Eddie Izzard [2]


Eddie Izzard is a cunt he also claims to be transgender but he’s transvestite. He doesn’t have boobs just likes wearing women’s clothes. Izzard was a unfunny gift to the Brexit crowd, rightfully so with his stupid pink beret and red lipstick routine.

If Remain really wanted a bigtime comedian to persuade the masses. Then they should have persuaded someone like Michael MacIntyre. The masses like him, he sells out O2 and his comedy is bland enough not to offend anybody. Play it safe, wasn’t that after all Remains main message?

Nominated by: Titslapper

18 thoughts on “Eddie Izzard [2]

  1. The cunts not even any good at being a tranny.
    Enfield and Whitehouse’s “ooh! young man!” old biddies are more convincing…..

  2. Cunt has never ever been funny. Now the cunt/cuntess believes it can act. It can not.

  3. When it comes to Politics, Izzard really has the Lembit Opek factor. Everyone he backs, loses. The guy is a fucking a Jonah. If I stood as Labour party leader and Izzard backed me, I’d tell him to fuck off. Because I’d have NO chance of winning with him on my side.

  4. Izzard looks like Pauline Campbell-Jones from The League Of Gnetlemen…. ‘Ooh… I don’t like the result of that referendum, Micky Luv….’

    • He played a German officer in that “Valkyrie” film about the plot to kill Hitler apparently. Never bothered seeing it but, given what happened to the conspirators, might be worth a viewing to see Eddie get shot or strung up…

  5. This lipstickd unfunny cunt was Brexit’s secret weapon. The minute he supported remain exit was assured.

  6. Geldof, Luvvies and Izzard. Three nails in the Remain coffin.

    We should be thanking them.

    They’re still cunts of course.

    • The minute I saw the Cunt on Question Time, I thought yes, the leave campaign has got this in the bag. Hopefully the Cunt will stay well clear as a representative of the UK for the next, inevitable Scottish independant referendum stirred up by Sturgeon …. my only hope is he will be pro-independance for Scotland … pink tartan berry the lot.

  7. Am going to give Heseltine a cunting later tonight but if anyone wants to beat me to it they are more than welcome.Floppy haired annoying weird talking ,back stabbing opportunistic arrogant old cunt.

  8. Michael Heseltine is a rude arrogant old cunt who has always behaved like a spoiled child and has to be one if not the worst example of a political opportunist (and that is a fucking achievement).He stormed out of Thatcher`s cabinet in 86 like a spoiled child because Thatcher wouldn`t do what he wanted with regards to the Westland affair.He then denounced Thatcher as a “liar who lacked integrity”.He then regretted leaving saying he could have convinced Thatcher to abandon the poll tax.Don`t make me fucking laugh.Then he went for prime minister but thankfully he didn`t get it.Lord Heseltine wants British MP`s to prevent Brexit directly going against the will of the British electorate The sheer thought that the floppy haired annoying weird talking ,back stabbing opportunistic arrogant old cunt could have been prime minister makes me shudder. A millionaire with over £250 million to his name that thinks he can piss over the little man this cunt is the epitome of everything wrong in politics!

    Thought I would post this.Always cracks me up.They should replay this when the old cunt does snuff it!

  9. What a bag of dicks this cunt is, as soon as you give a twat like it a spotlight they come out and think people should listen to them because they are different. The man gives my eyeballs aids with his cross dressing, arse prodding mental disorder. Why would anyone share a opinion or be influenced by a walking cock in a dress?

  10. What a cunt. Though if he took a shine to you you would have to have some nifty footwork as he runs lots of marathons for some reason. The fucking Cold War was more fun than all this shite.

  11. Agreed – Izzard is a cunt. For me, it’s because he took the time to come up to Scotland and do his best to put down our YES for Independence movement, by teaming up with Labour MP cunts in public.

    Eddie – You are a CUNT.

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