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  1. Indeed a cunt. I love these fuckers who think they’re funnier than they really are. I clocked his 1/2hr routine on the BBC2 graveyard shift. It was mostly self-serving pretentious shite where a line that didn’t draw a laugh from the live audience was cast off as them being thick (in a “talk to the camera” interlude). Anything that was moderately funny you could tell had been written by Chris Morris.

    After all of that though he’s still not as much of a cunt as his partner in crime Richard Herring. That cunt is so desperate for any kind of comedic recognition that he was going around in a Hitler toothbrush ‘tash in order to reclaim it for comedic purposes (a’la Charlie Chaplin) but basically Richard you wanted the iota of publicity to fetch you back into the fore of comedy. Well Richard, all I can say on that one is: unlucky!

    He virtually resorted to “Will tell jokes for food!” when he tried to “crowd fund” his next comedy (in the loosest possible sense) tour. Needless to say he raised just enough to write his own name in biro in trap 1 of Clacton railway station’s bogs!

    I’m sure he’ll realise how unfunny he is at some point and then maybe he’ll try to “crowd fund” a tour of the UK where he goes and explains to other unfunny comedic “talents” (basically the crowd of faux left-wing types) that they’re shite too! Richard, put me down for a fiver if you do!

    Also the fuckwits who go and watch these unfunny twats are cunts too! I distinctly remember one particularly loathesome self-important cunt (who I used to work for) making sure everyone knew that he was going to a Comic Relief gig that he’d bid £400 quid for the tickets (yep, made sure he got his generosity amount in as many times as possible, the cunt). I bet it was shit and full of unfunny faux left wing types like Lee & Herring (at least I hope it was).

    However, not content with his self-righteousness quota, he also felt it necessary to tell everyone that afterwards that he, his wife and their two guests were also then going to an Ethiopian restaurant following the show.

    Now these cunts seldom see the irony of their actions but as a rough-edged northerner I never miss the opportunity for a pithy one-liner so I said: “Ethiopian restaurant?” – I had no idea such things actually existed – “What will you get there? Two grains of rice and a plate of flies?”

    Hmmm, he didn’t see the funny side. Like I say “used” to work for him. He was a twat anyway and he was always last to the bar, the “generous” cunt!

  2. Teenage Jihadi Brides are cunts.
    One of the English girls who fucked off to Ragheadistan to marry a peaceful man, has reportedly been smoked in a Russian airstrike while trying to flee Syria. Boo fucking hoo.
    So it wasn’t the Hi-Di-Hi holiday camp you were expecting? Didn’t like being raped by said peaceful man and all his cohorts? Or being made to wear a bin bag and never leave the shabby squat you live in? (except probably to blow yourself, and several innocent people, up at some point in the near future).

    What the fuck did these feeble minded slappers really think the net result of their actions was going to be?
    One less cunt taking up oxygen now though.

    • An even bigger lol-fest was had at Odin towers when she discovered that one of her fellow head-bags was publicly beaten to death for trying to leave.

      Rest in pieces you raghead cunts!

    • A nice lady on the BBC radio station explained that these young women were victims, groomed via the internet by men, not only were these men erm men but they were the worst kind of men who pretend to represent the religion of peace but are actually welsh Presbyterian’s.

      The sooner we all grasp it is not their fault it is our fault the better (especially those of us with testacles).

  3. well said,yep these retarded slappers that expect fuck knows what,except they don’t expect group ass fucking from the stinking rag head goat fuckers it must be the only thing that is more painfull that sitting through half an hour of stewart lee being not funny….why is this cunt even on the telly…..send him to the goat fuckers the cunt….

  4. I was taken to one of Lee’s shows and almost half of it was silence as the cunt stands there .allowing his deep and intelligent comments to sink in to the audience.
    He is an unfunny wanker and needs deep and regular cuntings because to stand there and deliver all that boring unfunny shite needs a thick skin .
    To demonstrate what a depressing, unfunny cunt he is, only Charlie Brooker would find him funny. And he needs a cunting too.

    • You must have been taken at gunpoint, Trouserbulge, as there’s no way anyone in their right mind would willingly go to one of that useless cunt’s shows. When I saw he had been cunted, I gritted (grat?) my gnashers and watched a couple of his videos on Youtube. That was more than sufficient to confirm that he is a seriously poor comedian but an excellent example of a Lefty cunt.

      • Stewart Lee is a cunt and second only to that complete cunt, Ben Elton, in the champagne socialist fat unfunny cunt hall of fame..

      • Virtually gunpoint yes, taken by family . What little material this self satisfied monotone cunt has , is spread out as he repeats his questions in a slow voice and holds a kind of long silence séance between ‘gags’
        It makes you long for that big black Monty Python 16 ton weight to reduce him to crushed cunt.

  5. *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    Steph and Naga have just reported that Thailand has been hit with a series of 11 blasts across the country.

    Both Steph and Naga were keen to point out that there is nothing to suggest that any of the blasts are connected, or, terrorism related.

    Now if I were a betting man I’d have a fiver e/w on either the Christians, Jews, Hindus or Sikhs being responsible. There’s absolutely no way it could be the work of the “Religion of Peace” and its fanatical followers could it?

    I mean we’ve hardly had a peep out of them over the last 3yrs across the world have we…

    • It’ll probably turn out to be a mentally-disturbed loner who had nothing to do with the peaceful religion. There seems to be a vast army of these disturbed loners all acting independently,if the bbc and politicans are to be believed.

      • Surprised the BBC reported it, surely it got in the way of yet another Olympics report. Reporter speaks to someone who trained one of the athletes one Sunday afternoon when the athlete was a kid.

        “What was your contribution to this fine athletes prowess?”

        “Jimmy and I chased the little fucker round the BBC one Sunday and even then the little cunt was fast, never seen a kid that could run so quick before or since.

  6. I’m really sorry cunters but I find the word “unfunny” to be like a kick in the knackers. Humourless, mirth free, laughter dodger, dreary or tedious perhaps?

    I appologies for being a cunt in advance.

    • Alas Stewart Lee is none of those, he simply is an unfunny cunt.

      Describing him in any other way is just window dressing.

  7. I’d like to nominate the cunts who go off thinking they are freedom fighters and then want to come back to the United Cuntdom when it doesn’t work out for them.

    • Unfair cunting, you need to be more specific, there are guys fighting the Russians in Ukraine, guys fighting with the kurds against the goat fuckers, I fought against the serbs.
      Maybe you meant religious freedom fighter’s?

  8. The Olympics is a lot of old wank. It lost all its questionable credibility when they allowed professional athletes and sports wo/men to compete. The choice of sports is wank too. Why is football in there FFS? We already have the World Cup! Hours and hours of televised bean poles running round and round a fucking track – how riveting. I’d file the Olympics under ‘just because it can be on TV doesn’t mean it should be’. Speaking of wanking, the women’s beach volleyball competition is worth a look.

    Cheers – I.Y.

    • Women’s rhythmic gymnastics is well worth a watch though.
      Purely for the sporting merit of it obviously. …

      • Can’t see why you would want to drool over skinny minge when the net is , allegedly , bursting with norks and flange ,sometimes even flagrantely delicktoeing, or so I am told.

    • Jessica Hill Ennis is a monumental cunt, especially when she got her cock in a twist over Ched Evans, victimless rapist, going to Hull or whatever it was, where she happened to be sports ambassador or some other made up job. To show Brexit is the gift that will keep on giving, whilst the BBC was so caught up in it’s mourning of the third reich, Ched Evans quietly slipped back in to professional football!

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