As soon as the heads of the various Christian churches stop talking about the ways of Christ and start acting in accordance with the words of Christ they can fuck off.

I have read the bible and not in one sermon does Jesus say create a large organisation in my name and gather as much wealth as you can. Oh and make sure you don’t spend the Wonga on the poor and homeless, spend it on gaudy robes and gold stuff all dedicated to me.

These cunts believe in Jesus less than I do. Welby is a clueless cunt or a manipulative cunt exploiting suckers for cash and power, no matter what everything he does adds up to cunt.

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  1. Fuck Christianity, fuck all religions but especially fuck the religion of peace.

    It seems the the 5 men “tragically” killed on Camber sands were all followers of the peaceful religion and today one of their families has criticized the authorities for not having life guards on the beach. Fuck that! I thought it was all “inshallah” and “allahu akbar” with these cunts. They should be happy. Hypocritical cunts.

    • Someone should tell her that they’ve gone to proper heaven where it’s a good mixture of people and sexes, not like the Jihadi Matyr heaven where all these young blokes are promised free access to a rake of virgins – providing they blow fuck out of themselves or get shot by “peacefully” killing a few dozen people on their way out!

      That heaven is full of virgins, and every single one is a young bloke between the age of 18 – 24! Enjoy those virgins, you dumb fucks!

      Oh and if any “peaceful” cunt is considering becoming a Jihadi Matyr (i.e. a scumbag innocent killer), before adorning your bomb jacket, why not ask the Imam or Choudary type of cunt that if it’s so good, why the fuck aren’t they there already then?

      If you could get the cunts to see that one plain truth they’d pack in the “religion of peace” and go and have a pint with a bag of scratchings, like normal folk.

      • Yeah they need to open a few bars in the middle east. The cunts need a good piss up, some strippers and lap dancers to feast their eyes on. No wonder the cunts or cutting each others heads off. They must be frustrated as fuck.

      • The only thing I would add about what makes a religious suicide bomber is that yes, you need religious zeal and yes, you need to be brainwashed, but more than that , you need to be a closet homo. Thats what tips them over the edge.

    • The father is also saying that he brought them to London because it’s safer than Sri Lanka!!! I can’t imagine that bringing moslems in makes anywhere safer,apart from whichever fly-blown shit-hole it is that they’ve deserted in search of benefits,easily “influenced” children and a system that panders to their peccadilloes.
      If they fancy swimming in the Channel,I’d actively encourage them,either that or a nice day out cockle picking in Morecambe Bay,perhaps.

      • Whoops, might have got this cunting wrong. As they are Sri Lankan they only have a 10% chance of being peaceful and 70% chance of being a nasty horrid violent Buddhist. Which still makes them cunts but just of a different kind.

        And the Father doing the bitching can fuck off and all, how about teaching your son to swim you fucking twat?

  2. Good cunting. Yes Christians are less violence than Muslims but they still have their cunts trying to force their morality on others and pushing horseshit like creationism in schools while paying NO fucking tax but that doesn’t change the fact it’s beliefs aren’t any less ridiculous.

    Islam by the way IS a religion of peace:-

    There’s a piece of you over there and a piece of you over there.

    • I don’t understand Muslims so I’m taking a trip up to Scotland to investigate this Alloa Snackbar they’re all raving about. Apparently it’s to die for…

      • I noticed on the news the other day, one of them walked straight into the path of a taxiing F-15 at an airshow and got sucked into the intake. Shame as it was a Sunni day but the Shiite hit the fan instead.

    • I think it actualy says any gathering of christians is a church, number, buildings ect are not important

  3. I gain spiritual sustinance by listening to some cunt wearing a dress surrounded by gold telling me that poverty is a sin.

  4. That cunt Aled Jones on songs of praise needs a slap, preaching that christian shit every sunday night on our TVs .Became famous for singing some other cunts song 30 fucking years ago and has been on our screens ever since,now we cant get rid of the squeaky cunt. I bet as a choirboy he saw lots of 2nd comings and as for that songs of praise, well, just full of lip syncing cunts miming to shit hymns.

    • I bet on every other week than the songs of praise one the congregations at these places are emptier than Piers Morgan’s fan-mail sack!

    • And have you seen the bloke on Escape to the Country? Makes me cringe nearly as much as Charlotte Church who now does well to get a booking on a cruise ship. Thankfully not one I’m on…

    • I got dragged off to a christmas carol thing at the local church, whilst observing the choir I noticed a dead ringer for a female collegue of “loose morals” I found myself staring at her to the extent that she obviously felt it and became uncomfortable ( I could have sworn it was her, and singing in a church choir is the last thing I would expect her to do) so I everted my eyes to the male choir, at this point I noticed the most animated singer bobing around at the back whos facial contortions made me think he was actualy having some kind of attack and in need of medical assistance, at this point i burst out laughing and had to leave.

  5. If Jesus does manage to return to earth…I’m pretty sure the last thing the cunt wants to see is a cross……

  6. Thing is, if he did come back the Christian clergy would be horrified because most stories I can remember were of him and his mates getting smashed at some party, or gathering, or funeral or summat.

    And I bet he used to love having the “lad in” with auld Mary Magdalen.

    Sounds like a sound bloke. The “Christians” would hate the cunt!

  7. All religions are a load of wank,responsible for more death and suffering than any other cause in history. Bring on the Rapture,at least we’ll get a break from the sanctimonious twats spouting whichever twisted dogma takes their gullible fancy.

      • Debbie Harry might be knocking on a bit,but I’d still slip her a length. I seem to remember having a head and shoulders picture of her with her mouth wide open. It didn’t last long.

    • More than National Socialism, and Stalinism and Maoism and Pol Pots year zero? You sure? Have you thought this through?

  8. DF & VCS – how about you call it a draw?
    If no-one did harm, “in someone else’s name” there’d be (a) not much need for weapon manufacturers and (b) a fuck of a lot of people in the world. So that’s the economy ruined and mass starvation ahead.

    • I don’t think so as confusing as it is its just easily misunderstood. The Book Of Revelation was, I found to be the most interesting of the new testament because its intentionally not supposed to be understood well its more symbolical and prophectic really. The first time I read it 10yrs old scared the shit outta me its a real apocalyptic thriller.

      Although I was always confused when my parents told me I couldn’t watch R or NC17 rated films as a 10yr lad but I was allowed to read the old testament seriously wtf the old testament ? some real sick shite in there. I’ve always sort of been a bipolar christian its not so much as believing then being convinced that it makes sense

      • Unfortunately the new testament is a load of old bollocks/hearsay written and re-written at the start of the Roman Catholic church. Think about the name for one moment “Roman” Catholic.

        The Romans had shot their bolt and basically piggy-backed onto the emerging Christian religion because most ordinary folk thought it was the religion which considered them rather than big shows of wealth, strength and idolatry which demarcated the Roman religion of greed and gain above all others.

        So instead of an Emperor, you have a Pope. Instead of Legates you have Cardinals, instead of Tribunes you have Bishops and instead of Centurions you have priests.

        Now here’s the real kicker and why the shite in the new testament literally is just a load of old bollocks/hearsay: fear of the Romans came from fear of death. Fear of the Roman Catholic church came from fear of the immortal soul. I.e. you can only die once (fuck it I’ve had enough of you cunts anyway) but, if you don’t believe in our shit or go against us, when you do die you’ll burn in hell for eternity.

        It was the greatest marketing/rebranding trick ever pulled off in history which basically meant Rome kept power over vast tracts of its Empire and still managed to pull in billions through tithing rather than taxing the population.

        So Christianity basically went from small informal gatherings of like minded folk into big shows of wealth, strength and idolatry courtesy of the “Roman” Catholic church.

        The Old Testament is bollocks as well but certain events in that text correspond with historical findings across more than one culture (the great flood, the exodus of the Jews from Egypt), and it’s more honest: eye for an eye (i.e. you smote me and you can have that back ten-fold you cunt)!

        • I have great difficulty in deciding which church is worst : Islam or the Catholics.
          Each is a demonstration of appalling double standards and hypocrisy but at the least the Catholics aren’t blowing people up or chopping their heads off.

          Having said that, Islam is only doing what the Catholics did a few centuries back. Just seems to have taken them longer to get round to it…

          • “Just seems to have taken them longer to get round to it…” @ Dio Exactly so why do our braindead politicians and eu cunts want to flood us with these violent freedom destroying cunts.
            @ Rebel without a Cunt!

            You make some good points the roman catholic church is basically christianized paganism.

            What I’d like to know is How does the holy see have the audacity to preach morality like don’t abort(not that I’m for it either), don’t use condoms but raping little boys is a alright? hypocritical bastards.

            “and it’s more honest” I don’t know about more honest the eye for eye justice seems more fair but it wasn’t but for some things it was.

  9. watching the local PRIESTS being interviewed in the aftermath of the Italian earthquake was nothing short of embarrassing. a stream of meaningless banalities, sheepish is how they looked. maybe i;m reading too much into it but it looked to me as though they were questioning their belief and so they fuckin should be.

    • The Church will hold various fundraisers and drives, maybe even set up a victims charity appeal.

      The actual amount coming from the Vatican will be a nice “round” figure…

  10. I still piss myself at our local carol service,year in,year out;at that line in that carol that goes..”Purple Headed Mountain”……Belter……….Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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