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Will Self. I could almost leave it at that.

Will Self encapsulates all that is most sickening in the modern left. He is sanctimonious and supercilious on any subject he is ever allowed to comment upon. His sneering contempt for any rebuttal to his position seems studied to make any normal person wish to take a brick to his face. That his views have been shown, time and again, to be wrong, and disastrous when allowed to be tried, has no effect upon his self absorbed psyche.

Will Self is worshipped by the Fat Carole’s at the council offices and the Tristrams at Uni. These people, who can only find joy in life through fucking over their fellow man, while trying to place a patina of respectability to their evil souls by espousing a doctrine they feel makes their actions somehow less reprehensible as it is “all for the greater good”; love Will Self as he is willing to be the obvious cunt they wish they had the balls to be.

The world will be a better place without Will Self, and an improvement will be if he could take his fans with him.

Nominated by: Cato

11 thoughts on “Will Self [4]

  1. Although I’ve found him mildly amusing on occassion (mainly in the BBC’s Grumpy Old Men) frankly most of what he says is inaccessible without a degree in english.

    He makes out that he’s this bohemian, working-class roots, pie and mash, anti-establishment flaneur, but he really just annoys the fuck of eveyrbody with his effected ‘clever-speak’.

    A washed up junkie with a massive ego who commands, at best, a small but loyal following of Trustafarians, Hipsters and any other wannabes…

    • Nickleby that is an inspired nomination, he is smugger than the smuggest person who lived on smug street, I’m surprised he’s still around I thought he would have disappeared up his own arsehole years ago.

  2. You thought IDS was a cunt? Wait till you get a load of this Stephen Crabb prick. My local MP and one of the most slippery cunts you will ever encounter.

  3. Always has the appearance that he’s just burped up a mouth full of sick.
    Knows some big words though.
    Hammersmith and marmalade are my biggest.

  4. Will ‘death him’ Self…. Like the typical bloke in the pub who has swallowed a dictionary and bores the arse off everyone in the place… There’s one near us: a bird annoyed about someone making a sexist comment to her at the bar… She said, ‘He’s taking the piss!’ So our local pub bulshitter/wannabe Will Self says to the young lady loudly (so everyone can hear him) ‘The diplomatic way of saying that is ‘he is extracting the urine….’ The bird looked at him as if he was insane and everyone else ignored the cunt… I can’t stand smug, smartarse cunts like that (and Will Self)…

  5. Softarsed football fans are cunts….
    There was a little bit of action at OT the other night… Nothing massive, but by the way the media and the Facebook cunts and Twittermongs have reacted, you would think it was Heysel Part 2… On the subject of that, those Scouse cunts got all righteous and holier than thou when they were serenaded as ‘Murderers…’ But there is no disputing the fact that they are… 39 Italians in Brussels in 1985… They don’t like it? Well, they shouldn’t kill people and get English clubs banned for five years.. And our lot have their soft cunts too… We all know the Mickeys do their ‘Munich’ bullshit, it’s being going on for decades… Instead of getting offended and bleating to the Evening News Facebook page the Scouse cunts should either be laughed at or slapped… And all that fuss over a few flying seats? Soft bastards on both sides… I was actually pleased to see a bit of the old rivalry… There are too many entitled slapped arses and half/half scarf wearing cunts who infest both clubs these days… Not to mention all the foreign tourist cunts from the Far East… Hopefully this will scare the cunts off and they’ll be so offended that they’ll stay away…

  6. Very well cunted! I’ve never understood what anyone sees in the smarmy doofus. Mind you I’ve never understood what he’s on about anyway. So, life is pain, life is challenging or life is but a dream … Until he’s got an alternate plan that actually works he’ll garner my extreme prejudice. Could only be a reformed addict or whatever he is. Wanker!

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