Greg Davies


That stretch armstrong cunt, Greg Davies, is a cunt.

I have only heard about the cunt since Rik Mayall died. We do not watch tv anymore, but we were around a mate of my girlfriend the other weekend, and she was watching some ferret faced cunt and his pot bellied mate who come around your house and rake through the dustbins.

Each time an advert break came up, there was this cunt sat in some kind of throne having lightening strike him. Is this some televised execution of him? If so I will gleefully watch it. Not much else to remember, but I think it was on that channel Dave that used to show nothing but repeats of top gear.

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  1. The fact that he dated Liz Kendall (a labour MPrick) proves what a nob he is. Liz Kendall is also known as Lez Cunthole among her dyke champagne socialist friends I don’t know if that last part is true because I made it up but it probably is.

  2. To be honest, out of all the celebrity deaths in recent times, Rik Mayall was a total shock. Being a fan of The Young Ones and especially Bottom, his death hit me. The other recent celeb deaths really didn’t surprise me all that much, but Rik was one I didn’t expect.

    • TheColemanExperience (a low rent Spivey who obsesses over VIP child abuse conspiracies) hilariously insists that Mayall was in fact murdered because “he was about to expose widespread child abuse at the BBC”. Obviously that kind of tough, campaigning investigative journalism is exactly what you’d expect from the creator of ‘Bottom’…

      Good cunting. Greg Davies is simply not funny and joins Jeremy Kyle and Piers Morgan as having one of the most punchable faces on television.

      • rik obviously rememberd his kevin turvey investigative journalist days (a kick up the 80s)

      • The coleman experience is the site which first started the ‘Jill Dando was executed because she was about to expose child abuse at the BBC’ bollocks conspiracy theory. It provided no evidence or sources for this ridiculous assertion. Its a proper cunt of a site , probably administered by the security services engaged in covering up the real child abusers in high places.

        • According to Coleman, ex-Radio One DJ Mike Smith who died of a heart attack was also murdered for the exact same reason.

    • His death was kinda sad I guess but overhyped he lived to be 56 thats not bad at all. Lets not forget the horrible films and Telly he has done, remember Drop Dead Fred? horrible shite flick he played a creepy imaginary bastard with paedo tendencies . Was good in blackadder and Bottom but those elton written sitcoms? meh average shit and Ben Elton is still a dumb cunt!

        • I said Meh! you triggering bastard! meh means indifference and yes the sole reason series 2 and 3 was weak shite compared to the epic 1st, 4th series was because of his crappy involvement.

          He had nothing to do with the 1st series the show was created by Richard Curtis and Rowan something something I agree he poofed up the show in the 3rd, 4th with Fry’s and Laurie crossdressing antics.

      • I always liked Bad News… Spinal Tap gets all the glory, but Bad News was a good pisstake of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal…

        Rik was also good as Alan B’Stard… As well as sending up the Tories, B’Stard also would easily have fitted in with Blair and his New Labour…

        • Did the BBC sabotage Rik’s quad bike then just sit gloating while he slowly faded away over a number of years? Just back from me holiday and glad to see that the site is still here but the sad troll is gone…

        • Bad news was excellent. I was in a band very similar to them, and you could never take it too seriously after watching that. “You didn’t let the dog in free did you?” Was a standard quote after playing a gig to four people, two of whom were working behind the bar. Bad news did for pub bands what spinal tap did for the big boys. A fistful of travellers cheques was a favourite, as was Mr Jolly lives next door.

  3. I saw about 2 minutes, literally, of his ‘comedy’ show, ‘Man Down’, the other day. It was only 2 minutes as in that time period I realised how utterly shit it was. I think there is more comic substance to an episode of Postman Pat, not to mention better script writing skills.
    And he was shit in ‘The In-betweeners’ as well. And I bet he’s an obnoxious cunt in real-life, he was a guest on some shite Sunday morning show that Mrs Sausage likes to watch, and he came across as a complete up-his-own-arse cunt on that.

  4. I have no opinion about Greg Davies one way or another, however, listening to the mirthfull glee that the BBC reported (in the papers slot – with their liberal/socialist collection of minted editor twats) that brexit now won’t happen until 2019, basically means that Auntie Beeb officially think a break from the EU won’t happen, or – as it’s 3yrs away, that we’ll forget about the fact that there was a referendum in the first place and their EU social experiment love-in will continue as planned.

    In the mean time we’re just going to have to accept being fleeced weekly by Juncker and his cronies and continue to allow the floodgates of RoPolGarians coming to blighty to continue in order for Arriva to hire their bus drivers (cos UK drivers are not good enough)!

    Next up: Naga Muchetty discussing if there’s any way we can make it easier for the “Religion of Peace” women (who fucked off from the UK to join ISIS and blow fuck out of every one else) to return to the UK with open arms (and a jacket of C4).

    Fuck’s sake!

    • It’s a non-story though. The government has already said it won’t trigger Article 50 until the new year, and since the divorce process will take two years, that takes us to 2019.

      • No Fred, they are putting off triggering article 50 till 2019. The cunts need to be brought together with some piano wire to help concentrate their minds.

        • If you look on gov websites (as opposed to misleading media reports), the plan is to trigger it next year.

    • You are entirely right, and therefore the BBC require yet another cunting.

      I first realised something was up when persons of my acquaintance who revile the Tories started frothing at the mouth regarding Leadsome, yet frothed at the gash over May. Hmmmm.

      Then came the kamikaze attack by his own MP’s upon Jezbulah. His crime? Not being pro EU enough and not pushing for a second referendum.

      All the leading Brexiteers fell by the wayside immediately after the vote, often with strange explanations. We have had a constant news cycle of racist attacks (with no real evidence) and supposed economic woe.

      May is a plant. How did a useless Home Secretary reviled by the left, come to be the darling of the press? Because she will kick the issue into touch and then fail to enact article 50 if she can be backed by the remainers and be prime minister. Shes got what she wanted, she has no children to bear the brunt of the opprobrium that will be heaped upon her. They’ve found their patsy and they have found her price.

      • I still reckon it’s a stitch up and we’ll never leave. Too many politicos getting fat and rich off it…

  5. Certainly looks like he fucks kids, probably why he was a teacher.
    His ‘Man Down’ series is fucking shit, anything that involves Roisin Conaty, Tony Robinson, Stephanie Cole & Gwyneth Powell is always going to suck arsehole.
    Lanky, unfunny, cock sucking prick.

  6. I liked him in The In-betweeners. I laughed so hard when he strolled into the 6th Form common room and said, “Morning and shut up”. Classic! On the basis of his character and general persona in that show I bought the first series of his sit-com, Man Down. Oh dear. It really is shite. I think I made it to episode 3 then gave up. So for that he is worthy of a cunting for wasting my money.

  7. Seen the cunt on a few comedy panel shows and usually overshadowed by the other panellists….. who are shit in their own right.

  8. He was nearly a bit funny in Inbetweeners but the success of that show has now got him all over the unfunny leftwing panel shows with the likes of that annoying posh boy big hair fringe cunt David Mitchel,the darling of the bland radio 4 panel shows

  9. David Mitchell is a cunt, be he has to applauded for marrying that fat, pitted faced cunt Victoria Coren,
    I am only guessing, but I’m sure he’s an arse bandit and just married her so he can carry on sucking cock after he fell out with his lover Robert Webb.
    What’s he doing now? Probably working in Mr Byrites selling jeans

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