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Age UK are cunts….

A mate of mine lost his girl (who he’d been with 11 years)l in a car crash only last year… He’s worked solid since he left school (He’s now 38), but after the crash he went to pieces and lost his job… Those soulless cunts at his local Jobcentre have shown him no understanding… They have teamed up with one of their other Tory collaborator bedfellows (Seetec, I think they’re called) and put him to work in a ‘charity shop’ called Age UK…

These cunts are basically ’employing’ a decent and honest man who needs grief counselling 9 to 5 for fuck all…

It’s not just that though, In my dinner hour (I work at the bottom of Deansgate) I went to Bury to pick something up, so I popped in to see him… He’s a shadow of his former self and seems lifeless.. And the shop? What a fucking shithole! Selling crap that nobody wants, and full of loonies, foreign cunts on the blag, and scrotes who stink of BO and piss…

Now, that’s bad enough, but his ‘boss’ is also a total bitch… I have witnessed her today barking at her ‘staff’ like Sybil Fawlty shouts ‘Basil!’ only worse… She talks to him (and others) like crap and how a bastard schoolteacher (we’ve all had’ em!) does to kids….

I’ve told him to just fuck them off and that his mates will look after him… But I think he just wants to get out of the house… He‘s too good for a dump like that… And Age UK – for exploiting vulnerable people and being up Duncan Smith’s arse – are utter cunts and a plague on their so-called ‘charity’…


Nominated by: Norman

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  1. Sad story Norman, Iain Duncan Smith is a triple distilled cunt and all these charity and other shops who ’employ’ ‘Jobseekers’ so the Jobseekers are able to get the £45 or whatever it is a week are cunts as well. The fact is these Tory cunts have reduced so much of the funding for departments that actually help people that its hard to get the right help. What pisses me off is that people who have contributed to the ‘system’ especially the older generations are treated like shit and told they have to wait months for vital operations etc, or people with mental health problems aren’t getting the treatment they need when its needed. If your some cunt who has turned up in the last 10 years you end up getting treated better than British people. This country is turning into a joke and I think were going to have another Tory government after Cuntmeron leaves. It will be either Gideon Osbourne or that stupid Boris cunt either way it will be ‘fuck the poor/ working class’ lets look after the rich cunts.

  2. I know it’s been done up in recent years, but the Rock used to be a long row of pound shops and “Charity” Stores. Whilst I recognise the description of the shoppers, I always wondered which poor bastards ended up working there. First Labour and now the Tories seem determined to ruin towns like Bury, and destroy the lives of those who have lived there for generations. I genuinely feel for your friend, and hope he can get some help, I know it sounds strange but maybe spending some time volunteering at the ELR could help him rebuild his life?

  3. I see the Chinese are trying to say it will cause worldwide financial trouble if we leave the EU. We are getting bombarded with this crap regularly now, Boris Johnson is a cunt but I respect him for joining the ‘Brexit’ campaign (why the fuck do ‘they’ come up with these stupid words?) although he’s probably doing it to get Cuntmerons Job. The problem is s that all the easily influenced cunts will believe all this shit and vote to stay in, I for one will vote ‘out’ but it won’t be worth shit as they will not let us out. After all that bailing Greece out, who are nowhere near us when it come to economy to keep them in do you really think they will accept Britain’s exit? I hope I am wrong.

  4. Catchy phrases or words is a cunt,

    ‘Credit crunch’, ‘Brexit’, etc are all examples of cunt behaviour. I don’t know who come’s up with these words which the media then use to bombard us with and before you know were all saying it like a bunch of cunts. It must come from lazy text messaging slang, or Twitter ‘trending’ words either way its a cunt. The cunts.

  5. Got the place wrong in my initial cunting… The dump where my pal is placed is in Bolton… Easy mistake to make, and there’s not much difference between the two these days (thanks to the Tory pigs and the infestation of foreigners)… But it’s outrageous that in modern Britain, a man who has paid in and worked all his life ever since he left school hits a bad patch and there is nobody there to help him… Instead he is set upon by Duncan Smith’s dogs and his doctor doesn’t give a toss either (and I know who he is, the cunt!)…Putting aside my friend’s state of mind for a minute (and his state of mind is not good at all), somebody is either unemployed or they aren’t… It is wrong for any company (charity or otherwise) to get people to work for free… And these poor sods know there is no job prospect at the end of their time… Because they know they will replaced by some other poor mug off the DWP/Seetec production line… These shops don’t even employ cleaners… They get these modern day slaves to do it for them… If my mate works full time hours at this heap then he should (at the very least) get the minimum wage… If he works these hours all week then he should be classed as employed,and he shouldn’t have to search for another job if he is working already… But he does… If this was in South America or Africa those Amnesty International cunts and all those other human rights do-gooders would be wetting their keks… But a white working class English lad? They don’t give a fuck about that…

    • Because we are expendable, as well as being responsible for all the World’s problems, apparently.

      • There are cunts here in the UK that actually care more about those scrounging locusts in Calais than they do about our own poor, sick, vulnerable and elderly… So-called charities using slave labour, they don’t care about… But they’re all over a bunch of goatfucking parasites with medieval values… Britain is now a shitheap…

        • Every morning I awake and say to myself things are not too bad. I remember all the crap I was fed when at school in the 1960’s how when the oil and gas came onstream our lives would be fucking great 3 day weeks loads of leisure time and so on. So how did this current shit tip happen? Easy the bunch of leftie pc cuntards thought shit, the working class have got a better deal and are starting to benefit from the countries wealth no revolution here; who will support us now? So the focus moved from our people who needed help to every other cunt who could garner some sympathy and claim the terrible whitey had done them wrong. Almost overnight in historical terms White working persons became the spawn of satan (left never forgave the proles for not revolting) the devil’s horde. So the white majority can basically go fuck themselves because to atone for their heinous sins (being white one of them) they must give up their culture, beliefs and laws and only then and it appears to be a maybe we may be forgiven. I keep my goats locked up at night a local farmer had a ewe raped by an Iraqi, couple of months ago he was caught because he left a sock at the scene of the violation DNA is it not wonderful. He had been nicked before; used bread crumbs to entice the ewe which was being kept in a small barn. fucking romantic eh. Looking forward to another year of cultural cuntishness.

          • He used it as a condom, wouldn’t want to get inkfected or get the ewe pregnint wud ‘e ?
            We all know there was no such thing as an Arab until a Frenchman fucked a pig

  6. It’s a terrible system, I have paid National insurance (and I have never been out of work) since I left school at 16, so 40 or so years now.

    I have the same fucking entitlements (probably less) to state help as some beggar from the EU’s Eastern provinces who turned up on friday.

    Just try and figure that fucker out

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