Chris Rock

Chris rock salutes the Black Panthers...

Chris rock salutes the Black Panthers…

So Chris Rock reckons if there was a nomination process for host at last night’s Oscars then he wouldn’t have been there.

Why is that then, Chris? Is it because you’re black? No. It’s because you ain’t fucking funny!

And let’s face it, the only reason you were there is because you are black.

And that’s alright is it, Chris?

Racist cunt.

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    • FFS thats not the point its self congratulatory bullshit it doesn’t matter anyway they don’t make good films anymore its a load of shite. Alot of films nowadays have a anti-white white guilt message who cares who they give awards to the show is for bellends and poofs

  1. Just seen this Chris Rock twat on the news. If they ever asked old Lord Swinging Balls to compare the MOBO’s, my opening speech would be, “well I’m here at the MOBO awards, otherwise known as the black awards, and no white fucker to be seen and no white nominees”. Chris Rock and his ilk are a bunch of monumental cunts. I wish he and they would fuck off, stick to fucking MOBO’s and any other fucking black awards ceremony, fucking wankers.

  2. Well, it is a bit racist, I mean why were no black or ethnic minority actors approached to play Steve Jobs? I think Denzel Washington would have been great in the role. My arse! Lets have Sean Bean play Nelson Mandela and not even let him have a suntan. All those cunts applauding should be covered in piss for agreeing with Cunt Rock, sycophantic sphincters. Knock up Big Mommas House eight for next year and it would sweep the boards. CUNTZ!

    • Denzel Washington has made some excellent action movies in his time (Deja Vu, Man On Fire etc) but Hollywood snobs generally ignore them in favour of more “serious” films.

      • I couldn’t agree more, however shoe horning a black actor into a film to tick boxes causes more grief than it solves. I think Idris Elba is great but I’ll eat a dick pastie before watching him play James Bond.

        • To his credit, when the idea of him playing Bond was suggested, Elba said “I thought they wanted someone good looking”. Idris, mate, have you SEEN Daniel Craig? He looks like the result of Gollum fornicating with a rusty wingnut.

      • “Denzel Washington has made some excellent action movies” no he doesn’t he makes dog turds disguised as films deja vu was alright I guess hardly a masterpiece tho IMO I wouldn’t watch it again

    • So how come Sean Connery can get away with playing a Russian sub commander with a scottish accent?
      Is it ‘cos he knows how to act?
      You don’t question it do you? The performance carries it off…

      • For the same reason that he could play an Irish policeman in The Untouchables I suppose. Or an Arab warlord in The Wind and the Lion. Just don’t mention Zardoz, a near career killer if ever there was one…

  3. He was bleating on about Cops shooting blacks on their way to the Cinema. Looking at the statistics over 90% of blacks are shot by OTHER blacks the Cops don’t get a look in. #Cop Lives Matter, #Black Lives Splatter. The reason for no black nominees this year is a simple, brutal fact that escapes these fools. They are not good enough to win one.

    • Statistics?
      Well, over 99% of people killed in road accidents wear clothes, so clearly clothes are dangerous and should be made illegal immediately! They clearly are a direct cause of road accidents…

  4. Just a thought, but if black actors and directors want to win Oscars, perhaps they should make better films. I though Sam L Jackson was brilliant as the villain in Kingsman, but light hearted, foul mouthed and cheerfully violent films don’t tend to win awards. Only depressingly pretentious foul mouthed violent films get them, because they are more “intelligent” presumably…

  5. Chris and the fat ass Beyonce have been crying about “police brutality”

    Zimmerman and darren wilson were only defending themselves against 2 criminal racist black thugs

    The same crap happened here with the duggan bullshit , my uncles shop got torched by the useless chav scum

  6. When yours truly was in the producing dodge there was period in the 1970s through to the 80s when “multi-racial casting” was quite the thing. Had a pop at it because there was grant money in it – but Christ what a pain in the arse. Black actors largely only want to work in London me dears so getting them to go oit orn tour is a nightmare. And if one can bribe them enough to do it then one is obliged to play the white man and fawn upon the paranoid, chip on shoulder, not turn up until the very last minute type cunts. And do not start me orn the dressing room antics and the smokable injectable herbal tinctures that they are prone to. Some are decent enough orn their tod but get them together and shite always floats to the top.

  7. Th’Oscars:

    In the great scheme of things: who gives a FUCK? It’s not as though it’s important, at the end of the day it’s just an excuse for the luvvies to indulge in a: self congratulatory, Bacchanalian fuelled, mwah mwah, crocodile tear lubricated wank fest. It’s not real life; it’s some thin veneer of imagined self importance perpetuated by the none thinking garbage that hang around behind the silk dividing ropes hoping for some reflected fame by association.

    Go home, kiss the dog, kick the wife and get on with your sad, meaningless debt ridden lives you fucking tossers.


  8. Well I think Chris Rock is funny.

    And, at the risk of being cunted myself, he does regularly stick a finger or two up to political correctness.

  9. Good lord, there’s not much argument here. Christopher is a cunt. He fucking ruined the Lethal Weapon franchise single-handedly, and have you see ‘Everyone Hates Chris’?! Fucking hell, he’s awful.
    He’s doing what Eddie Murphy did decades ago, but because he smiles and acts white friendly the media fall at his feet. A right cunt.
    Richard Pryor knocks this cunt into a cocked hat.

  10. I suppose Rock’s Oscars appearance is like when Bono bitches about the British, then plays the O2 Arena (or whatever it’s called these days)… Or John Lennon spouting off about no possessions and having a mansion full of antiques and a Rolls Royce, or that Madonna cunt going on about Le Pen and Hitler, and then having dinner with Netenyahu… Most of these celebrity types are hypocritical cunts…

  11. Even this dumb idiot must know why ‘he’ gets the gig (to be an unfunny angry racist bore).

    A token black!

    And they should have a cow on for the milk tokens.

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