30 thoughts on “Ashley Young

  1. A bird once shit in my mouth…couldn’t really blame her….I should have taken my tongue out when she farted.

      • I’d like to see a dwarf lezzer scat movie of Nicola Turdgun and Shami Chuckyerbalti shitting in each other’s gobs and a bit of brown scissoring. I wouldn’t get turned on by it, I’d just like to se it. Nothing’s too good for those girls.

  2. Emergency cunting for the chief cunt who has pulled the EU/Treason petition.

    Last time I looked there were 4,600 signatures, but now it’s GONE and in it’s place there’s an Error 404 – The Page You’re Looking For Doesn’t Exist.

  3. The game ‘football manager’ is releasing it’s new version with a “brexit simulator ” included. Meaning that when brexit goes through it will make it hard for players to buy foreign players…….

  4. Don’t know about bird shit, but I l know Ashley Young is shit… One of Fergie’s Hall Of Shame with cunts like Leighton, Milne, Bebe, Taibi, Djemba Djemba, Kleberson, and that Scouse dwarf cunt, Michael Owen…

  5. Please can Gina Miller, 51 referred to as leader of a group ‘concerned citizens’ be given the biggest cunting ever. This is the treasonous arsewipe that is leading the “legal challenge” against our great leader instigating article 50. Fuck the fact that the vote was leave, like, the majority of persons who voted, want to leave the cunty eu. More who wanted to leave voted leave; seems very simple and really easy to understand unless you are a cunt obviously. Gina, fuck you your rich husband and your challenge to the hell that is cunty neighbours and pikeys on your playing field may your arsehole fester with the remains of a thousend kebabs and” fuck it cannot be bothered….”

    • This is the sort of cunt the petition for treason was aimed at. Well deserved as well until some cunt pulled the petition. Cunts.
      Let’s hope there is some nutter lurking outside the High Court to give her the beating she richly deserves.

      • Think she’s been cunted and advised by our contributers to head back home to her South American shit-hole country. She’s a colliery spoil heap i.e. black slag.

  6. Not that I’m trying to win in the Cunter with the most cuntings Dioclese, but I’m sure I posted this not Boaby. Anyways not that it matters, but being a Liverpool fan it’s always nice to get a cunting on a Man U player.

    • It’s a fucking shame he is a United player… For a lifelong red brought up on wingers like Coppell, Hill, Olsen, Strachan, Giggs, Kanchelskis, Sharpe, Ronaldo (although he is a cunt) etc Young is simply not United class (ie: he’s crap)….

      • Dwight Yorke is a cunt for claiming his colour is stopping him from even getting interviews never mind a job.
        As the years go by it’s getting harder for clubs to find a decent British manager never mind an English one, but cunts like York don’t get that . they get their coaching badges and expect to walk into the manager role.
        Fuck off, if its that hard then do what other young coaches do and get a coaching role somewhere and show what you can do ,and if you don’t like it, then fuck off to Trinidad or Tobago and win a title there………….PS. Sort out Harvey before he rapes someone……….

  7. Mark Warburton the rangers “manager” is a cunt for his handling of the Joey Barton situation .
    Barton has been suspended since September for a training ground argument with some cunt off a z list footballer who is supposed to be Mr rangers and for undermining Warburton.
    I think Barton has a right to undermine a guy who has next to no experience in football and used to work in the city, meaning he has very little training ground / changing room experience.
    Warburton should get bagged for being a cunt and Barton should get his job………..it’s not that i give fuck about rangers i just think Warburton is a cunt ,and every day real football fans should be thankfull that we have a Joey Barton………

    • PS. So as not to sound biased, Brendan Rodgers is also a cunt for being a Brendan Rodgers shaped cunt……..

  8. Heat magazine needs a massive cunting…what a pile of dogshit this rag is. No doubt read by illiterate fat kathy types that work in the public sector and fat slag Croydon face lift dole breeders. Latest edition features article on Katie Price having her vagina re-lined and tightened by Balfour Beatty.

    • I hope she got her front bottom work done on a fixed price, if Balfour is involved and its on contract it’ll take the cunts years because they only work one hour a day: 3hrs to put the cones out, 3hrs to put the cones back, 2hrs to do the job (including a 1hr lunch break).

      If the Govt made every single roadworks contract on fixed price they’d all be done in 6 months as opposed to 5yrs for doing a couple of junctions on the A1.

      O’course they would have to recruit some Poles who are actually prepared to work rather than the pissed-up pikey shovel-leaners they currently employ, but hey, you can’t have everything right!

      • OLLY MURS needs a cunting…


        This iced gem faced fucktard has about as much musical talent as Schrodinger’s Cat, after they opened the box to find it dead.

        I know it’s 2016 and we shouldn’t use this term, but he seriously looks like a spastic, he makes Joey Deacon look cool.

        What a total fucking cunt and the sole reason ALL X-Factor contestants should all be given a free one-way ticket to visit Auschwitz

  9. Hey Dio, I did not make that nomination, but I am happy to take the credit for it 🙂
    Shame you never make that kind of mistake on the dead-pool, you useless cunt 😀

  10. Stop mythering on about Manchester United.
    They are all cunts.
    It’s a given.
    They play for Man U.
    End of..

    No need to cunt them

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