OMG! I am so fucking sick and tired of hearing about bloody Hillsborough.

Don’t get me wrong. It was a needless tragedy that 96 fans went to a football match and lost their lives. I get it. We all get it. But for fuck’s sake change the bloody record. It’s now been ruled that the victims were killed unlawfully. OK, so how does that help exactly? Too many (unticketed) fans + some idiotic policing = 96 deaths. As others have said, there needed to be too many fans to begin with, so for the scouse cunts to claim everyone else is to blame except them strikes me as a bit thick. Oh wait, they’re from Scouserpool. Bottom line, it was a very unfortunate event that nobody wanted or set out to do.

On the other hand, the murdering scum scouse fans who deliberately killed 39 opposition supporters in a fucking riot in the Heysel stadium in 1985 is all but glossed over. That slaughter was deliberate, perpetrated by the same group of scum supporters we’re all supposed to feel sorry for over Hillsborough. Is it just me?

Scouserpool FC is scum. Their fans are scum. The fucking 5 year ban for English clubs resulting from the murderous scouse rioting kept my team out of the UEFA Cup 3 fucking times. Bastards! Scouserpool FC should have been banned from European competition forever for crimes against humanity. THAT would have been justice for the 39.

The endless media favouritism directed at that club makes me puke too. Everytime they’re on the box, we’re forced to witness several minutes of their pathetic anthem before kick off. No other club gets that. Everything about that crap city is shite. Wasn’t it 2008 when Scouserpool was voted European Capital of Culture or some such nonsense? What a laugh. The only way that rancid place is a capital of culture is if all the supermarkets ordered extra quantities of yogurt that year.

Nominated by: Imitation Yank

Right… Those Scouse cunts….
So they have finally got their verdict (the one they wanted), but will there be closure?
Will there fuck… Now the compo claims start… Didn’t see that coming… This will never, ever end… They will make sure of that… It’s like a family business…

But what I want to know is why the arselicking, Scouseloving papers and TV fail to point out certain facts about these not so loveable vermin…

There’s plenty of evidence that Liverpool have consistently sought to capitalise on what Hillsborough brought them (just enough sympathy to wash away their Heysel disgrace for instance, allowing them their stunning attempt to present its own twentieth anniversary in 2005 as a joint Liverpool-Juventus commemoration – grief hijacking extraordinaire!)…

There was that Scouse cunt, John Aldridge at the replayed semi-final at Old Trafford a mere three weeks after Hillsborough… His disgraceful taunting of Forest’s Brian Laws following the latter’s own goal was unbecoming in any circumstances and fully deserved Tony Adams’ retribution – “That’s for Brian Laws, you cunt” – three weeks later when Arsenal stole the championship at Anfield…

Of course that came after the all-Merseyside cup final (just five weeks after Hillsborough) which, as though nothing had happened, was once again marked by images of numerous scousers scaling the stadium walls to gain entry and, with the fences removed, pitch invasions that they’d been put up to prevent…. Meanwhile, stewards on duty that day were called to a disturbance at one entrance ten minutes into the game where they were met by the sight of hordes of scousers attempting to storm their way in… Forget the earlier ridiculous calls for the season to be abandoned and Liverpool awarded the FA Cup in memoriam – some of the club’s fans had in mind a far more fitting way to honour the disaster’s victims…. Which begs the question: if the police did open the gate at the Leppings Lane End, why did they? Could it be that there were hordes of baying, ticketless scousers causing so much mayhem that the coppers were forced to open it? It is no secret that scousers were jumping the turnstiles at that end during that game,….

And of course there were the ever-present ‘Liverpool FC celebrate Munich 1958’ banners and the ‘Who’s that dying on the runway?’ song that these cunts sang for decades… Not forgetting, of course, the massacre of 39 Juventus supporters at Heysel… Don’t see too much of an outcry from Scousers about ‘Justice For The 39’, do we?
What I want to know is why did it take the deaths of 96 of their own for these scum to actually grow a conscience? Cunts…

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. What happened that fateful day never forgive, never forget dear lads https://youtu.be/4SdGtCWrvlo “images of numerous scousers scaling the stadium walls to gain entry and, with the fences removed, pitch invasions that they’d been put up to prevent” Exactly a few drunk Liverpudlians cunts made the already pissy situation even worse by being rioting field diving hoodlums but I’m no expert on the situation every cunt involved is a cunt

  2. All of these inquiries are cash cows for “learned mercenaries” the lawyers. I wonder how many millions of fees were generated during the two years this one took? Now apparently hundreds of relatives from 80 of the families involved are taking legal action for “compensation” i.e money. I always thought the campaign mantra was justice for the 96, not cash for the families of the 96. Now it looks like a “kerchinggg!!” opportunity for everyone, except of course the council tax payers funding the police forces involved 27 years later….

    • “How many millions of fees were generated”. That old saying “You never see a poor lawyer is true”. I can’t say for sure how much they’ve made out of it, but I’ll be very surprised if any of these lawyers are still paying a mortgage on their houses.

  3. And of course there were the ever-present ‘Liverpool FC celebrate Munich 1958’ banners and the ‘Who’s that dying on the runway?’ song that these cunts sang for decades… Not forgetting, of course, the massacre of 39 Juventus supporters at Heysel… Don’t see too much of an outcry from Scousers about ‘Justice For The 39’, do we?

    A few weeks ago on Football Focus (I think), A member of the Scouse FC supporters club was on. He was whingeing about some United Fans (or rather, all of them according to this prick) taunting the Scousers over Hillsborough. That was fair enough, I’ve always found that kind of thing to be pretty sick, and something done by scumbags who are NOT true football fans. In the same breathe though, he also claimed that he had NEVER heard his fellow Loserpool FC fans chanting about Munich, and that they would never do that anyway.

    All I can say to that, is that if he truly has never heard any Loserpool fans chanting about Munich, either he’s never been to, or watched, a United/Loserpool match, or he’s a lying Red Scouse cunt. Because back when I was an avid United fan, and attendee of matches, a not inconsiderable number of Loserpool fans would sing that song about Munich ’58, and wave flags with references to Munich on them. Oh, and I was at the match that prompted this prick to complain about the taunts in the first place. It’s true that a number of United “fans” (and I use that term loosely) DID sing about Hillsborough, much to the disgust of all the true United fans. However, the chants came in retaliation to the inevitable taunts about Munich from the Loserpool “fans”.

    Classic case of a Red Scouser playing the victim card, whilst only giving half the story. You can’t have it both ways, asshole.

    • The main chants aimed at Loonypool fans during the recent UEFA Cup ties (Europa League? Bollocks!) were about the Scouse vermin being ‘Murderers’ at Heysel… Naturally, they didn’t like it… But what do they expect if they go around killing Italian football supporters? Scousers: Blamed for nothing and offended by everything…. They are cunts…

  4. Yes to all of the above, but, let’s not forget it’s the lying Filth who through their perjury, falsified statements and thinking they can legitimately operate over and above the law who are responsible for the need to have had this enquiry.

    Get this sorted and it’ll be Orgreave revisited, again, and I can show them the lump on my head, again.

    Your average copper…is a Cunt!

  5. Yes all coppers are total cunts, BUT it’s exactly the same ‘forgetfulness’ of the facts which many Liverpool supporters appear to have suffered from when questioned on the reasons for why so many of the fuckers were scaling walls, jumping turnstiles and acting like, let’s say, hooligans on that day.

    If I get punched in the face in front of a copper and he stands around being next to useless I will blame him for being a next-to-useless cunt, but I still know it wasn’t him who punched me in the face.

    • Can’t speak about the standard British bobby, but Yank cops are cunts. So, why do you want to be a police officer then? “I want to protect and serve my community”. Bollocks, you just want a gun and a badge so you can push the rest of us around, behave like the law doesn’t apply to you and get away with shit because you’re on the ‘inside’. Protect and server my arse!

      Did you know that it’s against the rules for British police to ‘moonlight’, i.e. have another job in addition to being a police officer. Yes, I know it still happens anyway, but it is the rule. Yank cops have no such restriction, at least the city where this anecdote comes from. So on a Yank cop’s days off, they should be resting, relaxing and basically preparing for several more days on duty in what is probably a pretty strained and stressful job. Important to take those rest days you’d think, especially when Yank cops carry fire arms and have the power of life and death at their discretion while on duty. Not in my former local city. No, on their rest days they’re whoring themselves out to fucking churches and supermarkets, basically doing traffic control to earn a few more bucks. They’re in uniform so we have to obey their directions, but WTF? If you’re not on official duty, then you need to fuck off home you cunts and stop bossing us around because you have NO authority. Bastards!

      Of course, their argument is they need the extra money because being a cop doesn’t pay enough. Is that right? Well, was the salary kept a fucking secret until after you graduated from Police Academy, you dirt bag? No, you knew going in so quit whining about it now. If the job you have doesn’t pay enough, then get one that does. Don’t blow your rest days doing traffic when you should be at home resting. YOU CARRY A GUN WHILE AT WORK YOU MORONS! Cunts. All of ’em.

  6. Justice for the 96 that dies has been a long time coming and let’s make no mistake the people that died were innocent folk going along to enjoy a day out at a footie match.

    I would like at least one of the so called Liverpool fans who must know deep down they share some responsibility for what happened that day to come forward and say “yeah I feel guilty for what happened that day, I wake up at night in tears”

    The police did fail to do their job that day but if people hadn’t behaved like animals there would of been no disaster.

    The grief jacking that has gone on since is sickening, people with the most tenuous connection jumping on the bandwagon, sickening.

    Real justice for the 96 dead will come when all parties responsible for the disaster stand in the public light and admit their part.

    There are people out there who want the blame laid solely at the feet of the police so they can ease their own consciences, step forward and bring real lasting closure to these lost souls.

  7. The so-called ‘Hillsborough families’ are currently milking the applause in the middle of the Goodison Park pitch… Why? I don’t fucking know…. But, needless to say, the Scousers in the crowd are lapping it up… Haven’t these cunts heard of dignity? I don’t recall Munich survivors or their families going to Maine Road (the Etihad is shite!) and sucking up applause from the Kippax or the Platt Lane…. Not that we (supporters or survivors) would ever expect that from City fans, and that is how it should be… But – as we’ve been told a million frigging times – the Scousers are ‘different’… Their ‘wagons in a circle’ self pitying, always the victims, self basting mentality is not just confined to Liverpool FC and their fans… It goes right across the whole fucking city… How nice it must be to know that you really do walk alone… Cunts…

  8. All scousers are shit. For example, Arthur Askey was form Liverpool and he was fucking shit.

    • Agreed, Captain…. I have never seen such mawkish, self important, ‘we’re special’, grief junkie cunts as those Scousers… They revel in it… At Old Trafford there is a simple memorial plaque and the ‘Munich Clock’, and the crash is commemorated on special anniversaries (the last being the 50th in 2008)…. Contrast that to Anfield… A cenotaph type monument, eternal flames, more flowers than Interflora’s entire international stock, ‘anniversaries’ every fucking year, players wearing ever so classy ’96’ tracksuits, that Gerry and the Pacemakers shite being sung every five minutes… But no mention of any 39 dead Italian fans though….

      Other clubs have suffered death and disaster (Rangers, Bolton, Bradford, Torino and, of course, Man United and Juventus), but they don’t milk it to buggery and turn their grounds into a football version of Graceland….

      Calm down… Calm Down…

    • “Lets face it the best thing that came out of liverpool was the beatles and they left! 2 ended up dead one got shot the other stabbed”

      Best beatles/liverpool joke I heard in a long time almost pissed me self

    • Bob Hope was on ‘Surprise Surprise’, and bragged that despite his 97 years of age, he could still have sex three times a night. After the show, Cilla said, “Bob, if I’m not being too forward, I’d love to have sex with an older man. Let’s go back to my place.” So they go back to her place and have great sex.
      Afterwards, Bob says, “If you think that was good, let me sleep for a half hour, and we can have even better sex. But while I’m sleeping, hold my testicles in your left hand and my penis in your right hand.” Cilla looks a bit perplexed, but says, “Okay.”
      He sleeps for half an hour,awakens, and they have even better sex. Then Bob says, ” Cilla , that was wonderful. But if you let me sleep for an hour, we can have the best sex yet. But again, hold my testicles in your left hand, and my penis in your right hand.”
      Cilla once again says, “Great Bob, but tell me, does my holding your testicles in my left hand and your penis in my right stimulate you while you’re sleeping?”
      Bob replies, “No, the last time I slept with a Scouser, she stole my wallet!”

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