060514_birthday_cardpage_promo_cartoon (and their customers) are cunts!

Selling substandard crap masquerading as gifts and cards is their thing (which makes them cunts)! But the people who order from them are also cunts. The wailing because a load of fuckwits didn’t get their moonpig tat in time for Mother’s Day.

First of all, why would you buy your mum something as ghastly and tasteless as a moonpig product? Secondly, why can’t these cunts get off their lazy arses and go to the newsagents to buy a card? Ordering something online for Xmas is one thing – but a card for your own mother? What sort of cunt does that?

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. Lazy fat cunts who consider a lengthy keyboard session “energetic” probably. Or perhaps insincere types that don’t really give a toss for the recipient but want to keep their names on the will. Maybe even those dicks who think that doing absolutely everything online is “like, really cool and trendy”
    Oh and Bank Holiday weather is a cunt, just had to swim to the Newsagents to grab some fag papers and it’s like the fucking monsoon season out there…

    • I agree. Moonpig stole my fucking designs and sold them for a year. My lawyer tried to sue them for me and the M**npig cunts threatened to sue me back for wasting their time. Fuckers made £23k profit from MY cartoon designs and I never got a penny. Cunts. briother still insists that they are a great card company…even to the point of sending me a card on my birthday! What? He’s a cunt too.

  2. All these cunts who do everything online are cunts. All the panic when a virus gets in their computers ‘Its got all my personal data on it’ they say. Well don’t put all your data on something that goes online then because ANYTHING thats online can be hacked. Whats with this obsession with doing everything online? Food and Drink shopping, turning your heating on, clothes shopping (why not if you can go to the shop and try the fucking things on before buying them), and don’t get me started on all the twats who when they are out and about get their phone out to check Twitter, Facebook or whatever other unimportant crap they feel they have to look at. Im 37 and I am old enough to remember when people had the dial up landline phones and that was it, people managed in those days without mobile phones let alone smart phones. Talk to most cunts today and they act like their life is over if they lose their phone. Wake up you fucking CUNTS.

  3. Lets not forget they have(had) horrible security!
    “In August 2013, a private developer discovered a vulnerability in the Moonpig API that made it possible for outsiders to retrieve the personal information of all three million of its users (names, birthdays, postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, the last four digits of credit card numbers, and credit card expiry dates), and informed Moonpig. Moonpig did nothing about it until the developer publicly announced the problem in January 2015 whereupon Moonpig disabled the API and its mobile apps pending an investigation. Moonpig issued a statement saying that “all password and payment information is and has always been safe”.

      • Those cards are sick fuck 101 for greeting cards, good choice Fred “I use Moonpig because you simply can’t buy greetings cards like these in the shops:” … I wonder why, it couldn’t be because there’s a serial murderer and the worst serial child molester/abuser in england on them.
        I’m also guessing because those aren’t actually moonpig(are they?) they look different though the Rose West one looks more convincing to be

        • Yup, they’re both Moonpig templates – I uploaded the pics and wrote the text on the Savile card.

          I love Moonpig – all the “personalisation” features are automated and therefore uncensored, so you can upload whatever sick filth you think your friends would appreciate…

  4. This is the natural successor to those shite Purple Ronnie cards that seemed to be all the rage in the early 90’s. Humourless cunts buying (above examples excepted) unfunny fucking tat.

  5. I have to differ on this, moonpig will print anything! When one of my colleagues left I searched everywhere for a suitable card, none fitted the occasion.
    However I found that moonpig were willing and able to print anything just supply the text and picture.
    So on the big day I was able to give him a wonderful card, whith two rather camp SS men on the front with the text, ” fuck off you nazi cunt” my “go home and die” retirement card was vetoed by the other staff.

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