Laura Bates


The founder of the Everyday Sexism, a collection of whiny female cunts and the small problems they face like having men talk to them and, shock horror, compliment them.

Of course there’s sexism and misogyny everywhere when you’re a modern women with their cunty sense of permanant victimhood. These women have proper issues, not like those Muslim women who have small issues like getting their genitals mutilated.

Laura Bates – a Guardian feminist. The two word combination that says cunt like no other combination.

Nominated by: Chris Horner

11 thoughts on “Laura Bates

  1. I would like to know what goes on in her head, what does she see as the feminist endgame?

    Another proponent of equality and diversity who makes a living on magnifying small differences to build division and makes a good living out of doing so.

    Chicken and Egg Laura, do women spend billions to look good because men make them or do they do it to exploit men’s weakness for attractive women? Symbiotic relationship that’s is beyond your blinkered agenda driven little mind.

    If you were a bloke you would still be a cunt, cuntishness is not gender specific, neither is exploitation, oppression and all the other BS you pedal.

    Now fuck off woman, men are speaking.

    • “I would like to know what goes on in her head”

      She, like most other modern or third wave feminists suffers from a combination of two personality disorders.

      The first is the victim mentality whereby she convinces herself, often through very complex mental gymnastics, that she is a victim. This is an acquired personality trait typically dating back to childhood or adolescence. She probably does it to gain sympathy or to give herself some sense of belonging to group. In this respect there is an overlap between the victim mentality and the herd mentality.

      The second is that she is simply a do-gooder. She is addicted to altruism. But she doesn’t do good for it’s own sake nor does she do it in private. She does it very publicly, in her mind what would be the point of doing something good unless others saw you do it? In her mind she gets a buzz out of fighting ( perceived) inequality as this gives her moral capital in the eyes of her piers. She thinks this makes her popular, gives her social standing. In actual fact all it does is place her in a never ending pissing contest with other virtue signalers.

      Everyone else just thinks she’s a cunt.

    • “…do women spend billions to look good because men make them or do they do it to exploit men’s weakness for attractive women?..”

      Probably neither. Most women tart themselves up in order to appear better than, and superior to, other women.

      What price “The Sisterhood” when egos and smugness are at stake?

      • Yeah that’s the usual “…and when she turned up, she had the exact same outfit that I had on!??!”

        With an expression of horror on their faces like their boss had just asked for “both holes and a gobble” on his executive desk.

        I get that all the time. There’s always some bloke in the pub wearing blue jeans and a black leather jacket. In fact there’s loads! Cunts every one of ’em!

  2. She just needs a man to give her a good,hard rodgering, that would cure her.

    • I would, if she didn’t have a kite like a gee-gee….

      These Guardian Feminist Misandrist Everyday Sexism cunts will be like Daleks: they’ll want to wipe out all men until only ‘wimmin’ are the sole and superior race… Except they’d start squealing when there was nobody to shag them, get creepy crawlies and mice, and fight wars…. I’d like to see these man hating cunts if another Hitler turned up… Picture the scene: instead of hundreds of ferocious and brave Tommies at Normandy there’d be a load of screeching tarts singing ‘I Will Survive’ at the Panzer Division…

  3. I love the fact that the pic is taken from a TL;DR video………… one of my top five favourite Youtubers.

    • Fuck off, another YT free-loader who is now begging for money via Patreon.

      When are people going to wake-up to these cunts on YT who beg money from their subscribers, talk about fucking SHEEP.

      barnalues nerdgasm, h3h3 productions, jayztwocents etc etc, all getting million of views, earning superb money then demanding patreon money to ‘keep their channel alive’
      Then there are the scammers who have set-up websites for teenage gambling of in-game add-ons for games on steam, they turned out to be the owners of the gambling site saying to their followers, try this site, it’s great.
      YT has become the new cable TV subscription and people are so fucking dumb they follow and throw their money at these cunts like they are Gods!
      How the fuck has pewdypie got 4 million subscribers?
      They are proclaim to be independent reviewers, but companies are throwing money and products at them, welcome to the new advertising sphere, droll cunts on YT

  4. A total loon,ripe for piss taking,probably had a bad experience with an ex boyfriend in teenage years,shes probably had an eating disorder too,as Roy Keane once said”its just nonsense”….in summary she needs more cock……

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