Owen Smith [1]


Owen Smith is a cunt.

Who the fuck is he? There are so few recognisable Labour politicians left, this turd is their best chance of getting rid of dreary bellend that is Jeremy Corbyn. Smith has the unenviable task of trying to appeal to the average labour voter, but also to the voters who have left to support ukip and the hard left workshy student type cunts who have hijacked the selection process, to put comrade Corbyn on a road to nowhere. Smith is another wishy washy politicunt, whose opinion seems to change day by day, depending what his handlers think will play well in the media.

Personally, I couldn’t give a slug fuck what he says. I just hope he loses, because I fear he will give the world another excuse to slag us Welsh off for foisting him on the political scene.

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

29 thoughts on “Owen Smith [1]

    • Which is exactly why he’s a cunt Khan is a shabby haji mayor! Owen’s own mum has even gone on record saying “I don’t know who that cunt is, but Owen Smith is not my son”

      • And his Dad said I didnt know Owen Smith was my son but now you have told me I wish I had used a fucking Johnny.

    • My reference for him would be:
      ‘Not quite as big a cunt as Corbyn’
      A ringing endorsement probably worth more than that cunt Khan’s backing.

  1. I love how the four eyed ISIS appeasing sheep shagging cunt has a pre_emptive one by his name.

  2. Politician = cunt
    Labour = cunt
    Former Lobbyist = cunt
    Looks like French President = cunt
    Probably adores Bonio and Bogoff = cunt

    A cunt from any angle

  3. This cunt has Mandy Mandelson’s fingerprints all over him (and how that cunt above all others – Mandelson – was made a Lord is totally beyond me).

    To call this cunt vacuous is an insult to vacuums. In fact if you put this cunt in a vacuum he’d absorb it he’s so fucking empty.

    He’s already got more spin than a dremmel and more sides than a 50 pence piece.

    Today, to hear the cunt gushing over his endorsement from Sadiq Khan (the Labour leader heir apparent)…well, I could’ve been sick for tuppence.

    Oh, and here’s the kicker, this cunt used to earn his circa £90,000pa salary as a professional lobbyist for big pharma-chem companies (Pfizer and Amgen), AND, pushed for even MORE NHS privatisation (to further fill the coffers of his then greedy masters with our money). Yeah the Labour spin machine and the BBC (oh, sorry, they’re one in the same these days aren’t they) never mention that do they!

    He’d have the British public (especially the Labour contingent) believe that he is a true socialist and good old boy from the valleys. He’s not, he’s a Capitalist with a capital ‘C’. Nowt wrong wi’ capitalism but when it’s dressed up in the sheep’s clothing of socialism then that makes this cunt an especially dangerous cunt.

    I hope his shit stiffens!

  4. webuyanycar.com (or in fact any ‘We’ll buy your car’ companies) is a cunt.

    You get some idiot saying “instead if trading my car in, I sold it for cash to we buy any car and used the cash t I’m get a better deal on my new car”. Fuck off you cunts you get a shit price from these companies who probably pay you 30-40% less than you’d get from a old fashioned face to face deal with someone who wants to buy the car. A good haggle is an important part about striking a deal, you can always tell someone to fuck off. There are a lot of easily influenced cunts who go for this type of deal and wonder why they can’t save any money. You think these cunts are doing you a favour buying your car off you? Fuck EBay as well, load of stingy bidding cunts. The cunts.

    • Mrs D has a 22 year old Honda. We thought about buying a new motor so I used the we rip off any cunt .com website for a price. They offered us £50 for it and we had to take it to a dealer 40 miles away to drop it off. I could get more that that for the fucking tyres!

      Bunch of shysters…

      • I recall you saying you had an old car. I have a 96′ BMW 7series still only done 100k, you get a lot of car for your money. These cunts would probably offer me £700 for it. I know she’ll go on for another 100k and Ive got more important things to spend money on and save for like a house (getting into the buy let game). Cars are money pits, they are nice things to have but all the cunting things do is get you from A to B, you get ripped off with insurance, tax (most roads are in shit condition), fuel. Will get a top motor in a few years time.

        • If you have an old car that still works well hang on to it. The more modern one that would replace it will be flimsier with more plastic bits, quick-fry electronics and all designed to die before it’s tenth birthday. But it’s “better for the environment” though, so the advertisers tell us…

          • Your right Mr Bustard, what I love about my motor is that it feels solid and well made. In very good condition.

    • I have to be one of the very few people who have ripped off ‘we buy any car’ by using old tricks learned from years of helping mates keep their old bangers running.

      I actually felt pretty smug when I left with a cheque for £1800 when I knew the engine would jump out of the bonnet in about fifty miles time.

      Bwa ha ha ha!

  5. I would like to nominate “Ingredients Expert” Gregg Wallace for another richly deserved cunting.

    This Penfold looking cunt is now onto wife #4 20-odd years his junior and an absolute stunner she is too!

    For a “do nothing” cunt he’s a jammy fucking cunt! Just goes to show that money can bridge all kinds of age gaps.

    P.S. That’s money we’ve provided via the BBC. The cunt!

    • What a fucking cretin. His first marriage lasted just 6 weeks, his second ended in a nervous breakdown, his 3rd, his best to date lasted a magnificent 14 months. Now he is on his 4th??? Has nobody told the soppy bald twat that you don’t actually have to marry women in order to grope their lady bumps and touch their front bottom?

      Maybe he is a peaceful person in disguise, but then he would have married all of them at once I guess.

      • He goes through women quicker than I go through toilet roll.
        If all his marriages ended you have to ask who is the problem? 4 different women or the fat buttery biscuit base cunt?

  6. A little tip for those contemplating going for a bit of a lark about in the sea. Learn to fucking swim you dozy cunts!

  7. I love the slogan on the photo above. Straight talking, honest politics. Unless he is saying “I’m a grasping cunt, and I’ll tell you anything to get elected”, then it’s a fucking load of shit. Also, I think he is trying to appeal to the gay vote, by showing his blow job prowess.

  8. I’m drunk, and I’m a cunt, but how are Hundred Reasons and The Futureheads not Knights of the Realm?
    Fuck me music has gone down the shitter.

        • Sorry C O’ M, the Furureheads are not very good. My dog howled and ran out the room when I Youtubed ‘Hounds of Love’. I felt exactly the same but luckily had the ability to turn the fucking thing off rather than leave. If a dog can’t stand this, how on earth can you? I didn’t bother to listen to the other cunts you mentioned. I do like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Whiskey Myers though.

  9. Apologies accepted Mr O’Cunto. You’re an gentleman and a scholar but still a cunt, as I am. Long may this continue.

  10. This fucking total cunt wants to block Brexit to force another vote, typical shyster Labour politician who won’t accept the result of a vote until he gets the result he wants.
    Fucking Owen Smith crawl back into the fetid hole you fell out of.

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