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Anyone see Andrew Marr ‘interviewing’ Boris Johnson over the weekend? What a shower of shit!

The cunt Marr is the man who once called bloggers “socially inadequate, pimpled, single, slightly seedy, bald, cauliflower-nosed young men sitting in their mother’s basements and ranting. They are very angry people.” Too fucking right we’re angry, Andrew, especially when we see failed third rate Jeremy Paxman wannabees like you being paid wads of BBC dosh to conduct interviews like this. You didn’t listen to a single word he said did you? You just constantly interrupted and forced your own pathetic jaundiced viewpoint. To you the BBC is just a personal soapbox for your own aggrandisement.

And for the record I’m not socially inadequate or pimpled and I have a full head of hair (unlike Mr Marr). I’m married and respectable. I don’t have a basement and my mother is long dead. And while you’re slagging off bloggers, can I point out to you that your employers, the BBC, have some 200 odd blogs of their own.

Yes, I think we can safely say that Andrew Marr is an egotistical, inadequate hypocrite and a total unequivocal pissant of the first water!

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20 thoughts on “Andrew Marr [7]

  1. I’m avoiding BBC news until the referendum is over. To be fair, I tend to avoid them anyway. But specifically Radio FUCKING Four. Cunts. Plain and simple.

    • I listen to radio snore on the way home from work, just to find out what the bbc is telling cunts what to think about the news of the day. Eddie Mair is a cunt of seismic proportions, daily telling us how sad it is how all these migrants drown off Lampedusa. Doesn’t matter how many times you say it, I aint going to give even a tiny fuck. As for that jungle slum in calais, there seem to be more journalists and unwashed scummy anarchist cunts there than migrants.

  2. Apparently the stroke he suffered from seriously affected one half of his body. Pity it wasn’t the top half.

    • How true, he would be more entertaining if he was splashing around in his own drool cuntish wanker.

  3. What a bellend a dipshit fuckhead of a cunt he and others like him affirms my belief in the devil a shite journalist & host too. Remember his Privacy injunction? saville,& cyril smith had the same magical powers lol Hopefully Marr gets another stroke

  4. Fucking useless sycophantic twat of another overpaid BBC so-called journalist. The sooner someone tips the twat out of his lop-sided wheelchair off a handy south coast pier the better.
    It was utter shite from beginning to end and Boris wiped his arse with Marr’s own fucking incontinence pads.
    Fucking self -obsessed cunt. I trust the next embolism does the job properly.

  5. Old jug ears is King of the lefties, let’s be clear the Biased Broadcasting Corporation is corruption personified and Yentob is still on the payroll.

  6. The cunt Marr used to work for The Independent. This is what his old newspaper thought orf the shindig:
    “Marr abandoned the usual rules of interviewing, most notably the one that says let the interviewee answer a question, in his quest to prove himself cleverer than Boris. Meanwhile, Boris did what Boris does: waffle on without anyone really knowing what he is actually saying.”
    Our Boris is the bigger cunt though for being such an inept blowhard. The staged scruffy tosser supposedly leading the Oit Campaign is a phenomenally poor public speaker who is actually leading his supporters doine the river. Seems to yours truly that old shite pants is doing his considerable best to lose the vote so his old mate Cameron has his bacon saved. Trojan Horse comes to mind.

    • I read that very same article, an excellent trashing of Marr. The fucker just wouldn’t shut up. I see someone has also mentioned that dreadful bloody Israelite Botney, another luvvy who should be given a radioactive enema.

  7. God is anyone else watching the agenda on ITV?Tim Farron and some Irish bird are on about giving women sick leave for PMS!Juliet Stevenson is also on and she is a smug leftie cunt.

  8. I took the dog for a walk today and some dirty fucker had not cleaned up after their hound, result = my size 9 loafer covered in shit.
    That is the equivalent of Andrew Marr, shit on my shoe.
    Him, Paxman, Neil, all a shower of public money feasting cunts who are about as credible journalists as the newsreaders who simply read a fucking auto-cue.
    The sooner the BBC is fucking scrapped off to subscription the better.
    If the BBC is this well-loved institution that produce drama, entertainment and unbiased news then everyone will subscribe anyway.
    Fucking wankers.
    Apparently the BBC are going to close the iplayer license fee loop-hole, good, I don’t watch anything on iPlayer anyway, torrents are easier and do not require antiquated adobe flash.
    Good to see the government are keen to fix this loop-hole, shame they don’t attack the tax loop-holes in the same way that all the BBC staff exploit, why you might say? because all the politicians are doing the same tax-avoiding scam.

    Oh, and don’t get me started on The Agenda with that Tom Bradby shit bucket, someone should hang that cunt off London Bridge using a meat-hook in his arsehole, the cunt

  9. Marr is a snob and a total cunt… And he is a piss poor Paxman…
    And Paxman is a snob and he is a piss poor Brian Walden…

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