Keith Vaz [4]


Keith Vaz deserves another cunting.

The cunt was on the news saying that Lincolnshire was a county that was not taking a fair share of migrants. Almost 3000 people are on the waiting list for social housing in Lincoln council area alone. If one includes the number of locals trying to get social houses in the other council areas East Lindsey, West Lindsey, North Kestevern etc etc the number is about the same as the population of Hemel Hempstead.

So old cuntluck is of the opinion that hundreds of fucking muslim migrants should come to live here in glorious Lincolnshire even though we do not have enough social housing for our own people. Vaz you are a cunt fuck off and send them to Saudi (oh yes of course their muslim brothers will not let any in cos they are worried about “people who are different” ruining their country).

Cunts one and all.

Nominated by: Shipman’s Apprentice

15 thoughts on “Keith Vaz [4]

  1. Well fuck me, has this cunt never visited Boston?
    My town is drowning in a sea of migrants! Every fucking house seems to be full of them. My ex wife is scared to go out on her own.
    Vazizzle is a cunt of the highest order and has more dirty laundry than a rugby team in a swamp.
    Excellent call ,sir. And can’t believe he’s only been three times in the past.

    • Well said!! As soon as I spied this cunting, Boston PE21 sprang to mind!! Not taking its fair share of immigrants?? As Lord Carnaervon said, “The answer’s spherical, and in the plural”…
      I lived in Leicester shortly after I married, and I can tell you, this curry-stained little turd was already a “not inconsiderable” way up the ladder of cuntitude.

  2. Holly Brockwell deserves an almighty cunting.

    Who? you may be asking, well this stupid cunt is on TV right now moaning because at the age of 30 her doctor won’t grant her a sterilization operation.
    Why the fuck should we (well the NHS) fund this cunts surgery?
    Ever heard of taking responsibility for your own actions you stupid cunt?
    If you don’t want kids then don’t get pregnant, it really is that fucking simple, there is this thing called the Pill, also condoms, coils and even not letting your boyfriend shoot his muck inside you.
    Jesus fucking Christ, if she does get this operation then what happens in 15 years time when she realises she now wants kids.
    Another NHS operation to undo the sterilization by reconnecting the Falopian tubes? (and yes, it is possible)

    Talk about a fucking narcissistic, self-absorbed, wants to get on TV and gain exposure, irresponsible, Grade A – CUNT

    I hope she gets fucking cervical cancer, now that would be fucking Karma

    • just looked at the daily mails article, ok so boy friend was offered the snip but refused (but likes to shhot his load in her)
      They dont seem to understand the concept of contraception.
      So how about she take it up the arse whilst enjoying a dildo?
      That would seem to tick the “him and her” box in this situation, and later when she grows up and decides that she does want kids, she can still have them.

      • M’lord, masterful analysis of the situation, solves all the ethical and moral arguments raised. As Kunt and the gang sang “use my arsehole as a cunt” Are you perchance skilled in systems analysis? Your words are much wise.

  3. Ok, I’ve been away for quite some time, but how the fuck is Keith Vaz not only not in gaol, but still in parliament? He and Mandelson were up to their necks in numerous cases of corruption, fraud etc for years. Who the hell keeps letting them off, and who the hell keeps voting for him?

    • The little turd is MP for Leicester E; I used to live there, or at least in the City of, and it’s full (about thirty-something per cent, even in the late 80s) of bent little turds of his ilk, who adore him. Misguided D & V – wallahs.

    • It wasnt so long ago the population of Leicester were cunted. This is why.

  4. Hmmmm… A socialist leaning MP wanting to add the ‘Brown’ to the ‘Blue’ (as in largely Conservative voting) farming lands of Lincolnshire…

    A little gerrymandering trick the socialists learned from Fony Tony, dump all your shite in Conservative constitutes and use the gratitude vote to dilute the electoral base.

    Utter, Utter cunt.

    • Creepy, creepy looking cunt, and who pays the price for all this social engineering shit I wonder? Further proof, if any more were needed, of the seething hatred and utter contempt that Labour nurse for real working people. Because we Proles don’t actually want to live under a full blown Marxist regime and have proved it time and time again at the Ballot Box these scummy cunts absolutely fucking despise us. I’m no fan of Dave the Gammon Prodder and his chinless acolytes, they too are spivvy worthless cunts of the highest order but Vaz and his ilk need Napalming.
      Surely our good friend Mr Saxon must have a stash of the stuff somewhere…

  5. Remember him hanging around in Heathrow waiting for the first of many romanians and bulgarians so he could buy them a welcoming cup of tea? What a cunt. Oh no, not many will come he says, only a couple of thousand. From a gypo filled shithole where the average monthly wage is about 85 pence, no healthcare or free houses? Cheers prick.

  6. Full name :
    Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz

    I remember in 2014 this egghead cunt was getting all excited about Romania joining the EU, now on london streets I see these roma cunts begging people for money,parasites

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