James Corden [3]


That unfunny pocine cunt James Corden deserves recunting.

He’s had the opportunity, while doing his “hilarious” carpool karaoke to rid the world of dozens of the biggest twats on the globe. But no. Instead of hiring a 52-seater coach and driving off the edge of the Grand Canyon, he continues with his fucking shitefest of a life. Do us all a favour you lard-arsed wanker and get that bus hired! It’s the only way you’ll ever make me laugh.

Nominated by: Dick Fiddler

Are you confused.com about James Corden?

No. I’m absolutely certain he’s an unfunny, sweaty, lard arsed cunt.

Nominated by: Dioclese

45 thoughts on “James Corden [3]

  1. I see the fat cunt has been breeding with his wife,I can only assume that he must bend her over the kitchen table and rest his belly on her back while he lines her. That way she can’t run away and he can reach with his jelly-bean sized cock,while still able to stuff his smug face with a family sized bargain bucket of KFC. The grease comes in handy for lube,as I can’t imagine that she’ll be frothing at the snatch at the thought of that unemptied piss-pot riding her.
    I must admit I’m not wild on this particular wizard of wit.

    • Couldn’t agree more – Corden is the sort of cunt that gives cunts a bad name. He keeps pleading for someone to call him MrGreenlight… I wish they would… then hopefully he might piss off back to the states and leave us all alone. If I ever meet him i’ll call him Mr Talentless Gutbucket Fucktard – how the christ did he ever make it??!! The sight of him makes my blood boil…

  2. Saw him once one night in Manchester: back in his Gavin and Stacey (that was utter shite too!) days, when he was hanging out with the Wobbly Gobbed Tosser (aka Rio Ferdinand)… The WGT was as you would expect (a bit of a cunt), but Corden was full-on… A proper ‘don’t you know who I am?’ ‘make way for the star!’ coked up obnoxious fat twat… He was lucky to get out of town alive, such was his cuntish behaviour…

    Thing is, he just isn’t funny… Even Manning told the odd gag that would make people laugh…. But Corden just isn’t funny at all (apart from his appearance, that is)… And who came up with the bright idea to have a whole chat show featuring Corden and that Scouse cunt, John Bishop, ‘in conversation’? I wonder how many scriptwriters have also worked on this summit of the two most talentless comedians in Britain? Pure cunts…

    • I watched about 10 minutes of one episode of Gavin and Stacey because loads of people were wanking on about how hilarious it was. utter crap…
      That Mrs Brown’s Boys is supposedly the polar opposite style of comedy, but that was shit as well.
      Thank heaven for Father Ted and Bottom on DVD…

  3. If there was a “Cunt Olympics” I’d have money on Corden making the podium.

    And that’s out of every cunt on earth!

  4. Who are the cunts that buy his dvds, concert tickets etc? Must be student wankers

    All he does is scream and use toilet humour,the fat cunt is pathetic,hopefully he stays in america and eats himself to death

    He should be gassed for that smithy shit,and don’t get me started on his song with that dizee rascal cunt

    Anyone else here hate that Gordon ramsay cunt?

    • Me. If Ramsay spoke to people in the real world like he does on his shows he would get his cunt kicked in. Bullying liar of a cunt.

      • I agree, loudmouthed cunt,why has no one attacked the cunt? Probably because his bullshit shows are fake

        • I bet the prick has consumed more jizz than Marc Almond. Also, the shallow ugly no good cunt is having Botox and wearing makeup, just like that other pointless tit, Shane Warne.

  5. Fat, talent-less, a true cunt of TV. I hope he dies of AIDS and arsehole cancer whilst in America

  6. The left in this country are a joke.

    They abhor the idea that a few extremists might tarnish the reputation of all Muslims and of Islam itself, yet they will happily equate anyone who self-identifies as English and flies an England flag with someone who takes part in an EDL march, and will even produce newspaper op-eds headlined “Just How Toxic Is the England Flag Today?”.

    Then we have the reaction to Brexit, with their demands that the referendum result be set aside entirely, and their tarnishing of all who voted Leave as stupid, racist, white (as if to them being white is a bad thing…), ill-educated scum who shouldn’t be allowed to vote again. The reaction in newspapers such as the Guardian is even down-right contradictory at times; according to many on the left England was always a horrid, imperialistic, xenophobic, introverted, racist neo-Nazi hellhole, even before the Brexit vote, so now for them to turn around and come out with crap like “boo-hoo-hoo what happened to the lovely, tolerant country I knew and loved before Brexit” is ass backwards to say the least.

    Even their attitude towards nationalism is baffling. They hate the very idea that there might be such a thing as English nationalism, yet their support for nationalist causes in Scotland and Wales is nothing short of hysterical. Their support for and embracing of Scottish and Welsh identity is plain to see, yet they will even strenuously deny there is even such a thing as English national identity – even as they condemn England and the English as racists, xenophobes and rabid nationalists.

    The British left are a load of anti-English, anti-democratic, hypocritical, two-faced cunts, simple as that.

    • The problem with the political left is they have a delusion of moral superiority and as such are extremely dangerous. They are willing to go to any length to further “the cause”, subversion of democracy, totalitarian oppression, murder and even genocide repeating the mantra that the end justifies the means.

      This is what Bertrand Russell had to say about it;

      “One of the persistent delusions of mankind is that some sections of the human race are morally better or worse than others. This belief has many different forms, none of which has any rational basis.”

      Leftist political theory is so convoluted and opaque, couched in language that hardly anyone actually understands that it takes on many of the characteristics of a religion. It is not important that you understand, it is only important that you believe.

      One of their core beliefs is the virtue of the oppressed as if suffering was ennobling. This has led to identity politics and the olympic games of victim hood. Taken to its ultimate conclusion, white heterosexual men are morally inferior, they are in some way depraved and morally bankrupt. Cunts.

      • “The problem with the political left is they have a delusion of moral superiority and as such are extremely dangerous.”

        But you could say exactly the same of Porky McHumpsnout’s Bullingdon Crew – but with an added dollop of that profoundly nauseating “born to rule” sense of entitlement.

        This is why I always say that cuntitude is no respecter of political persuasions. For every example of leftwing cuntsmanship, there are plenty available on the right too (and vice versa).

        • Sure there are cunts on the right, but they are cunts for different reasons, they tend not to pull the holier than thou routine which is the bedrock of the left.

          The right are more pragmatic. They will say their policies are good for the country, good for the economy, good for security etc. but they will rarely say their policies are simply good.

          The right wants to run the country like a business, the left want to run it like a charity.

          • Is “Neo-Liberal” a more fitting term than Leftist, or am I barking up the wrong tree?
            I lose track of all these terms…

          • “The right wants to run the country like a business”

            Correct – except that the business is BHS after Dominic Chappell bought it from Philip Green. No investment, selling off assets, trying to do everything on the cheap hoping no one will notice, hand in the till, etc.

      • Huge respect for quoting Russell there Skidmark me old cocker.

        My maths teacher at secondary school used to love talking about “Russell’s Teapot” but only when in the vicinity of Mrs “Steel-Gusset” (the school R.E. Gestapo bitch) because he knew it used to wind her up and also knew there was no way you could argue against that point of logic.

        She was a miserable auld cunt anyway who used to fucking smoke endlessly in the classroom. No issue with the teachers having a quick tab (back in the day) but that bitch didn’t have a period she used to have a soot fall!

        I would recommend to the folk on here reading about “Russell’s Teapot” so that it can be quoted when any religious twat, of any doctrine, starts to spout there shit.

        Or, if there are any of those really sickening LGBT’Q’ cunts who are also overtly fucking religious (not many “peaceful” ones admittedly) then just tell them you’re a member of the Invisible Pink Unicorn Society.

        The fuckers won’t be able to resist looking it up and then watch their crestfallen faces when they realise you’re taking the piss out of them for being cunts AND idiots!

        • I’m afraid no respect is due, I just googled “delusion of moral superiority” and up came Bertrand.

          Good tip about the teapot though, blindingly simple but also bang on the money.

  7. Again, this is proof of the totally fucked-up age we’re living in today, when any totally talentless unfunny shit can make stacks of cash. The comedians from years ago were genuinely funny and original with perfect timing, but these days, “comedians” don’t even need any talent…just endorsements and wink winks from high authority and churned out to a generally idle younger Twitter population who couldn’t be arsed anyway. Most of today’s so called new stars are famous for doing what exactly? Fuck all as far as I can see?

    Just look at any new modern hipster comedy. It’s about as funny as watching a stillbirth. Fucking liberal manbun wankers will spew the usual “well just think outside the box…times have changed…the new generation doesn’t think the way you do, blah blah”. I say dogshit on that. The real reason is that today’s comedians just aren’t funny. Today’s new pretentious, affluent, university type humour doesn’t appeal and just doesn’t work, apart from appealing to the arse licking fanboys who are their target market. Get me a cunting sick-bucket.

    Something has gone very wrong with today’s world. Self Entitlement will spell the end for all rational thinking (what there is left of it). How in the fuck has it come to this?

    Generation Sheep of the “Can’t Be Arsed Club” being sleepwalked into a fountain of shit by self obsessed “follow me on Facebook” arseholes. That’s why we have to look back to some of the stars from years past, as that’s where the real talent is to be found. Sadly many of them are no longer around…but their legacy is that their work is preserved. Society today and so-called modern thinking is well and truly wankered.

  8. Men who wear business suits without a tie are sartorial cunts. Case in point London’s paki mayor. QED. Scruffy cunts.

    • Get them in while you can Skidmark cos the way things are going you’ll probably get stoned to death or have your head lopped off for that in 10-15yrs time (legally under “Peaceful” Shariah Law O’course)!

  9. The only person who finds James Cordon funny is James himself, oh and David Beckham…hmm that tells you all you need to know really.
    That phoney smile of his makes me want to puke. The only time I have seen anything funny with James was when Ant and Dec (the jordie twats) punked him live on his shit American show live now that was funny as James was in a right state. Worth a watch yep I’d say so https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GecuV2XFpn8

    • I wouldn’t hate the fat cunt so much if he didn’t get naked so often, the blubbery cunt

      His tits are double the size of kate moss ,the guy has no shame getting his tits out for cash ,no worse than a whore

  10. Apparently fat cunt James draws in viewers (cunts) which sells advertising space to cunts who then make cuntish adverts to sell things to the cunts watching the fat cunt in a car.

  11. Corden is a cunt for many reasons, one of those is for being on the payroll of ” we buy any car ” cunts.
    A company leeching off the desperation of others.
    Corden is a cunt by association.

  12. That fucking pile of turd, the Great British bake off is starting again, for fucks’ sake. I have never seen it, and never will, but like everything I hate, it gets inescapable. Who gives a rats arse about watching some nobody baking a fucking cake? Cunts, that’s who. Fuck the BBC, drivel peddling thieves.

  13. Apart from being cunts, what do spray tan pikey Paul Hollywood, scrotum skinned Mary Berry and that lesbian and her pal have in common.

    They all got £500,000 from the TV license payer last year to watch other cunts baking.

    • The least they could do would be to get baked before the show and then just gobble up all the cakes.Would take up less airtime and would make the program slightly amusing.

    • If he was that bothered about brexit, why leave it until the night before the vote to spout his turd?

      Does the dumb cunt not realise his fucking show is broadcast the day after the states?

      Thick, bandwagon jumping cunt!

  14. Without the very funny Rob Brydon, Gavin and Stacy was unwatchable ! Cannot stand Corden. He is all over TV adds and on the radio!!

  15. What a cunt that james cunton is,about as funny as a migraine and if i have to see his face one more time on my tv then ‘fuck it’ i will throw the fucking ash tray through it, Mr fucking green light!, more like Mr fucking dog shite

  16. My guess is he is playing it for laughs and making a bloody fortune along the way. Not a fan of Corden.

  17. James corden is a fucking annoying fat piece of blubber who without question should be handed over to ISIS on a silver platter! They would behead him within seconds but i dont even think that would shut him up! His fat head would still be asking for food whilst telling shit gags! His horrible body could feed a family of 6 for a thousand years! Come to think send flintoff aswell, the jacomo wearing unfunny cunt!!

  18. In an age where loser fat fucks are all of a sudden celebrated, the likes of Zach Galifianakis and Seth Rogen are at least talented and funny but this Corden cunt is neither funny or talented. Fuck his carpool karaoke with cunts like michelle obama who is neither cool or funny either. We live in shit times when stupid talentless obese cunts like him are considered the benchmark for acceptability in entertainment. This stupid arrogant fat fuck even has the tenacity to give others shit. Fuck him!!

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