Toby Perkins MP


Labour’s MP for Chesterfield, Toby Perkins, is a total cunt…

In a typical Labour lefty way, he’s been sitting round with his fingers up his arse thinking about what’s really important in this country. Never mind the economy, terrorism, the NHS and all the rest of that shite! He’s thinks that the english having their own National Anthem should be top of his list!

So thanks to Toby, we now have the English National Anthem Bill which not content with already pissing good Commons time up the wall will now receive a second reading on 4th March. The bill would bestow a responsibility on the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport to hold a consultation across the UK, and Mr Perkins suggested there could even be an “X Factor style programme” to select a song.

So even more time effort and money to be pissed up the wall!

Perhaps I could suggest an appropriate song? How about ‘Too Many Cunts to Count’ off our very own Cuntmusic page?

If cunts like Perkins are running the country, we’re fucked…

Nominated by: Dioclese

12 thoughts on “Toby Perkins MP

  1. Secunted.In ages past I had the unfortunate experience of living in the East Midlands, home of goitres, too much shared DNA and stupid liberal lefties like this with fuck all else to do.
    He’s not a patch on Dennis ‘Nasher’ Skinner who leads with the proverbial left hook. They even trottedHoward Fuckall out yesterday whimsically explaining the melodic nuances of bloody Jerusalem. How on earth a song with an Israelite title can pass muster as representative is beyond me, and it’s a shit tune anyway. They’d be better of using the time to bring back fox hunting, a truly British tradition. He isn’t by any chance related to that idiot child of lesbos, Sue Perkins? He’s a cunt, nuff said

  2. A National Anthem X-Factor type show?
    This country is well and truly fucked… II’m glad I was around in the 70s, 80s and even 90s… Because I’m not going to enjoy the rest of it…

  3. He looks like a right retarded cunt.

    He seems to have the face of a piggy-eyed Mongolian glued onto the head of a steroid-gobbling cretin.

    Wiki says the cunt is Shadow Minister for Small Business?

    1. How many fucking ministers are there? The corrupt shit-sucking rat-bastards in parliament will create any ministry to get more taxpayers money for being lazy useless thieving ignorant cunts.

    2. This cunt Toby Perkins is in the GCSE Woodwork Club – no ‘A’ levels or degree – and says he was a IT Sales and Consultant. That would be when he was selling fucking obsolete shit in PC World to senile bitches smelling of piss.

    3. The cunt has no qualifications or experience to be a toilet cleaner, let alone a Shadow Minister for Small Business.

    BY the way you dumb fuck – England is country, Britain is a nation. The anthem would be a country anthem, not a national anthem, and ‘Jerusalem’ is the de facto country anthem for England.

    • ‘Jerusalem’ is about Jesus allegedly travelling to England as a young man and other such nonsense.

      ‘And did these feet in ancient times
      Walk upon Englands pastures green?’

      In a word NO ! Now fuck off.

      • Have you notices how cunts say singular ‘foot’ instead of ‘feet’ for the plural?

        “He was 6 foot tall” said the cunt.
        “It is 6 foot long” said the cunt.

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