Amy Schumer


I’d like to cunt Amy Schumer. Not only is she deeply unfunny she has now decided that women who don’t want to identify as feminist are “insane”.

Well done Schumer, you’ve just shown why a very small percentage of women want to identify with feminism you unfunny cunt. I thought feminism was fighting for the right of women to be whatever they want. What am I thinking? That was early feminism not the man-hating fact avoiding cunty third wave feminism.

For those cunty bitches women have to do things that are on the pre-approved feminist list.

Nominated by: Chris Horner

Amy Schumer is another unfunny face like a bag of spanners doodle dandy cunt… Just like that other unfunny yankee twat, Amy Sedaris… What a coincidence…

Nominated by: Norman

34 thoughts on “Amy Schumer

  1. Is it worse to have a Trump as he is or yet another scheming globalist in power?

    Amazing how an 11yr old recording is easily found and yet a PC full of sensitive emails used by the then Secretary of State mysteriously vanishes…

    Trump is a cunt of monumental proportions but Clinton is Satan reincarnate. Pick well USA, pick well.

  2. Got to wonder if Amy has any advice for Emma Phillips the student teacher who managed to lose a 7 inch dildo up her arse. Shit happens I guess and we all like to get adventurous in the bedroom do we not? Dick will add his valuable input I hope.

    What tickled me and undoubtedly Emma was the fact she didn’t realise she had a 7 inch rubber cock lost up her rear passage, she thought her fella had hid it under a pillow for a giggle.

    Some poor migrant could mistake that thing for Eurotunnel on a dark night by the sounds of it.

    If she teaches sex ed in the future the kids are in for an eye opener.

    Non of the above deserves a cunting, but then doing a photo story in the Sun pictured holding the vanishing dildo is fucking weird.

    • If you got a dildo stuck up your arse, would you want everyone to know about it? She must be hoping for a career in porn.

      • Reading the story ,i thought “what the fuck” , then i saw the picture and thought “WHAT THE FUCK” ………

        • I never buy the Sun ,but on this evidence it might be replacing my scuddy books …..Lee Millar… I salute you……

          • Holy Christ! That’s an interesting story…
            “Doctors offered her the toy as a keepsake but she declined”. She could have put it in a glass case on the wall like a taxidermy specimen. Why anyone would want their sexual misadventures printing in a national paper I’ve no idea? Infamy, Infamy…

    • apparently it’s quite common for the dozy bitches to leave tampons up the other tunnel, only realizing it when they get blood poisoning

    • What a cutie.. Makes you proud to be British,I can’t imagine many foreigners would have the sang-froid to publicise the fact that they’d had a rubber truncheon stuck up their shit shute.
      Reminds me of the time I was taking too long to blow my load while in the company of a porky Chinese prostitute by the name of Wang-Suk, “Hullyup,hullyup, You likee Wang?” she moaned,which frankly didn’t really help. Realising that I was about to go over my 10 minute time limit,and that she charged double, ie £2 per minute, I told her to stick a finger up my hoop and tickle the old prostate gland. I discovered that this always tips me over the edge when the local GP gave me a prostate exam while holding his clipboard and writing notes at my last physical. Unfortunately,just as she worked her finger in,she encountered the turtles head which was coming the other way. “Shlit, shlit…dirty shlit” she screamed..Well,sure enough,the dirty talk did the trick. Spurting defiance like a spitting cobra, Little Dick got her right in her one good eye and I was able to retreat with my reputation as a Lothario intact as she screamed Mandarin curses at me. Either that or she was ordering a post-coital Oriental banquet.

      • I am not sure if reading a further chapter of Dicks sexploits just after eating was a good idea or whether before eating is the answer.
        Feeling rather queasy but laughing like a cunt on steroids.

        • What a wordsmith is Dick; almost like your outside the door waiting for your go at the exotic minge. Masterful.

    • She must have one almighty tradesman entrance. The cunt was looking around the house for it, THEN realised it was up her arse? You would have to run when she farted she would shit the bed.

      • And a teacher to boot. She won’t get booted but lorded for her libbo views on life. In fact even if she’s the most useless cunt of a teacher she’ll never sacked because every head in charge of her will brick it because while the official report would say: “Dismissal due to being a useless cunt!”

        Her (£1m) story in the Groniad (well up on libbo affairs) will read: “Teacher sacked from draconian school due to personal views. Today the Groniad learned that teacher Emma Philips……………and all this following Eddie Izzard’s appointment as MP for Bristol for the Pink Party.”

        Whatever happens, sacked or shite, she’ll still be minted cos she’ll no doubt fly through the ranks (“I didn’t get promoted because of my private life…”) and end up on one of those lovely public sector final salary pensions. The cunt!

    • I had to check it wasn’t April 1st when I saw this story. What a pathetic cunt.
      If it’s an attempted fame grabbing moment… low can you get?

      “How’d ya get famous?”
      “Lost a dildo up me arse”…..

      Her bloke must be a cunt……to be forever known as a cunt who can’t get his bird off and has to rely on shoving stuff in her dirtbox.
      Her parents must be so proud….I bet her dad is looking forward to walking into the pub tonight or work on Monday……

      She should have kept it and stuck it on EBay, there’s plenty of weird cunts who would have made a bid, our new resident perve Mr F no doubt……

      • Her bloke will be forever remembered for trying to retrieve it with a fork and BBQ tongs…..again Lee Miller, i salute you…….

        • Ugly woman. I’d be very tempted to stick anything up her arse, just to avoid looking at her face.

    • That’s a very good picture of her, she is actually a fat minger and as such of no interest until the cooking or cleaning needs doing.

      • Didn’t think she was fat in the picture , so googled her images and fuck me, don’t do it , that same face gawping at me over and over again……. If it happened ,it would need to be doggy…….

    • Nice! Nobody seems to remember this fantastic show. They heap praise on the cheap pretender “Orange is the New Black.” Franky would kick all their asses and give ’em a wonderful moniker too, like “Vinegar Tits.”

      Amy Schumer is an unfunny cunt straight from the pages of Viz, steals jokes unashamedly. She scolds the press for body-shaming, parades around looking like a condom stuffed full of mashed potatoes, then bitches at being called “plus-size” and blatantly lying about her weight.

      I hope her time is up soon.

  3. I thought amy was kinda funny for a while, even watched her movie, enternaning, but the humor doesn’t hold up. Listening to jokes about how many dicKs she can fit in her pussy and her mouth at the same time she’s blackout drunk, I’ll take Bill Burr or LCK.

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