Woody Allen


Mr Woody Cunting Allen – a heinous one-man multicunt on a seemingly unstoppable six-decade crusade to aggressively promote the cunt agenda.

He’s like some sort of Cuntinator – he absolutely Will Not Stop making repetitive, pretentious, tiresome, by-the-fucking-numbers, utterly pointless movies, in which he invariably cops off with A-list flange half his age.

Incredibly, various august bodies – of Cunts – have awarded him four Oscars, nine Baftas, and a shedload of Mickey Mouse Euro awards. Every last one of them for Contributions to Cuntage.

It should not escape notice that this feted, celebrated, spoilt, over-indulged, wildly successful multi-millionaire trades on a public persona of angst and insecurity. You absolute hypocunt, Allen.

When not churning out cinematic drivel, Mr Allen is to be found sunk to the plums in his Korean kind-of-stepdaughter in a highly suspect set-up that paddles in the shallow end of incest and noncing.

In summation: “Woody Allen is a Cunt” ought to be projected nightly on the surface of the moon with a giant fucking laser.

Nominated by: Norma D Landings

23 thoughts on “Woody Allen

  1. To sum this unfunny cunt up a bellend of epic proportions who makes unfunny shite films for neurotic city dwellers who whine and moan and bitch about how hard it is to be rich neurotic city dwellers.
    All the while making out with attractive actresses who he casts as his love interest and being a socially awkward unfunny cunt (as he tends to cast himself as the lead male actor in his films). Here he is with his step daughter(9) soon to be wife https://images.encyclopediadramatica.se/6/67/Ewwwwwwwww.jpg

  2. I have managed to have completely ignored this cunt by not watching any of his shit. I saw some of one of his films back in the seventies, and as it was utter shit, I have not given him another chance to waste any more of my time. Seedy weird one trick pony cunt.

  3. Undoubtedly a creepy as fuck nonce fiddle o’ diddle cunt…
    Why people label this flake as a ‘genius’ is beyond me…
    If he lived on their street and wasn’t famous, all these cunts who revere Allen would avoid him like the plague…

    • You could imagine him knocking your door and asking to borrow a cup of sugar, to which the reply would be “only if I can put it in a cup of hot water and throw it in your little rat face”. Or something like that.

  4. Sinead O’ Connor is a cunt…
    Typical of this demented crackpot attention whore Fenian witch to get her own publicity from Prince’s death by spouting yet more crap… I hope Arsenio Halls sues the arse of O ‘Connor and ruins her for good… The insane twisted bitch should have been certified years ago…

    O’ Connor is probably on some bitter trip because Prince turned her down… One can imagine the Purple One saying : ‘Nah! I’ve got Sheena Easton, Sheila E, and Kim Basinger this week… Fuck off, baldy…’

      • The only thing that creepy bitch has said worth listening to is Fuck the pope……

        • And she only said that to get herself noticed… O Connor is hung up on all that twisted catholic crap… The daft bitch even goes round wearing a priest’s dog collar.. O ‘Connor is the sort of cunt who would openly praise Islamic State just to get people talking about her…

          • And here we are talking about her. Although it is saying how much of a pointless cunt she is.?

      • Kim did make a record with Was (Not Was)… Strangely enough it was based on an abandoned project involving Ozzy Osbourne… I think Kim also did some sort of music with Prince, amongst other things… Let’s face it, he didn’t just make music with these birds, did he? Horny little cunt…

      • Even if its true about Hall supplying drugs I believe they used a save shot(naxalone) did they not?. I mean the celebrity life is indeed filled with plenty of drugs but I hate rats and narks. She might have had the better cover of prince’s song but he wrote it and I’m sure he regretted it later lol

        PS: I think that alot of people are shocked Prince used drugs (I was a little too). Prince doesn’t look like a average user but anybody can be addicted. Yours truly was a addict for a short while and Prince was loaded so he never had to be drug sick a day in his life.
        Should of sent the cunt to me would of sorted poor prince out had too many yes men.
        Hopefully Spivey’s mong analysis comes in soon

  5. I’m not exactly a Barry Norman, but for the life of me I can’t name one single Woody Allen movie.

    O’Connor is indeed an attention seeking media whore. The type who uses the outrageous to draw attention to themselves. Still, age has not been kind so she’s got bigger problems than being sued by some D list Yank.

    • It’d be funnier if Prince’s lawyers sued O’ Connor…. It’d be a giggle if the Minneapolis Mafia filled the bald cunt’s mouth with concrete…

      • Jehovah witness lawyers are mentally fucking annoying and forceful. They are like scientologist lawyers they will sue for any dirt they can bloody find. JW’s have their own team of lawyers and specialists creepy bunch,but arsenio isn’t JW.
        “It’d be funnier if Prince’s lawyers sued O’ Connor”

        Prince’s lawyers probably won’t get involved they have like 5 different on going cases at the moment. Sinead O’Cunto must have some dirt on him or something it seems fishy. Prince shouldn’t have got caught up in drugs its a one trick pony literally speaking

        • O’ Connor probably has fuck all on either Hall or Prince… This isn’t her debut at this sort of thing… I recall baldy having a load of crap to say after that daft cunt, Kurt Cobain blew his bonce off…. Even her own relatives say she is mental and that no one can believe a word she says…

          • I used to follow the mad cow on Facebook, just out of curiosity but her ravings go too much. Ps is there anyone, anywhere who has actually read one of Spiveys mammothly turgid and inchoherent ramblings from start to finish ?

          • No. I get about a third of the way through and then condem it as the ramblings of a mad man.

  6. Woody Allen is typical of Hollywood pushing it’s destructive agenda. Fist time I saw one of his films was when I was a kid. comedy I didn’t get because I was too young, saw the same film again many years later and it still wasn’t funny. it was shite. The Tracy Enema of film making. some ponce from the guardian needs to write a two page article so we can understand why he is so talented.

    The cult of celebrity is totally toxic fucking up the values of society by getting the masses to look up to shite and think we should aspire to be part of the celeb lifestyle.

    Woody gets wood for illegal cunt

  7. Dirty old cunt Woody is now working with another cunt, Kristen Stewart… What a creepy, sleazy, dirty old cunt he is…

    Stewart is also an insufferable cunt of the first order… Not only does this miserable bitch always have a face like a smacked arse, she also wrecks marriages and families, always complains about her ‘lot’ and her ‘fame’, is a gold medal standard slag, and she talks an incredible amount of bollocks…

    Her latest whining bullshit is something along the lines of her not being straight, lesbian, or bisexual… With the po-faced tart insisting those terms are just labels… Well, I am straight, and I don’t see preferring women as a ‘label’… But this dreadful bitch just has to appear ‘special’ and different to everyone else… Labels are irrelevant to her anyway, as – to quote the Baby Eating Bishop Of Bath & Wells – Stewart will do anything to anything, as she is a weapons grade slapper… So, she doesn’t like all these labels? Well, how about a nice and simple one for Kristenkins? How about we just refer to her as a cunt?

    • Pfft but he wouldn’t have sex with her Norm shes too old she’s 26 and munchs carpet(dyke).
      Besides woody only fucks 14 yr olds and under (preferable), I dunno how a paedophile is still allowed to make films then I remembered that he is jewish.

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