Ben Innes


You have to ask yourself what sort of person goes up to a plane hijacker and asks if he can have a selfie taken with the bloke wearing the suicide bomb?

Well, I’ll tell you.

A complete and utter braindead moronic cunt, that’s what…

Nominated by: Dioclese

Having a selfie done with a potential hijacker on a plane? This is the sort of look at me cover themself in shit to get noticed attention whore of a cunt that Britain is now (in)famous for… Of course we will get thick cunts who will think Innes is great and who will say, ‘Only a Brit would do that! Good old British humour!’

Well I say what a fucking spunkbubble… If he was any sort of a man (or Brit) he’d have chinned the stupid ‘hijacker’ cunt and knocked him out cold… Instead, this is the sort of knobhead who would do anything to get noticed… This Innes cunt would probably have a selfie done with someone like Hitler or Peter Sutcliffe, just to get his narcissistic mug plastered all over social media and the papers…

This wankstain makes me ashamed to be British… Fucking cunt…

Nominated by: Norman

18 thoughts on “Ben Innes

  1. What’s an even more damning indictment of British ‘culture’ is that the majority of outrage at this prank seems to have been directed at the incorrect use of the term ‘selfie’ (a whole other cuntworthy topic).

    Never mind Ben… selfie or not, your stupid face is on the internet forever. You won’t feel so fucking clever making light of the incident the next time hundreds of people lose their lives to one of these nutters.

    • Or, Hopefully, the next time we see your face is when the next cunt is holding it in his hand after he beheads you, You fucking cunt.

  2. Said it before – hope it’s for real next time and they take him away as a hostage. Then we can forget to rescue him. Twatty cunt, anyone see the cunt on the Beeb? Nauseating narcissistic fat turd.
    ‘I’d do it again’ – please do, very soon on a Syrian plane.

  3. Look at the fat thick cunt. It takes a lot to outmong a retarded potential suicide bummer but that slack jawed dick nails it.

  4. If ever anyone actually looked like a cunt, then it just has to be this fucking cunt.

  5. Lilly Wachowski is a cunt….
    Again, coverage and publicity for yet another being a look at me circus freak… Silly me, I meant transgender personage, than for any actual work or achievement… Andshe/he/it looks like one of Worzel Gummidge’s heads… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: in the future even men and women will cease to exist…. There will just be a world full of these cunts… Like Planet Of The Apes, only with trannies….

    • Perhaps we are living in a fucked up virtual reality world, where faggots, queers ,femiNazis, greens, Mohammedans et al control everyone

    • Two brothers ending up as trannies? That is one fucked up family! Then again their films suck so why shouldn’t they. Pair of cunts.

      • How is becoming a tranny ever a good thing?, even if you transition into a faux woman it won’t be long til you can hold the glue together.
        Plus when you age it’ll be hard as fuck to convince people your a woman/Dickgirl. No wonder so many transgenders commit suicide but trannies are great for people who hate vaginas,love cock and like boobs.

        “There will just be a world full of these cunts… Like Planet Of The Apes, only with trannies….”
        You maniacs blew it up Damn you dirty dickgirls!, Damn you all to hell” hardly sounds as convincing but it works

  6. Van drivers are cunts…
    There are many reasons for this. The concept of using indicators to give other road users a faint idea of where the fuck they are going is as alien to them as waiting at a junction instead of just pulling out and making oncoming traffic slam on. If you then toot the horn you get a display worthy of one of those signing fuckers that take up half the screen on late night tv. They park wherever the fuck they like and chat quite happily on their phones as they leave half a job done at some poor cunts house and fuck off early to the pub via Ladbrokes. Also, vans seem to be the new mid life crisis mobile. Gone are the widowmaker sports bike and in come the VW T5 camper, chavved up and lowered like an invalid version of the mystery machine. Arseholes.

    • I am unfortunate enough to live near a ‘climbing wall’ where said VW T5 driving, former crusty festival going, Guardian reading types have made my life a fucking misery with their bean bothering, passive aggressive, privilege checking bull shit.

      These extra special cunts are so righteous, parking on a bend, opposite a junction, within 25 yards of junction, where other road users view of oncoming traffic is obscured, you know, every safety rule in the driving test, these rules simply do not apply to them in their view. And if you remonstrate with them, you will be told ‘you need to check your privilege and stop being aggressive’.

      You pious, loathsome cunts. Fucking grow up, I grew out of climbing shit when I was 9 or something, and if you have so much fucking energy then you should:

      a: get a fucking proper job where you ACTUALLY work for a living
      b: Walk more
      c: Increase the exercise, by parking where you don’t inconvenience me and the other people who have to live adjacent to this hell hole that you middle class turd gurglers have created, and walking the last 300 yards from the leisure centre, seen as you have so much energy to burn.

      These cunts used to drive Volvo’s or Passat estates, which they could not park. They still can’t park, only now they like to leave the bike carrier just for the extra carnage. Oh, how I would love to set the inconsiderately parked cunt mobiles on fire, preferably with owners inside, and alive, well briefly anyway.

  7. Yes this prick is a monumental cunt but what’s even worse is that the cunt will probably now be classed as a celebrity, appearing on the telly or in the papers, or on celebrity get me out of here, or celebrity big brother and all the other bollocks that’s forced upon us. Yet another arsehole who’s done fuck all to earn the title “celebrity” but will most probably be lauded by the media twats.

  8. “If he was any sort of a man (or Brit) he’d have chinned the stupid ‘hijacker’ cunt and knocked him out cold… Instead, this is the sort of knobhead who would do anything to get noticed”

    To be fair Norm, If he tried to punch him out he could of jeopardised everyones life all the suicide terrorist needs is a second to activate it.
    Also I’d be less concerned about his fucked up smile and more concerned bloody worried that pro-migrants(no-borders) activists asking EU to let in more moslem nutbags all for bleeding diversity. The bombs, rapes and kill counts keeps going up and we let in more, fucking splendid. Stupid Liberal Wankstains!

    Also Ben was doing the “Grinman (aka cockmongler)” stare't the terrorist bloke look like a egyptian version of Lou Reed Hahaha.
    ♪Hey Baby take a walk on the wild side” while I blow up this plane to pieces♪ lol

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