Abdullah Kurdi


Emergency cunting of Alan Kurdi’s father…

That was the boy who drowned attempting to pass illegally into Europe exactly a year ago today. In truth it was not the little cunts fault, it was his spaz shite of a father, Abdullah Kurdi who managed to kill not only his two son but his wife too. The narrative is this was a desperate Syrian family fleeing from IS. The truth is the family had been living safely in Turkey for some years. Alan Kurdi himself had rarely ever spent any time at all in Syria, spending most of his life with his aunt in Turkey.

The aforementioned spaz shite of a father, Abdullah Kurdi decided to take his family on a small inflatable craft to make the crossing from Bodrum to Kos, a journey of only 4 km. Its unclear if the family were a victim of people smugglers or if the father himself was the smuggler as accounts vary. One of the other survivors tells the story that Abdullah Kurdi himself was the captain.

I have sailed these waters myself in a 52ft yacht and in August and early September they can be very rough due to a Northerly wind called the Meltemi. Anybody choosing to make this crossing in a small rubber boat at night, and it was a choice, no one had a gun to their heads, must be insane.

Everything about the MSM narrative on this one stinks. Even the photo of the dead little cunt on the beach was staged for maximum impact.

This, more than any other single event prompted Merkle to open the floodgates of the cunts, not only from Turkey but Libya too. Many of the great and the good are banging the refugee drum today, calling for the government to accept “child refugees” from the jungle. Fuck off you virtue signaling cunts. You let a few in and thousands more will turn up at our doorstep.

If I had my way we should deploy gun boats in the channel and any cunt attempting to cross illegally gets treated to some 50 cal tracer fire.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

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  1. I’d be tempted to tell the whole lot of them in the Jungle at Calais that if they can swim across the Channel in January that a free council house and “da white women” are waiting for them at the other side.
    I figure that we’re fairly safe,because coloured people can’t swim. The proof for this is that in the old Tarzan films,all Tarzan had to do to escape the tribesman was swim a river. They had to stop and make do with jumping up and down while shouting “boogie,boogie”.
    Further proof is that you never hear of anyone being stabbed or sold drugs at the Municipal Pool.

  2. Fuck wasting good ammo on suicidal cunts. I agree with the French satirists that Muslim children belong on the bottom of the sea.

  3. The thing that pissed me off the most was the papers up until the story were running headlines with ‘swarm’ then we’re all caring for a few days then reverted back to type. People on this site have the balls to be consistent unlike these grief whores who flip flop like a flippy floppy thing.

  4. I see that ‘peaceful cunt’ is now the number one name for boys in England and Wales, if you add all the different spellings the backwards cunts have for it. Reminds me of that scene in goodfellas, when Henry Hill is introducing his new girlfriend to his gangster family and friends, and all the men are either called Peter or Paul. Apart from the fact that I laughed at that scene, and I weep at the reality I mentioned before it. I’m sure I read somewhere that in 1947, Western Europe accounted for roughly 33 percent of the worlds population. And that was after a world war that killed between 30 to 50 million people. Now, the indigenous population of Europe is between 9 and 13 percent. Looks like we are fucked….

    • Yep, we are fucked. Those filthy fucking parasite cuntrags are invading europe by getting themselves inside the belly of every fucking country then once inside the job is done,they will then play the breeding game,they will all breed by the fucking bucket load (They breed like fucking rabbits anyway) and do this for as many years as it takes and in about 80 years time their job will have been done as there will be so many of the cunts walking among us that it will be impossible to fucking move.Those cunts are in a secret fucking war with us all,one they cant possibly win on the military front but can win it with a 50-90 year breeding plan.I will be dead before their goal is reached (thank fuck) but my son or any future grandchildren will be living in hell if we dont NUKE the cunts NOW. If this theory is correct then Britain and most of fucking Europe will become an Islamic majority in roughly the year 2075. We will all have to grow a fucking beard and wear a fucking burka and talking like cunts. ie DakaDakaDaka, BurkaBurkaBurka,Muhammadjihad.

  5. Today 400 celebs and other do-gooders protested to allow at least 400 hundred “children” living in Calais Jungle Camp to come and live in the UK. Mainly because they have relatives living in the UK.

    Now if they paused to think these do-gooders and celeb band wagon hangers on may realise each one of these cunts they allow in is justification for all their relatives to come and join them.

    You cunts are not doing good you are fodder for the no borders commies that will use any justication to ignore the borders of nation states and in the process erode out culture and identity.

    If these cunts don’t like France or any other country they passed through on the way to attempt entry on the UK they should fuck off home.

    We have enough parasites of our own, fuck off you are not welcome. Happy clappy do-gooders may tell you this is the promised land but it ain’t and you are not going to welcomed.

    • Someone like Henry VIII or Ollie Cromwell would have had a ‘celebrity purge’
      and offed all these irritating, self important titheads… Makes you yearn for the good old days…

      • What an attraction that would be… ‘And today on the scaffold are Eddie Izzard, Bob Geldof, JK Rowling and Jamie Oliver… They’d be queuing around the (cough) block…..

        • Too right. Put a fine sharp edge on the axe. These self important celeb cunts and fucked up blinded-by-agenda do gooders are equally as dangerous as these filthy invaders. This is the biggest near future-crisis western society will face. When it all kicks off dangerous style, all these simpleton fuckers who supported them will no doubt panic and bolt straight for their ivory towers and proclaim how “innocent their actions were”. Fuck that. We’re rolling towards highly dangerous times if this shit isn’t nipped in the bud. Fuck me what a mess. Political Correctness is a loaded gun ready to be used by the wrong people.

          • Celebrities are getting paid pure and simple, they aren’t doing this outta the kindness of their heart. If they were they would actually do something about it.

            These geldof clones keep on offering their beds and massive mansions. How many came through? fuck all! the amount of shills for soros and his ilk is amazing.

            The celebrity bastards have no morals only wide wallets and a willingness to prostitute themselves at any given moment.

    • But these celebs don’t care as they don’t have to live next door to them do they… they are all cunts.

  6. This greasy, stinking of kebabs cunt killed his own family with his own stupid antics with an inflatable boat… Simple as that…

    And he is not Syrian or a ‘refugee..’ The cunt is a Turk on the make… End of….

    • Amazing how cunts like this Kurdi and the ghastly McCanns can get away with being crap parents and putting kids in danger because they are middle class or foreign… Yet had Kurdi or the McCanns been white working class it would be the ‘face of benefits Britain’ and all that other shite…

  7. When you look at other cultures and their respective religions that have made their home in the UK, you’ll see that, by-and-large, they have integrated successfully.. Sure, there is a percentage that absolutely hate our way of life, but they are in the minority, perhaps 3%, if that.
    Now, what about people who follow the Muslim religion. Do they ALL hate our British culture? No, of course not. To suggest that they are all frothing-at-the mouth would-be suicide bombers is ridiculous, and those that suggest it only help perpetuate all the liberal do-gooders speeches about “right-wing hate mobs”.
    But, this is the thing, the percentage of those that do not wish to integrate, when compared to other faiths, is much higher, probably about 15%. And that’s where all the fun starts.

      • And what about the scores of the cunts attacking women in Germany? They have to put up signs in Germany now telling them not to shit in public baths and that rape is a naughty thing to do.. For fuck’s sake,,

        • Jesus fucking wept, I would love to have them escorted back home to their shitty camel-humping homes too, I was simply trying to make the point that a larger percentage of them, compared to other faiths WILL NEVER want to be one big happy family, and that is where Merkel and all the lefty friends have got it so wrong. I can’t stand Jehovah Witnesses, but they don’t try to behead me when I tell them to stick their copy of the Watchtower up their arse.

        • Now I know why you name yourself mr sausage cause you’re a poof who shoves sausages up your arse, you silly goof.

          Feck off you rapeugee defending bastard! shiites and sunnis can’t co exist end of argument. Obviously we got a haji in disguise or progressive thinker on our hands “integrated successfully”? Yeah ok mate whatever you say

          • Seriously? Are you actually reading what I’m writing? Wipe your boyfriend’s jism off your eyes and try and read the words. Where the fuck am I defending them??!! I was making the point that other religions, like buddhism or hinduism, pretty much get on with the rest of us MOSTLY, whereas there is a much larger percentage of those who follow Islam to not.
            Fuck me, this site is going downhill at a rate of fucking knots.

    • The more Muslims that move into another nation the more radical they become. You have to view any ideology as a whole and you also have to make a judgment on based on where it holds the most sway and is predominant.

      Any Muslim that doesn’t adhere to the core ideology in a new nation will find themselves one sorry arsed infidel once Islam is in the driving seat.

  8. Please watch this and skip to 3mins16secs.


    This is a perfect example of integration at work.

    Now then, imagine what plod would do to a bunch of grippers in British Buldog shirts and Doc Martens shouting comments like that about the police. Would they idly sit by or would it be truncheons at dawn?

    The case rests m’lud.

    • Especially if they look like harry potter lol, that imperiam film looks like a real piece of sjw shite. Its basically a film where skinheads blow up buildings quick fact check there hasn’t been a attack like that in 20 years . So I guess the film should of been about terrorist moslems?! oh right not politically correct enough funny that

  9. If there was a bowl of smarties and somebody says ‘Only 10% of those sweets are poisonous… Go on have a handfull..’ Would we eat them? Same principal should apply to the muslims and ‘refugees’… If there’s even the smallest chance of British people (men, women and children) being at risk of sexual assault or terrorism, none of them should get in, and they certainly shouldn’t be given handouts by the state…

    • I agree, in an ideal world Saudi Arabia would be taking them in or we should have the balls to do the same as Australia, but we don’t, because we’re bound to political correctness. And to me, charity begins at home, we should be taking care of the homeless, (that we’ve shamefully ignored for fucking decades, and no, they aren’t all druggies or thieves), rather than giving rag-heads and their family of 8 children a nice semi-detached and £3K of benefits a month.

      • I used to see it when I worked at a Manchester college… It was the late 90s and Blair had initiated his ‘open door’ policy… I personally refused to tow the party line, but others there treated these new Somalian students (half of them couldn’t string two words together) better than British students… They jumped queues, were allowed to be late, and got more time and all sorts… And then every promotional material the college did (booklets, billboards etc) had to have these Africans centre stage… Not unlike what the BBC are doing now… It has now got terribly out of control , but that cunt, Blair, started it…

        • I couldn’t agree more Norman, when I first worked in primary education we had 0 children with English as a second language by the time I left every class had at least 2 if not 3 (for a small primary school where classes averaged 28 ) that is a huge strain on resources as most classes don’t have a support worker all day, all the support workers time is spent with the non English speakers and so the children with issues or who really need extra support get ignored. I got so pissed off with the leftie libtard head I gave up education and went on to be a PA for a very well know Makeup artist. Hoorah no trying to teach Poles, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Muslim children English, when I could see little Johnny with Dyslexia’s performance falling and watched a child who was making good progress backslide and give up.

  10. Mr. S.
    You wrote; “Now, what about people who follow the Muslim religion. Do they ALL hate our British culture? No, of course not.”

    Firstly, 100% of British peaceful folk think being a shit stabber is a sin and 52% think it should be illegal. 66% would not report some one if they suspected them of being a jihadist. 40% want sharia law to supersede British law and 20% ( thats over 100,000) think suicide bombing can be justified. Not ALL, no. butt quite a fucking few.

    Secondly; Not ALL Germans were Nazis. Not ALL Russians were Bolsheviks. Not ALL Cambodians were Khmer Rouge. But between them they killed 10s of millions. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t ALL. History is not a democratic process.

    • I doubt that 100% of British people think that being a shit-stabber is a sin, as presumably about 5% of them, perhaps more, ARE shit-stabbers. I’d suggest your other figures are equally skewed.

      Anyway, my whole fucking point has been lost now, as obviously I fucking love migrants and want them to all move over here. Why not have a look at some of my other posts on other IAC topics where migrants play a part in the conversation and see what I’ve written?

      But fuck it, lets try one more time to spell it out, here goes:

      1) I don’t agree with having all the migrants in Europe or the UK. Merkel fucked up royally.
      2) Personally, I think they should be made to stay in their own country and fight for it, like we had to in WWI and WWII. Not run for the fucking hills, or in this case, a hill with a nice, free, house on it.
      3) There are, like it or fucking not, some muslims already over here. A lot of them do not like our culture and would love to assimilate it. But not all of them. And, again, like it or fucking not, you won’t be able to get rid of them. No, you won’t. Rant as much as you fucking like, those cunts aren’t going anywhere. So, the solution is, to stop any more of the fuckers coming over but to then try and get the ones that have integrated, to whatever degree, to help educate the ones that haven’t. Does this make me a migrant mussy lover? No, it makes me a fucking realist. If you think otherwise, then you obviously have not read my previous comments.

      Going on Mr S.E’s above comment, after WWII we should have killed all the Germans, just in case they decided to play up again.
      And because some members of a population are cunts, then they probably all are. Bit of a generalisation? That’s like saying because some blokes over 7ft tall have murdered people, we should get rid of all people over 7ft tall. Just in case.

      Anyway, that’s my thoughts on the subject. Now, fuck you very much, I’m off to bed.

      • When Skidmark says ‘British peaceful folk’ he means British muslims: who are homophobic and mistreat women… Why else would they dress like pillarboxes?

        • You wrote “Firstly, 100% of British peaceful folk think being a shit stabber is a sin ….”
          You didn’t mention the fact that they were Muslim !

          And while I concur that the statements made DO tend to have a certain value, I certainly wouldn’t use the result of any survey as the shining truth, they aren’t known for their outstanding accuracy, matey. That makes your argument a damn sight more “straw man” than mine.

          I know you never said you should kill all Germans, it was an analogy.

          Anyway, lets give this whole thread a end now. I don’t like arguing with other cunters, Then that makes this site turn into “Cunts Corner” and what a mess that site is.

  11. Why isn’t this raghead tit in prison? Is murder not a crime in Greece anymore? And let’s face it, this festering pile of donkey shite IS a murderer. He made a conscious choice to move his family from the safety of Turkey to play refugee roulette. He knew the crossing was dangerous, but he did it anyway. Allegedly, this was because he was a people smuggler. And to be honest, that wouldn’t surprise me. Unfortunately for his wife and two young children, he failed.

    For the past year, this weasely sack of eunuch’s bollocks has been playing the victim card and garnering sympathy from the dipshits and retards on the left. Although, none of them have been so sympathetic that they’ve volunteered to take him into their home, give him money, food, healthcare, an education, etc. Instead, they call on the British taxpayer to do that. Well, fuck him.

    I’m truly sorry that his wife and children are dead. But they are dead because of HIM. It annoyed me yesterday, when the cheeky cock appeared on the BBC news, saying that the West should embrace more Muslimist immigrants. Well Abdullah, you can go and fuck a pig, while sucking your god’s cock. ONE muslimist in the West is too many, and we’ve already got millions of the wretched scum.

    As I’ve said before, no other religion has caused as much trouble as Islam has. Here in the UK we have large numbers of Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. The one thing that they all have in common, is that they’ve managed to integrate into the wider British culture, whilst maintaining their own culture and traditions. They respect our way of life, they get on with their lives and they don’t make waves.

    Muslims on the other hand, make NO effort to integrate. Quite the opposite, they expect US to adapt to THEIR way of life. They whinge and whine, and make threats and outrageous claims of being oppressed until the retards in charge give in to them. They have NO respect for Britain, the British people, the British way of life or British culture. Yet they demand that we respect THEIR ‘culture’. And the fuckwits on the left actually DO. Even when it conflicts with own beliefs, such as muslim homophobia, misogyny and a predilection for marrying their seven year old daughters off to 80 year old perverts for 3 goats, 2 chickens and something shiny, and raping young white girls. The left are content to ignore all that when muslimists are involved. If I were to criticise muslims for their homophobia, misogyny and predilection for marrying off their daughters to 80 year old perverts raping young white girls however, I’d be an ‘islamophobe’. Even though there’s no such fucking word.

    Other religions want to live in peace in the UK and contribute to Britain. Muslims want to destroy Britain, kill everyone who is not muslim and establish a caliphate shithole. So no, Abdullah Kurdi Turdi, we should not be allowing more camel shaggers into our country. We should be kicking you fuckers out.

    • And I will make no apologies for the fact that I really don’t like muslims. I know that a lot of the regulars to this site won’t, but if anyone has a problem with me not liking muslims, take a seat. And good luck waiting for me to give a shit. You may want to bring a book, because it’s gonna be a while.

    • ‘Other religions want to live in peace in the UK and contribute to Britain.’

      THANK YOU ! The point I was trying to make too, except no cunt was listening !

      • Any contribution is a bi-product, they come here to better their own lives send more cash home and spread their culture and or religion. I have never known a Brit immigrating to Spain, Australia or anywhere else do it because they want to enhance their host country, they do it to improve the quality of their own lives.

        Mass immigration has very minor benefits for the average indigenous citizen of any host country and in the long run is the kiss of death.

        We have already gone past the point of no return. Freedom of religion is a fucking joke, all religions believe they are the only true religion and way of life.

        If people come here they should leave their stone age mental illnesses at home.

  12. In a rare piece of good news, the frenchists are going to close down the Jungle in a oner. So pledges Bernard Cazeneuve, the interior minister. This comes within days of our own Home Secretary Amber Rudd having a word with the diminutive soap dodging garlic muncher. I wonder if she promised him anal? Not that ploughing Ms Rudd’s stench trench would hold much appeal for most but you know what these frenchies are like. Hurray!!

    • Hang on, when you say “shut down” what does that mean?

      1. The froggies are taking them in?

      2. They’re getting booted back?

      3. They’re coming over here?

      (1) will never happen. (2) would be the right thing to do. (3) is the most likely outcome after a few minted high-profilers campaign on their behalf, knowing full well that their PC, goody-two-shoes exploits will not affect their ivory tower existence one-iota.

      Hey if Izzard, et. al., do campain to fetch them over, they get here and one (or more) does kill/rape/both someone, does that mean that the victim’s family can sue said do-gooders as accessories to murder?

      Hmmm…maybe if those PC luvvy cunts thought that their SJW actions might come home to roost one day, maybe they’d shut the fuck up!

  13. Bishop Nicholas Chamberlain is a cunt

    “The bishop of Grantham has become the first Church of England bishop to say that he is gay and in a relationship.

    Bishop Nicholas Chamberlain, a suffragan in Lincoln diocese, was consecrated last year by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby – who has said he knew about the bishop’s sexuality.”

    You can be a Bishop and Gay if you abstain, you sacrifice your earthly needs for your faith in the lord. What you don’t do is change the basics of your faith to suit yourself. A case of having your cock and eating it if ever there was one.

    How do you really expect to preach morality to people based on your faith when you pervert your faith for your own purposes.

    The bible clearly states homosexuals are an abhorrence to God.

    I am an atheist and you clearly believe in this shit less than I do, makes you a con man and a deceiver.

    Can you smell spunk?

    Shhhh the Bishops just farted

    • Is he Catholic?

      If he is, a few confessional words to his priest will sort it with the boy upstairs.

      Works for anything except calling God a cunt or killing yourself.

      #1 “Hello St. Peter.”
      “And what do you want?”
      #1 “Well bugger me it’s all real isn’t it. Hah! Hey but you’re all loving right? I’ve lead a decent life so any chance of dodging in?”
      “No! Fuck off to hell you unbelieving cunt!”

      #2 “I’m Mary O’Flanagan St. Peter. Devout catholic and good Christian.”
      “Yeah but you did off yourself didn’t you!”
      #2 “But only after 15 months of excruciating and incurable pain!”
      “Yep. I didn’t see Jesus asking for Dignitas on the cross now did I? So no, fuck off to purgatory you cunt!”

      #3 “A’do St. Peter. How’s it going?”
      “Brian Smith…” whistles “…ok drug dealer, kiddie porn pedlar, responsible for 32 OD deaths and 5 murders relating to drugs. Couple of rapes in there too for good measure. You have been a nasty cunt all your life haven’t you.”
      # 3 “It’s 33 actually. #1 accidentally OD’d on my shit. The rapes weren’t rapes just business – I was their pimp – but I will stick my hand up for the 5 murders.”
      “And did you confess your sins?”
      #3 “Well apart from farting in the lift on the way up, yes I’m all confessed up Pete me old China!”
      “Ok rake your arse in then. Don’t forget, it’s club night on Thursdays.”

      Isn’t religion great! Load of bollocks, all of it!

      • I can’t understand how gays can be religious, as all the guide books clearly state that gays aren’t welcome, it’s a sin, chuck them off a roof, etc. How can you come to terms with that, and still believe in that bollocks? All mad, the fucking lot of them.

  14. Base jumpers!
    After reading that August 2016 is the most fatal time ever for Base Jumpers I’d like to say what do these selfish cunts expect! These idiots have no regard to the grieving and misery they leave behind, not forgetting members of the emergency services and rescue teams who put there own life’s in danger to recover the bodies of these selfish idiots who get a kick by trying to impress people by fallen to there untimely deaths, why the fuck you’d want to do this fuckin grim reaper friendly sport is beyond me!

    • I’m sure the realtives of a base jumper, or any other dangerous sports fan would be glad their loved one died doing something they loved. It beats rotting away in an old folks home.

      Anyone who joins the emergency services has to accept that on occasion they will put themselves in danger, they are operating under emergency condisions which by definition are dangerous.

      There is a thing called risk compensation, the safer we think we are the more dangerously we will act. A certain ammount of risk in life is desirable it seems and some people like more risk than others. It would be a pretty boring world if everything was 100% safe.

  15. Chloe Madeley needs a cunting. I’m sure there’s a point to her existence, I just can’t see what it is. She’s currently on another holiday, and yes, there she is, posting selfies and photos of herself working out in a gym, in a tiny pair of bikini briefs and a sports bra. I can understand her wanting to be fit and healthy. I do quite a lot a running, and I work out most days. The difference though, is that I don’t post photos of myself working out on the fucking internet every five minutes.

    Nothing screams ‘NARCISSISTIC ATTENTION SEEKER’ more than a photo of you in the gym, wearing nothing but dental floss. A couple of months back she was complaining about being trolled. I can’t help but wonder how much of the abuse she got came from people who were simply sick and tired of her vanity. The vast majority of the pictures she posts are of her wearing a bikini, or in skimpy gym wear, showing off her muscles and abs.

    She doesn’t actually say as much, but she seems to be inviting people to tell her how gorgeous she is, and how much they wish they could be like her. Is it any wonder that a growing number of people are starting to tell her fuck off? Now she is quite an attractive lass, but she really needs to get a grip of her ego.

  16. Most absurd event of the month of August? Rihanna receiving a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award for her music. Give me a fucking break. She’s 28 for Christ’s sake.

    • And she is shite… If the daft cow didn’t put her hand down her knickers and flash virtually every part of her anatomy, nobody would give a fuck about her…

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