Sarah Champion MP [2]


Sarah Champion, the MP for Rotherham, has retracted her resignation as shadow minister for preventing child abuse and domestic violence and she is a cunt.

What the fuck woman? How can you resign along with most of your colleagues when trying to unseat Jihadi Jeremy then decide you made a mistake and whilst abroad withdraw you resignation without explanation?

Could it be you heard whispers of deselection? I can only make assumptions because you didn’t care to be in the country or explain your oil tanker U-turn.

Can your judgement or principals be trusted? Not in my book.

Lastly what made you think you were qualified to be shadow minister for preventing child abuse and domestic violence? Coming from Rotherham made you feel overly qualified?

Another particle of shit in the shower of shit called Labour.

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

22 thoughts on “Sarah Champion MP [2]

  1. There used to be a journalist type called Sarah Champion in Manchester, and she was a cunt… Wonder if it’s the same person?….

  2. Corbyn is a cunt for letting her back in. Labour as a parliamentary party are dead in the water for at least the next 2 election cycles and likely beyond that. Good.

  3. Colin Kaepernick is a cunt…
    The NFL player, who is with The San Francisco 49ers refused to acknowledge the American National Anthem… Why? Because he says it’s for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and his ‘bruthas and sistas’… What a wanker… These ‘champagne niggas’ are a joke… Colin Kaepernick was adopted by white parents who were good to him and he had a privileged life… There is no doubt about how many blacks in America have suffered, but there is nothing ‘In Da Hood’ about Kaepernick… Same goes for that thunder thighed coconut, Beyonce (who had a rich daddy that did -and still does – everything for her) and that massive cunt, Kayne West, who shouts the word ‘Nigger’ at every opportunity, but came from a very middle class background… These cunt are no better than champagne socialists like Geldof and Bono….

    • I love the modern “Gangsta”. Hard as nails in the vids, soft as shite in the flesh!

      I would have loved to have seen what Lenny McLean would have made of these “hard” cunts!

      • And at least Clay/Ali fought his way out of a dump…

        Those NWA pricks were cunts too… All this ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and ‘Fuck Tha Police’ bollocks and they all had flash cars, trophy wives and palatial mansions, and they were coked up to the gills… NWA? More like CWA (C for Cunts!)…

        • You want to know why black male youth are so violent? Could it be anything to do with their cultural role models who spout violent rhetoric in their so called music? It could also have something to do with 72% of black Americans being brought up in single parent households, and no prizes for guessing which parent is missing. No viable male role models, so NWA and the like make great surrogate Fathers.

        • I have to admit that I did have “Fuck the Police!” on white label vinyl back in the day.

          I apologise for being a cunt in advance.


          I would like to cunt the Mediterranean Sea for being useless in the shark stakes. If 200 hundred fuckers had been bobbing around in the Pacific near Indonesia or the Philippines then you might have been lucky in pulling out the odd half a body here and there but no, Mediterranean they’re all there waiting to be fished out en-route to Fantasy Island (UK).

          I wouldn’t care, one of the largest Great White sharks ever caught was landed in Valletta harbour in Malta! Where are you now you Great White cunts!?!

          • Mediterranean sharks are soft as shite! Great white my fucking arse. Bull sharks are what you need. I propose a vigorous breeding program of bull sharks in the med forthwith.

          • The Italian coastguard will soon be scooping the fuckers off the beaches, never mind waiting until they get aboard their lilos or dhows with half a gallon of diesel. The people smugglers have never had it so easy due to the stupidity of the liberal cunts in charge in Europe. Sharks, mines, torpedoes, Greek fire, the Kraken, anything to stop these illegal cunts from getting to Europe then the UK.

          • So 12 miles of the coast of Libya they picked up a couple of thousand migrants.
            “Where shall we take take” I hear the Capitano asking.
            “I know! It’s a hundred miles to Sicily and 12 miles to Libya so we’ll take them to Sicily!”

            Brilliant. Take them back to Libya and sink their fucking boats. Not only will it discourage the fuckers, but it would actually allow the navy more time to fish some more out before they drown. The EU is run by fucking idiots – but then we knew that already….

          • Aperture from the fact that the EU is run by cunts can anybody tell me why it was thought to be a good idea to tow these cunts to Europe instead of the other side of the med.Pretty fucking obvious that as soon as the first “rescue” took place the cuntish people smugglers would just launch the terrorists and let them get picked up.
            Would only have taken a couple of boats being towed back for the message to get through.
            Fucking morons.

    • Jerry Rice, the greatest wide receiver (ooo err) in their game said to respect the flag.
      So who gets the social meejia hate? Colin done-nothing career Kaepernick?
      Or an all-pro legend in their game?
      Yep. Mr Rice.
      Fuck these clueless blm cunts. Soros’ mouthpieces. Nothing more.

  4. Couple of backpackers have been stabbed to death in a hostel in Australia including Englishman Thomas Jackson from Cheshire.

    Police have detained a “French” man in conjunction with the murders.

    This was on the BBC, so is “French” the new “Norwegian”???

    If the killer does turn out to be “peaceful” then I’m sure it will be a minor byline in a few week’s time.

    Dear BBC. Most ordinary folk in the UK couldn’t give two shits what countryfying label you choose to give killers. In this day and age all we’re interested in are if they were “peaceful” or not, ta.

    • The “Frenchy” in question is called Smail Ayad. He is reported to have been shooting “allahu akbar” during the attack and when arrested by the police. This is a well known symptom of a mental disorder called Allahgitis, and is nothing to do with the religion of peace.

      • Funny how nearly all attacks are being played down as no connection to Is. Like that fucking maters or not. if someone shouts god is great at the time they did it, then it is a terrorist attack. fuck msm and their selective catergorisation

        • I loathe mainstream media its all distorted lies and half truths and its been increasingly PC, Pro trannies, Pro terrorists and anti-white.

          The haji defending bastards have turned most news into tragedy porn and always pushing a (chaotic agenda) they want news to make people enraged and helpless.

          Yeah hes french alright and I’m henery the eighth. They should fry him too if hes “french”… deep fry him!

          Unfortunately the cunt won’t get proper punishment probably get a award for good behavior and set free in 8 yrs OZ land justice

      • Well hopefully the cunt will be getting a length from Dodi Fayed in “peaceful” virgin heaven.

        “But I thought there were virgins here!”

        “There are, and that would be you. So over you get my little fuckstrell. The tightness of a 2-by-4 knot hole only lasts a couple of sessions and I’ve got first dibs! Feel free to shout ‘Oh God!’ as I cum, or, ‘Allah Akbar!’ whatever the fuck floats your boat you gullible cunt!”

  5. BBC have just released footage of a BLM babe (in the loosest sense) giving Jeremy Vine “large” while he was cycling down a one-way street with only enough room for a Smart Car to get through.

    I would like to cunt said woman for not driving over the said overpaid smarmy BBC cunt.

    I would like to cunt Vine for not releasing the footage sooner (no doubt shitting himself for the PC connotations).

    And I would like to cunt the BBC for running the piece as an almost “…and finally…” mirthfull segment when had said driver been a white gripper it would have been headline news! You cunts!

    No doubt we’ll have to suffer the turgid news piece where Vine and the protagonist meet up, discuss, and then hug and make up on the one show or summat…fuck’s sake!

  6. I’ll resign and then when everyone doesn’t immediately beg me to retract, I’ll retract it anyway because I have the principles of a hyena, and I need a job because being a professional cunt is not helpful on the CV.
    Morally you cannot get under these very small lowlifes.

  7. This trout must have changed her mind about resigning when she found out the BBC or the guardian weren’t recruiting this week. Back to being the shadow minister for whatever, no one gives a shit……

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