16 thoughts on “Melanie Phillips [2]

  1. Strong resemblance to that Gestapo bloke from Raiders of the Lost Ark, just add the hat…

  2. I Imagine her to be like one of those German women off Xhamster with a ridiculously hairy vagina with a crab ladder spreading down to her knees

  3. I’m no oil painting but FFS, does this cunt make a determined effort to look that minging.
    Cunt’s so ugly, does trick or treat by phone.

  4. She’s even got the classic “im too intelligent to smile fully” half-smirk smugness that all middle class liberals perfect over the years….

    • Nah, I reckon her far right rhetoric is just an elaborate charade. She’d boff a tranny any day of the week, the short crop is a dead giveaway.

  5. “Poofter spat in my macaroni”!! Have a gander at The Daily Mash or The Evening Harold, a nice line in Melanie Phillips columns… Truly, she is nightmare territory.

  6. What an ugly looking cunt. I’d rather fuck one of those 1980’s Russian women weight lifters.

  7. Has Jack Straw had a sex change?

    One for the feminazi’s

    Definition of a cunt:

    Life support machine for a vagina.

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