Lilly Wachowski


Lilly Wachowski is a cunt….

Again, coverage and publicity for yet another being a look at me circus freak… Silly me, I meant transgender personage, than for any actual work or achievement… Andshe/he/it looks like one of Worzel Gummidge’s heads…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: in the future even men and women will cease to exist…. There will just be a world full of these cunts… Like Planet Of The Apes, only with trannies….

Nominated by: Norman

18 thoughts on “Lilly Wachowski

  1. How is becoming a tranny ever a good thing?, even if you transition into a faux woman thing with a dick it won’t be long til you can hold the glue together technically speaking.

    Plus when you age it’ll be hard as fuck to convince people your a woman/Dickgirl. No wonder so many transgenders commit suicide but trannies are great for people who hate vaginas,love cock and like boobs In other words POOFS.

    “There will just be a world full of these cunts… Like Planet Of The Apes, only with trannies….”
    You maniacs blew it up! Damn you dirty trannies!, Damn you all to hell!
    Hardly sounds as convincing but it works

    • The difference being that the original 1970s movie apes looked quite convincing (Tim Burton version excepted, Helena Bonham Carter resembled Gail Tilsley from Coronation Street).

      • I fancied Gail’s mate, Suzie Burchill, from Corrie when I was a lad….

        The original Heston/McDowell version of Planet Of The Apes will never be topped… No matter how much CGI and other crap is used…. It’s like the Richard Donner (not Lester) Superman and Superman II…. All this ‘Man Of Steel’ and ‘Batman vs Superman’ shite will never come near…

        • Batman V Superman is an overlong arse numbing headache of a film. Funnily enough Ben Affleck was excellent and his casting as Batman was what most people were complaining about. Jeremy Irons was good as Alfred too, shame about the rest of it…

    • Didn’t know his eminence, The Crowman, made old Worzel a pretentious up their own arse film director tranny head…. But there it is in the above picture… Well I’ll be bomswizzled…

      • The first 3 Planet of the ape films are the best in my opinion Heston and the McDowall originals. I saw that crappy burton remake with mark walhberg absolute shite.

        Upon looking at the wikipage for planet of the apes I’m utterly surprised they decided to rape the franchise and made 3 more remakes! With the next one coming out in 2017 fucking hell, I hope it bombs

        • Never happen in the “real World” after x number of years of Human’s fucking the planet there ain’t enough apes to take over.

  2. This wachowski freak also has a brother who is a fucking tranny, it is a mental illness,it’s like me going to the doctor and saying ” I want surgery to turn me into a dragon”

    To those who say ” live and let live” I say yes let the freaks live on a deserted island

    The worst thing is they are teaching primary school kids about how being a tranny is so wonderful

  3. Between them this and the other cunt gave us those overrated “Matrix” films. Should have stopped at the second one…

  4. Least convincing ladyboy since Frank Maloney. Stupid cunt. Let them get on with it, I mean how much whiskey would you have to drink to mistake that ridiculous tit for a woman? LSD wouldn’t be enough. Might make more sense of the tranny brothers films though. Talking of sex freaks, this story about a married father having threesomes. I can’t work out if it’s the famous cunt or the cunt who is famous for fucking a famous cunt who did the dirty? Don’t want to name the cunts and get this essential service and most therapeutic site in trouble.

    • On the topic of sex freaks I have a double nomination.

      Kim West and and Ben Ford.

      A mother and son duo, fucking each other.

      Based on the fact that she gave this cunt up for adoption she, she states firmly this is not incest. And on the basis of the incredible sex they have, marriage, and a baby, is the net step.

      The cunt son, who was married told his wife he is leaving her for his mum.

      There really is not alot more that can be written other than the nomination for a monumental cunting.

      These cunts really do need to be taken out back and shot.

      The only saving grace is Mumsy is in the UK and sonny is is the US. Its only the US where they will not be jailed for incest and can be married, which does say alot about the gene pools over there.

      I wander what the odds are of whatever is is they give birth to, running for president.

      • The fairly good chances are that whatever is born will probably be “products of conception”, won’t even make it as far as the Obs & Gynae category of FLK (funny looking kid). Nature has its own way of dealing with things.

        If it survives, a great future awaits in “meeja”, sleb tv (here I mean television, although these days your guess is as good as mine) shows, and the general bender-stream of consciousness/twattishness…

        As for the item at the head of this posting, I think it needs some sort of LVMH / BLT designer bucket over its head.

  5. Looks like Les Dawson in character but with nowhere near the talent.
    I just despair about these Stanley-knived amateur surgery mistakes.
    Fucking weirdos, hope they all catch anorexia very quickly and then we can all completely ignore them and have no sympathy. Nutters.

  6. One of the positives of living in Yankland is I have no idea who this mong is. For that I am grateful.

    Years ago I worked at a company where some ‘guy’ was undergoing “gender reassignment” (I think that’s the modern day term, though “sex change” is funnier) . Trouble was, he/she was about 6′ 4″ with hands the size of baseball gloves. Never got close enough to see if it could pull it off facially, but I bet its Adam’s Apple was the size of a tennis ball. Gross or what?

    • Don’t want to worry you but you are more likely to bump into this pillock in the old 7/11 than we are in the local spar. I’m afraid he’s from your side of the pond. Swings and roundabouts……

    • Call me a thick cunt, but I think that hideous freak outed itself by simply stepping outside the house in a womans dress.

      How fucking stupid do the trans / bestiality / kiddy fucker community think we are?

      I feel sorry for the old fashioned poofs, those poor cunts are now deemed too mainstream to even be called perverted queers anymore.

      • Hahaha too true Odin, common poofs have been pushed down the privileged ladder. Trans persons are more oppressed lol
        You see When the Wachowski brothers made the Matrix, they uncovered the secrets of the universe and it blew their minds.

        There was no going back! So They become trannies Hahaha

        The irony is they didn’t create the matrix A real woman did! matrix is copied from The Third Eye by Sophia Stewart and Jean Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation So a real women and man created the matrix to be blunt

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