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  1. What a relief that although surrounded by drug taking training partners and drug issuing trainers Mo, the tax-paying true blue Brit stayed true to his notoriously honest Somalian roots,and took no enhancing substances. His wife is a hot bit of stuff too.

  2. Mo is a drug cheat, like Jess Ennis, and the whole GB cycling team.
    How dare I say that, we all know the Russian Team are drug cheats but our GB team is clean as a whistle.
    FUCK OFF, the whole GB team are drug cheats, they are consuming more EPO than the 1992 Festina Tour De France team

    • Been saying that for years, who needs guns when you can have three wives who are basically pea pods. Abracadabra, we are fucked….

    • I just hope the PC luvvies at the BBC and the SJWs all get *their* just deserts for facilitating this by being so shit scared of saying it how it is *now*, and attempting to dress-up/side-step atrocities for fear of offending anyone who might be offended – apart from the indigenous folk who are disregarded out of hand for daring to be even remotely concerned!

      No doubt *their* heads will be mounted on golden spikes while the rest of us cunts just have to make do with wooden ones.

      Maybe the top whack PC luvvie cunts could have a competition to see which of them is the biggest PC cunt in Britain and be awarded a gold, silver or bronze spike for their celebrity beheading?

      You’d have to have different categories of PC cunt but – and here’s the thing – I bet the winner of the golden spike would be all teary-eyed and have a speech ready ahead of their decapitation award, shortly before becoming tomorrow’s kebab meat!

      In 30yrs time it’ll probably be bigger than the Olympics!

      • Thats not all. According to wikipedia there are approximately 100,000 converts to the peaceful religion per year, 66% of which are women! I recall something similar happened in France during WW2 and in Japan just after. That is native women taking up with an occupying force.

        • Either that or they were just ugly cunts to begin with!

          I’ve noticed that local “bikes” also tend to end up on the wrong end of a head scarf. Particularly evident darn sarf (and probably in Leeds & Bradford too).

  3. Don’t mention Quorn, Rebel. I tried some of that stuff and I had an allergic reaction, my throat felt like it was closing up and I had to go to A&E. Never again.

        • Christ on a Fireblade, I tried some Quorn sausages ages ago. The flavour and texture were unearthly. I could only liken it to munching on Tollund Man’s peat-preserved cock.

          How anyone could gain enjoyment from “food” as bland as that I’ve no idea? Most vegans and health freaks look like walking cadavers anyway. They’re seriously misguided.

          Give me a twatting good plate of proper bangers and mash with onion gravy and I’m sound.

          • You’ve gotta tell ’em! Quorn IS PEOPLE! We gotta stop them! Somehow! Listen! Listen to me… PLEASE!!!

          • My sister (who’s a veggie) asked me to try some of her Quorn once… It looked and tasted like roasted horseshit…

            Sausage barm with brown sauce’ll do me…

    • No no, that’s the usual reaction most normal folk have to this artificial “meat substitute”.

      If you want to eat meat, eat meat. If you want to be a veggie or vegan, be a veggie or vegan.

      This shit exists for self-deniers who’d like nowt better than to be knuckles deep in a medium-rare 32oz rib-eye with the blood dribbling down their chins but who are so pretentious/self-absorbed with themselves that they think they’re doing the planet a huge favour by stomaching this latext feeling (and tasting) shite.

      And boy don’t those Quorn eating cunts love to tell everyone about it!

      Mo Farah is a top athlete, only an idiot of terminal proportions would believe he eats that shite (outside of an ad shoot)!

      Dear do-gooding, remain voting, Quorn eating cunts. Mo Farah gets paid millions in endorsement moolah to pretend he eats that shite but as it’s about as edible as congealed horse semen, do you really believe he does? You vacuous, meat-wanting, SJW cunts!

  4. twittermongs are out in force, and coming out with crap like Brexit voters should be ‘grateful’ for Farah winning a medal ‘for us…’

    What a load of fucking bollocks… What does a Somalian migrant winning a race have to do with our exit from the EU? Bastards like these should not be allowed into civilised society, never mind have a platform to spout their crap on social media… Cunts llike this retard… What a spakker:


  5. Nicky Campbell is a fucking biased useless BBC leftist cunt!Anyone who has ever watched him on any public discussion will know that as a moderator he always picks the leftist PC side of the argument and tries to lick those panellists arseholes clean.Useless cunt!

    • I hated Campbell when he was on Radio One, I hated him when he was on Watchdog, and I fucking hate him now… The man is a gargantuan cunt…

    • Anyone who presented wheel of fortune is a cunt.
      John Leslie = rapist
      Bradley Walsh = cunt
      Nicky Campbell = cunt

      I would have pissed up Carol Smilies arsehole though when she was younger, had many a wank over her on WOF on STV back in the day, It was more productive than stabbing neds and drinking Tenants Super mixed with buckfast in the street

  6. I’d like to cunt the RMT. Going on strike on a bank holiday is a sign of what a bunch of cunts the left are. That’s right, inconvenience a load of people who have nothing to do with the dispute you ignorant fucking cunts.

    As an aside I’d like to cunt people who wear flip-flops in a busy urban area. I’m going to start standing on your feet on purpose to show you how much of an impractical idiotic cunt you are.

    • Yet again another example of where a strike is dressed up being about conditions/social conscience when really it is all about the money.

      “We are striking because of the shift patterns and our quality of lives with our families!”

      Bollicks! You’re striking because the extra money you wanted for doing the night shift was ridiculous and had it been agreed no cunt would have wanted to do a shift during the day cos all of you cunts would be fighting to be on the night shift!

      The same argument was true with junior doctors. More than happy to work every hour God sent (*especially* on weekends) when you were receiving obscene overtime money but as soon as the gov’t dare mention a proper 24/7 service where all days are equal and you can rotate shifts fairly, so that some folk do weekends and have days off through the week and vice versa – you’ll still get paid overtime but it will be the same across all 7 days at a flat rate…and BOOM! Strike time!

      Funny how all these “not in it for the money”/”doing good for society” cunts did a pram chuck and striked, but – so’s not to be made out as being the greedy money-grabbing cunts they are – decided to do so under the banner of “patient safety”.

      Fuck off! You were more than happy to risk patient’s safety so long as the moolah came flooding in weren’t you, you greedy two-faced cunts!

      For my sins I work. I have to work weekends as well (on a rotation basis). I get paid the same for a Sunday as I do a Thursday. I also have to work during the night at times. I get paid the same. I’m happy to do this because I realise that *some* money is better than *no* money.

      If you work weekends or nights and don’t like it, find a job which does Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. But if you choose to work weekends/nights (and are getting paid extra for doing so) when you’re fed up of your rate and decide to strike please do it honestly and just say “we want more money”. It’s a fair point and worked well in the 70’s and 80’s. Please don’t dress it up as some social-conscience driven bullshit when everyone knows you just want more money – end of! No one is falling for your other bullshit, just remember: greed is good!

  7. Mo Farah is a boney headed skelecunt Somalian pirate ship hijacking cardboard eating cunt and the olympics are fucking shit too,dont care about it one fucking bit,sick of seeing that Jessica Tennis Hill on tv showing her six pack off …..and dont mention that porridge wog Andy Murray…fucks sake man!!!!!

    • You sound in a right bad mood. Did your wife find your child porn stash and is threatening to call the cops?

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