Clare Moseley


Care4Calais founder Clare Moseley deserves an extremely severe cunting.

This microbe of dogshit has just said that lorry drivers who complain about migrant attacks at Calais should change their job. WTF !!!!

Who the fuck does this fucking whore slag cunt bitch think she is?? Has she stopped for one minute to think that this country is an island, and as such cannot produce the required amount of food to support itself on its own. It therefore follows that said island needs to import large amounts of food to make up the shortfall and that a huge amount of said foodstuffs arrive here by LORRY !!!

It also follows that lorries need drivers, and for whatever reason they do the job is none of her fucking business. Lorry drivers are NOT the problem you thick cunt, the large amount of fucking shitskins trying to invade our once great country most certainly are. Now fuck off and die you massive fucking CUNT !!!

Nominated by: Captain Cunteye

28 thoughts on “Clare Moseley

  1. Clare is right we need to let in more migrants so they can force convert us and chop little childrens heads off I can’t think of a more peaceful religion then this. They should also have full rights to harass any lorry driver they see and assault them for no reason Also Jude Law says migrants are great people I mean he must know after all living in a mansion worth 5 million he has a great moral compass . Letting in migrants who chop off childrens heads and riot in the street is the right thing to do to not allow this would be racist

    • Would that be the same Jude Law who, having fucked off with his security detail left his camera crew behind to be battered by a bunch of feral goat fuckers?

      That Jude Law?

      • “That Jude Law?” Yes odin that same untalented bellend who couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag and pretends he’s gonna save the bloody world. When in reality goes to his one out of 4 mansions every night to fuck high end prostitutes and snort cocaine,. A real posh high society cunt who mostly hates working class folk so its ironic he wants to help migrants when he wouldn’t give a homeless person a used tissue from his arse. Probably the biggest phony I know and a shite actor.

  2. It’s a shame this lady cant be picked up by a lorry driver. Peter Sutcliffe perhaps?

    • Perhaps he should be let out day release Cunstable, these people have no idea what goes on in the real world. Just found out today that Stuart Hall is living in a bail hostel a couple of miles from me, what would you do?

  3. Ask the bitch why these freeloaders get automatic council homes and spending money, her only answer is to call us racist

    And most of these lot are pakis Africans and Afghans,not genuine refugees

  4. Once this big nosed old moose has had a couple of them backward goat fuckers up her old dirtbox, and has been left in a tangled heap in a ditch, perhaps she’ll change her mind.The cunt.

      • “she will excuse their goat fucking behaviour” I’m more worried bout their kid raping behavior. We should rename England Cuckland because thats what politicians and feminists turned it into just the truth. Aristotle was right about women having no business in politics or various forms of leadership.

    • Another german chancellor arse rapes europe. I think even the jerries want to do her in Guy Fawkes style. Bye bye civilisation….

    • Very important video which explains who’s behind the migrant invasion why the shills who’s backing it (soros)and are getting payed to hush about it. This invasion didn’t happen by accident it was carefully planned and defense was already in place once people started speaking out. Please watch it will only take 20 minutes of your time

      • Truly shocking clip Mr Slapper, have been on the receiving end a gang of muslims almost killed my son on his way to work Google Mark Clayton Oldham.

  5. I think they should take 20 migrants from the jungle and invite them to set up camp in her back garden.Then when she complains we can tell her to fuck off and move house.Would pay to see that.What a horrible cunt she is!

  6. I live a sheltered life. I had to look the cunt up. Have I got this right? So she starts tearfully bleating about what she’s seen in the meejah, tells her husband she just has to do something, the soft git puts up no resistance and off she pisses on a ferry to Calais to a migrant encampment leafving the soft twat and the kids behind.. She says “this is a globalised world we can’t pretend that it isn’t” and “since I first arrived my job has evolved.” What a black hole of a cunt! Firstly you can pretend it’s a globalised world yer twat, I live in a localised one. Secondly, your fucking job has evolved! Reminder, your fucking job, bitch, is back home with yer bloke and kids getting their fucking tea ready, tucking them in at night and giving the old man a treat of a blow job or the tradesmen’s entrance at bed time, that’s evolution from the missionary position. You’ve abandoned your fucking family for self-glory! It’s alright being Mother fucking Teresa if you’ve got no responsibilities but you have yer daft festering cunt. And lay off lorry drivers. It’s more than just changing gear and raping prostitutes, they have to overtake old men in little cars by using the cross hatching on single carriage ways (I’m ashamed to admit). Get off yer do-gooder soapbox yer silly tart. Fuck off back home to yer man and kids, enjoy the soaps and live a proper life. Cunt.

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