without proof, to then change your story to “someone told me that someone overheard…” You could be done for slander, if nothing else…. She is a fucking cunt…

          • I don’t like violence against women, but Crowe should have headbutted the horrible little bitch…

          • So they didn’t sabotage her set? why the fuck not?! shame for that missed opportunity…

            Didn’t she threaten crowe by saying she wanted to slash his face open with a cocktail glass? and then repeated the threat. Crowe should of went romper stomper on her dumb ass

  13. Is her arse deformed or are there implants involved?

    Having a reach underneath to finger her arsehole must be similar to stealing crisps from a vending machine…….

    • Not so long ago, vain cunts were having fat sucked out of their arsehloles, now the stupid cunts are having fat pumped into them. Trash, ugly inside and out. If one of the Kunts read this, they would probably call me a “hater”, which I think means ‘someone who has no time for cunts’……

  14. Apart from KK being an annoying tart , everything else about her seems perfectly fuckable to me .
    That arse is fucking great and looks like it needs a right good rim and root.
    I cannot believe that I’m the only cunter or cunt that would……..

    I like big booties and I cannot lie ………

    • Bit of a risk though, birdman… Kardashian’s jacksy has probably had more men up it than Mount Everest…. I’d be frightened of getting some dreadful STD off the bitch… Besides, that Kanye cunt has been up there… No way would I put it where he’s been…

      • I imagine that her old dirtbox could easily take three shire horses at once, and still have room for a donkey. I do hope that her & that kayne cunt are banged up, look what happened on the 23rd of June, it could happen.

    • I as much as Kim Kardashian is a publicity seeking talentless cunt, she has an ass that more than makes up for it. I would fuck her every night and twice on a Wednesday, and she would get it up the ass on Friday and Saturday.

    • Dude there time is up. Who cares. We all work hard for a living at our trades who drives this money for nothing train! Escaping into there scripted crap is easy I get it our voices should be respected. People we let take us out of our daily lives at the theator seem to think they are our representatives when in reality they have no clue who we are and what we are all about

  15. Flunking excellent jr curtly I have a mental image for life….. spell checker,charloot church,lilly the mong and kkk west all due sniper king…..

  16. What a family of total cunts. Misfits and trannies, coal burner ho’s. Fat arsed spunk receptacle for a shitbag talent free rapper. Should all be nailed to piss drenched driftwood and introduced to 100 gallons of napalm. That would be a season finale for them.

  17. I’d give KK “the pirate” treatment, cum in her eye then give the cunty bitch a kick in the knee

  18. The family of Kardashian are all a bunch of pointless cunts who do little for society. However they do have some value if they were sold of for organ harvesting (minus the implants)

    • I get harangued for wanting to put an organ in a kardashian, and there’s you wanting to put kardashians inside other people…….

      Saying that,there would probably be weird cunts out there bidding for an organ from them. It would be the new tattoo…..

      I wonder if Bruce Jenner donated his organ……….

  19. I know why these kardashians are utter cunts it turns out they are pakistanies.not all of them are bad but a lot are and the k,s take the popadom

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