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Kate Smurthwaite, Nick Cohen

Kate Smurthwaite is a unfunny feminist cunt who has a sense of huge entitlement and is the archetypal rude aggressive dismissive patronising BBC liberal elitist harpy who gives feminists the labels they get. But of course that is mens fault for not wanting to tolerate being walked over by women!

Anyhow I had the misfortune of reading an article she put in a near Trotskyite magazine called the new Internationalist entitled “Doing grief properly”. First of all the assertion that there is a right way for someone to grieve is entirely subjective therefore indicating this article is not going to be based on logic. Well guess what? It isn`t. She basically complains about having to stop during her aerobics class for a minutes silence in the wake of the Paris attacks. Look most of the country participated out of common decency and really is taking one minute out of your day to acknowledge a dark moment in the continents history really so cataclysmic or taxing?

Well, according to her, it is hypocritical and symptomatic of a media “whitewash” which means that as a society we put more emphasis on what happened in France than we would if it was in Africa! Well no shit Sherlock. If a tragedy happens nearer to you especially when you are acutely aware that you are at the same level of risk it is going to affect you more. If say you live on a street and someone the other side whom you do not know gets shot dead it is tragic yes but if there is no threat of you being similarly targeted you will pay less attention to the event.

If, however, your next door neighbour who you knew for some time was shot dead by a group threatening your family also it would be big news to you! But no it is this theory that we value people purely on race and ethnicity .Well what about the Muslim police officer who got shot during the Charlie Hebdo attacks? Are you saying that we weren`t doing the minute silence for him last time there was a minute`s silence in January.

And were all the victims of the Paris November attacks white – because I highly doubt it? Because that is what she is suggesting.

I will finish this rant by a quote about what we should do instead of observing silence for the victims of terrorism according to this harpie cunt:

Instead let`s tear the “defence” industry down brick by brick.Let`s chase down every hypocritical politician and demand they answer our questions and face the truth.Let`s chain ourselves to every set of railings,blockade every weapons convoy,disrupt every arms fair.And demand every innocent family fleeing war and violence is welcomed with open-human-arms and treated with respect

She also described the minutes silence as indicative of something “being pathologically wrong with you” if you only do that and not follow her advice as stated above.

What a sanctimonious delusional cunt. Let us grieve for victims of terrorism by getting rid of our defences and allowing anyone into this country some of whom may well be terrorists causing more innocent civilian deaths on our street. Fucking hell. Where her parents brother and sister???

I think we can all agree that she is one of the biggest cunts with a media profile. She claims people don`t find her funny because she is a woman. No dear it is because you are as funny as a burst colostomy bag on a 24 hour flight not because you have a vagina.

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

18 thoughts on “Kate Smurthwaite [2]

  1. Another talentless failure blaming the fact she isn’t funny on the fact she is a woman Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz put the kettle on luv and i’ll google some makeup tips for you.

      • Even then, it would have to be a very thick bag. I would suggest a Ned Kelly style helmet. Only without the eye and mouth holes.

  2. Masterfully cunted.

    In this case I can say with the utmost certainty that I wouldn’t. Bet her rug goes all the way up past her bellybutton.

  3. Here is how she responded to someone who criticized her :

    “Christophers Hitchens was a sexist arsehole. So, it appears, are you. You don’t have to find my work funny. Humour is highly subjective. But I’ve made a full time living at this for over a decade so evidently more than enough people do find me funny for this to be my job. However the very idea that my gender affects my ability to do my job, or that my work reflects on the work of other comedians who also happen to be women is a deeply bigoted and fucking stupid thing to say. If this is the sort of sexist bullshit attitude you dish out to people you find attractive I shudder to think how you behave towards other women in your life. I sincerely hope you never get laid again and that your dick falls off out of sheer boredom.”

    And the poor deluded fucker was a feminist ally and thought she was attractive.He just said she kind of helps prove Hitchens point.There are funny female stand ups but they are rare.Shazia Mirza is the only female comedian I can say I have really enjoyed seeing live.Most just want to talk about periods and how modern feminism is important!Sometimes you feel that female stand ups are giving you a lecture as opposed to trying to be funny!

    • How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?
      TWO……one to change the lightbulb and the other to suck my cock.

  4. I notice with some dismay there is no entry for “femicunt” in that august tome “the cunter’s dictionary”

    Hairy, smelly, stinks of rotting anchovies, won’t shut the fuck up

    q.v Smurthwaite (Shaun of the Dead 69) above

  5. Excellent cunting there Shaun. That quote was fucking hilarious. She has the audacity to accuse others of hypocrisy, whilst in the same breathe demanding we respect these alleged refugees, AFTER she’s shown a complete lack of respect for a minute’s silence. I bet she’s one of these self-righteous cunts who wears a white poppy on remembrance day, because she considers the wearing of a red poppy to be a glorification of war.

    Left wingers are usually so quick to believe their own bullshit, that they become immune to the facts. For instance, it’s a fact that the wearing of the red poppy is to commemorate the end of the First World War, and to remember all those who have fallen in conflicts from the WW1 to the present day, and to give thanks for their sacrifice. Obviously, that’s beyond the wit of leftist scum like Smurthwaite.

    • Its a shame that cunts like her feel compelled to bleat on and on with their deluded
      pacifist nonsense, completely oblivious to the fact that those sacrifices allow them to spout their shite. I don’t care what they think, just keep it to themselves.

  6. It’s a truism that bitches ugly on the outside are also ugly on the inside.

    This ugly bitch is not really a feminist. The plan of the cunt (grist for wanking an sadistic mirth) is to get the sheep-slags to abandon their infant children so they and the children suffer and are seriously damaged.

    It is sick how many infants are ‘looked after’ by junkie tattooed teenage skanks for sub-minimum wage in filthy profiteering baby sheds (while their mothers work for minimum wage doing mindless shit in a crappy office [and of course they claim baby-care costs from taxpayers]).

  7. The French are complete cunts, and so are the migrant scum that inhabit the so-called Calais Jungle… The fact is that every single inhabitant of the Calais Jungle has passed through several safe countries…. None of them should ever be allowed into the UK…..

    And as for those garlic chewing surrender monkey frog fuckers, trying to blackmail Blighty into staying in the EU by saying ‘Stay in the EU, or we’ll flood the UK with migrants…’
    Well. fuck the French cunts… Let’s just bomb the bastards and take Calais with it… As old Henry V would say, ‘Lets’ get the smelly frog cunts!’

    • I’m predicting seven biblical plagues if we leave the blessed EU, although I’m not sure how the plague of frogs fit in

  8. Loathsome man hating ugly leftie cunt….always asked for her deluded opinions on shitty radio stations talking about fucking gender equality blah blah blah……go join a womans rugby team and take your frustrations out in the post match bath with a brush handle you ugly fish smelling big nosed cunt

  9. This is the bitch who picketed Sebastian Horsley’s funeral because he admitted he liked sex with prostitutes. A Puritanical Stalinist left winger of the worst kind.

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