Liberal Moslem Apologists

8 obama vs muhammad terror meme

Liberal Moslem Apologists are absolute Cunts recently another mass shooting in the states by another religion of peace poster boy killing 50 poofs at a gay pub in Orlando,FL.

How is the lib media going to spin this one I wonder?

It is unspinnable! I just can’t wait to see them try.

I can’t wait to see the BBC or Channel 4 stuttering, trying to explain that Moslems don’t really hate homos and this is all somehow the fault of White people or anti-immigrationers. That’s the end of the politically correct narrative right there folks. Omar Mateen, an Afghani haji(migrant), just secured the election for Trump by carrying out the most deadly terrorist attack in America since 9/11.

Samuel Jackson said he hoped the San Bernardino Shooters were White. Well the liberal media was hoping the same for this attack. I hope you enjoy the hell out of those 72 virgins Omar. You deserved it mate!

Update: ISIS just took responsibility for the attack this just keeps getting better LOL

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29 thoughts on “Liberal Moslem Apologists

  1. That Adele is crying in Antwerp over the loss at Orlando.

    Give it a break u fat cunt

  2. Apparently, the fuckwit terrorist’s dad is a Taliban supporter, who is currently running for the Afghan Presidency. So, no blaming it on white people, or the foreign policy of the US.

  3. Liberal apologists is the wrong name for them, cunts is a better one but for the sake of this thread they are actually Islamic Terror enablers, if they stopped making apologies for Islam and we all stood together and said we don’t want your medieval bollocks we could stop Islam in it’s tracks.

    But no, all we get is “you ain’t no muslim bruv”, but that is exactly what he was.

    • Owen Jones is a hypocritical cunt.
      Personally, I have no problem acknowledging this as an anti-LGBT attack; would Owen please be big enough to admit the other half of the truth, that it was carried out by an Islamist ?

      Yes, Owen!!
      These people chuck gays off multi-storey car parks in Syria; 50% of Muslims in GB think homosexuality should be made illegal. You might wish to consider buying yourself an emergency parachute… Aaah, the joys of living in vibrant, multi-cultural London…

      • It’s a terror attack it doesn’t matter how the victims got their sexual jollies, each to their own. Does the fact they were gay make it worse than if they were straight? Dead is dead, he could of decided to take out a church congregation or a McDonalds, he could of decided to walk into Walmart and do the same thing, we are all infidels to these lunatic cunts and all a target to some of them.

        I think it’s piss poor that the rainbow warriors once again turn this into sex politics.

        The whole gay prefix is them separating themselves in my eyes.

        • Irony is Omar Mateen worked with G4S, a security contractor employed by the Department of Homeland Security.

          Yes you read that right! that hajiboy who shot and killed 50 poofs worked for the bloody homeland national security let that sink in lol.

          Not only that but the Orlando Killer Worked For a Company Transporting Illegal Immigrants Inside US; Was Interviewed By FBI 3 Times.

          “Liberal apologists is the wrong name for them”

          No it is the only name for them SDV @ 80% of mainstream news media is leftwing your not going find right wing news outlets(do they even exist?) spin doctor this into “no big deal nothing to see”.
          Liberals support mass immigration and diversity RightWing don’t simple as salt SDV.

  4. They recon the cunt was radicalised by online material. The problem is, the average mu-slime is four fifths the way there, all they need is to concentrate on the passages of that mong comic of a guide book and hey presto! One murdering bigoted retard. I wonder if his cunt of a dad hadn’t have rammed that Stone Age bollocks into him, he would probably have been in that club looking for a different kind of action. And if his cunt of a father wants to be president of Afghanistan, then I suggest he tries living in the backward shithole.

    • Killary says they need stronger measures to police the Internet. Anyone with a basic understanding of the Internet would know that’s impossible…

      • Apart from the fact they want everyone to have an Internet ID and in future you wont be able to access the internet without proving your ID via biometrics.

        I ain’t saying governments are behind terror attacks but they sure as hell exploit them to turn the screws on us.

        • The theory behind false flags is actually quite logical.

          You would think they’re would be a bigger outcry from the deceased loved ones or some actual accountability.

          Not this “I’ll pray for the cunt who killed my son” shite and pampering islamic feelings.

          • “Stronger measures to police the internet”…
            or Censorship as it’s usually called.

  5. European Council President Donald Tusk is a monumental scaremongering cunt for his absurd claim that Brexit could lead to “the destruction of western political civilisation in its entirety”.

    Seriously, does anyone anywhere actually believe this mendacious, alarmist bullshit…?

  6. Old squinty himself, Gordon Brown has been wheeled out for the remain campaign. He still can’t get it through his empty head that immigration is a big worry with the British public. The wanker is still of the opinion that he knows better, and that anyone who doesn’t think like him are bigots. Gordon, you are a cunt, shuffle back into the wilderness where you belong.

    • They will be digging Traitor Ted up next

      Mind you many of us have unfinished business with Ted

  7. “Oscar Pistorius seriously depressed,” court told…

    Reeva Steenkamp seriously dead, if I’m not very much mistaken.

    OP is a C-U-N-T.

  8. Russian Mp Igor Lebedev is a cunt, and not just for being a Russian. The dead eyed cunt, who looks like a effete leukaemia sufferer has been bigging up his tossbag country’s footie hooligans, saying well done lads. These scumbags are roaming around France like its Berlin 1945, smashing up any fucker they don’t like the look of. Is it just me, or is the fall of the iron curtain not the best thing to have happened? Have a look at these commie ‘ultra’ fans, all marching down the street topless, looking like Moscow Pride.

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