Benedict Cumberbatch [3]


Benedict Cuntberbatch is so much of a cunt, he is going to get a triple cunting….

1. Another from the rich kids school (Ronson, Swift, Delevigne etc)… Got into acting through his posh parents and their connections… Then helps to ruin the Sherlock Holmes legend by making it a load of PC poofter and wimmin infested shite… The cunt even had his posh parents in the Sherlock series (same goes for that Freeman cunt…. A crap actress getting a big part in it, just because he’s slipping her one!)…

2. Poncing about like a pretentious cunt with David Gilmour… Gilmour apparently doesn’t have time to reunite Floyd, or work with Roger Waters… But he’ll play on stage with that posturing luvvie, Benedict Cumbercunt…

3. Cuntberbatch is another of the ‘refugees welcome’ mob… But when asked if he would actually take these muzzie parasites in himself, old Cuntbertwat makes the excuse that his house is ‘gutted’, that it is empty and has no electric… He then said he had a baby in his ‘flat’ (ie: swanky pad) and has ‘no spare room’… First off: I doubt this whopper of a luvvie lives in a normal sized flat… Second: He also conveniently omitted that he could buy virtually any house – with fixtures and fittings – in the UK just like that…

He’s basically yet another fake bleeding heart double standards all talk and no do plastic liberal celebrity cunt….

Nominated by: Norman

18 thoughts on “Benedict Cumberbatch [3]

  1. Not much that can be added, if Benedict was on trial his defence would surely throw in the towel. Excellent cunting.

    • Of course the cunt won’t take a rapeugee in. Just let them live with the plebs eh Cunterbatch ?
      Also this was the cunt that harangud his theatre audience with some bollocks. Well cunt, they went to watch a play not have you preach at them.

  2. Anybody seen the creepy cunts trailer for Dr Strange ?

    I’ve said before, that cunts meant to be a “heartthrob”. WTF….

    I don’t know anything about Dr Strange, but if it means strange face, well the casting got it spot on…….

  3. Cumberbatch is a huge cunt.
    Big enough to rival my wifes’ cunt….which is so big, it’s got its own flag…….

  4. Although I’m more of a Syd man, when one thinks of Gilmour at the height of his powers with Floyd in the 70s, then seeing him arsing about with Benedict Cuntbercunt, it’s rather horrifying…. If Waters wants ammo to fire at his old partner/enemy, he’s got a whole new lot now…

    • Floyd like Zeppelin are proof that great bands are the sum of their parts. You can extend that to Sabbath as well. Personally I think Floyd did their best work post Syd and should of stopped around the time with the wall. Neither party every sounded like more than a parody after the split in Floyds case post split.

      When it comes to creative types in particular musicians and actors I find it is best to separate their work from the egotistical narcissist cunt that you often have to be to produce great art.

      Cumbersnatch is actually the complete performer an all round cunt on or off the screen.

      • Best Floyd Albums In my opinion Are PATGOD, Meddle, DSOTM, Animals, Wall, and Atom Heart Mother. Divison Bell and SFOS are really great too.

        The only floyd albums I don’t care for are Dogs Of War (though the title track was good and Not another movie, obvious dig at the wall perhaps?) Final Cut was sloppy seconds off of the Wall(2 decent cuts tho) and that last so called shite album endless river was just ambient sounds and clever tape loops huge cash grab unfortunately.

  5. On an island put me off Gilmour forever.
    The guy is talented as fuck, but just made a watered down Floyd album.

    Lazy cunt……..

    Ps . why does spell check not recognize Gilmour but recognizes Beyonce?….

    Try it ….film our ……..

  6. As satirical as that puppet is (spitting image right what series?) Benderdink actually does look like that , and that new film he stars in looks bloody fucking horrible, Doctor Strange indeed.

    Marvel keeps shitting pile after pile of shite film adaptations out… why the fuck do they even bother? They clearly have no ambition to make a decent film… Screw ‘Em they deserve bad fortune with their progressive lefty antics

  7. Opticians make a measurement called “pupil distance” (which they supply to the lens/glasses makers but omit from your examination script – just in case you fancy getting frames/lenses not from them – the cunts) which, amazingly enough, is the distance between ones pupils.

    When Mr Cuntwetpatch’s prescription was sent to the makers they asked: “Is this a joke? Am I making glasses for a goat here!?!”

    He’d be nominated for smug cunt of the decade, and would probably win providing Tom Hiddleston wasn’t also a nominee.

    • Hiddlecunt made an absolute tit of himself agreeing to that fake romance with the professional girlfriend Taylor Swift. What a cunt. Still at least we now know he is gay.

  8. If the kids are looking for a Guy for Bonfire Night,perhaps they might like to set Mr Cumerbatch alight,instead of going to the trouble of building a fire. Soak him in diesel,nail a Catherine Wheel to his forehead,and shove a box of rockets up his hoop… Hey presto,a firework show that I’d pay good money to attend.

  9. Cuntybash is to Jeremy Brett as Sunday football is to 1970’s Brazil.
    Freeman is a wealthy , piously prick-worthy champagne socialist.
    Together , they are symptomatic of the crushingly uber- sensitive , precious cuntery that seems to prevail in todays society.

  10. I’ve a foolproof way of determining whether somebody is a cunt even before I know very much about them. If my coolsie, wanky, Leftist friends start carrying on about how good – or any variation on false worthiness – said person is … They’re a moral to be a cunt.

  11. Britain seems to be infected with posh liberal elitist luvvies cuntbersnatch is just the next cab off the rank, during the EU referendum lots of them were signing letters for pro remain that found their way on to leftie wank stain rags like the guardian and mirror, just because they appear on TV or in films they foolishly believe people will actually listen to them, I think the more these self centred pricks patronise joe public the better for Brexit.. cuntbersnatch bleating on about the “Calais children ” was FUCKIIN irritating, forgetting international law that clearly states migrants ( asylum seekers) must apply in first safe country they enter, instead the children?? ( a lot look in their late teens) have travelled to France and demand to be let into the UK… cuntbersnatch loves to talk about human rights and the law etc but when it suits him ignore the obvious, as do the other BBC bleeding heart Cunts like lineker and co, they just want to impress their BBC bosses with their leftie liberal nonsense… Cunts one and all…5

  12. This cunt makes me want to smash my own fucking face in just to stop it all. If I ever see that witless cunt out in the street I’m going to make a point of telling him what a worthless weapons-grade cunt he actually is.

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