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Spike Lee is a cunt…

This twat is boycotting the Oscars because he says they are ‘too white…’ Imagine the shitstorm if a white actor or director said that the Oscars (or anything else) was too black…. People should get awards for their talent: because of how good they are, not what they are… While we’re at it, who was the last white 100m sprint winner? But nobody would be allowed to say athletics are too black, would they?

This is the opening of yet another PC can worms… Next it will be there aren’t enough gays getting Baftas (although plenty of them do!) or transgenders don’t get enough Grammy Awards… Rest assured, every cunt will be at it…

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. And now that other talent-free cunt, Will Smith, is boycotting The Oscars… Because she who must be obeyed (ie: his dummy spitting fucking nag of a wife!) says so… More backbone on a piece of battered haddock…

    And someone should tell SpIke Lee ‘Wearing glasses and trying to appear clever does not make you Malcolm X… Now fuck off, you cunt!’

  2. And Will Smith is sulking because he was too shite to be nominated. Have Morgan Freeman or Denzel Washington piped up yet? I consider them to be actors with class and dignity. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Samuel L Jackson shouts out. And “unconscious racism” Lupita Nyongo? FUCK YOU!!! How the fuck can someone be unconsciously racist? Still, even that’s better than being consciously racist, like you, and all other black “celebrities” who are currently whingeing because they weren’t good enough to be nominated.

    • ‘Racism’ never stopped the great Sidney Poitier getting his Academy Award…. Spike Lee is full of shit… And when was the last time Spike Lee made a film that wasn’t about blacks? But does anyone call him racist?

      Lee (and others) are probably upset because that film Compton, about those NWA cunts (who will get their own cunting soon!) wasn’t nominated…

  3. Don’t know what the fuss is about.

    The Oscars are an obvious fix designed to promote the actor or director du jour. Nominations are by industry insiders, most of whom haven’t lived in the real world outside of Hollyweird for decades.

    Some of the most boring and shit films that have actually won awards should instantly point out that it is a self-congratulatory luvvie fest that isn’t worth our time.

    Ignore it. Hopefully it will disappear up it’s own arsehole and leave the rest of us in peace.

  4. I wonder how long it will be before we get the OOBO awards, Oscars Of Black Origin, just like the fucking MOBO awards. Who gives a shit if they do boycott the awards, that cunt Spike Lee probably was never invited in the first place.

  5. Excellent cunting Norman,

    Being a half Black cunt myself I get pissed off when people whinge about ‘a lack of black this or that’. Denzel Washington and Halle berry won Oscars a while ago, maybe this year none of the roles black actors played in Films were considered good enough. I bet next year there will be a black woman and man nominated, there is something about American black people I don’t like, they are mostly cunts who feel the need to call themselves ‘African American’ even though most of them are blatantly have white, Indian, or some other non African ancestor. While I am on this subject what with all this black James Bond nonsense? James Bond is half Scottish according to the book aint he? So the most black James Bond could be is half black (Maybe I should apply). I also get pissed off when some black cunt plays some old English King on the BBC, I mean what the fuck? I am sure the cunt is a good Actor an all but some roles are not to be played by Black people as some are not to be played by white people. Imagine a white cunt playing Malcom X. Anyways it all a load of Bollocks. The Cunts.

    • Yaphet Khotto, who played Dr Kananga/Mr Big in “Live And Let Die” took a lot of stick recently for saying that the very idea of a black James Bond was ridiculous.

      • My mum didn’t like that film because there were ‘too many black people in it’
        But then again, she did come from Wales so you have to make allowances …

      • I’ve seen the interview with Khotto, where he dismisses the allegations of racism against LALD as utter rubbish as well. “If it was racist I wouldn’t have been in it”

        • Yaphet Khotto was black and Jewish, brought up in a poor USA neighbourhood. I reckon he knows what’s discrimination and what isn’t.

  6. If the Oscars were meant for blacks they would have been called: The Leroys and cast in bronze with raised weals on the back for stevie wonder’s benifit. Stands to reason.

  7. FFS it is an award ceremony for a profession who can measure their success by how much they get paid, and how much they gross at the box office, Why the fuck do they even need an award ceremony? Fucking ego massage for the luvvies who earn 100 times what we earn in a year for 1 film. If you don’t like it, get out of the film industry, cunts

  8. Like it or not, ignore it or not the film industry as well as politics in the Western world generally caters for a predominantly white audience.

    Are black people being biasedly targeted to be left out of the Oscar nominations, I very much doubt it, is there a small chance they are, possibly.

    Now that there are black actors/actresses boycotting the Oscars in a put up or shut up kinda protest I hope a black actor/actress wins the next Oscar as the one who does will know it was nothing to do with their performance or acting ability it will be solely because da brudas gat in ya face n uppity, cunts!

      • Charlotte Rampling has probably just trashed her future career prospects, by speaking her mind…..

  9. This is probably gonna come out racist but believe me I’m not, prejudice? absolutely… kind of. I’m really tired of niggas whining about this and that, first they say there isn’t that many black people in movies nowadays. This is false there is actually too many black people in movies but it doesn’t matter because they don’t make good movies anymore anyway. Films have gotten worse with liberal’s gay agenda, race mixing and political correctness in fact this is another reason I rarely bother anymore. Anyways oscars is a shitbagging insitustion and if they started to give away awards wouldn’t it be like reparations blacks would probably whine about that too. God this whole debacle has reminded me how much I hate niggas and nigress’s.

  10. Do they want fucking minority quotas for the Oscars now?Getting an Oscar isn`t a token it is something you have to earn.Just because you are in a film and are black does not automatically earn you a fucking award.I actually saw some statistics yesterday that over the last two decades the nominees and winners of academy awards when calculated in percentages of skin colour broadly reflected the racial difference in the American population.Another thing that pisses me off is when people say we should call actresses actors now so as not to be sexist.Well maybe when they abolish the “best actress” categories I will be more sympathetic instead of just thinking they want to have their cake and eat it.

  11. I wonder if Sidney Poitier will comment on this shit storm in a tea cup.I mean he never spat his dummy out the pram about the lack of diversity in the Oscars despite being pretty much the only major black Hollywood actor of his generation he just got on with it and did really well because he was a superb actor and didn`t need affirmative action to win as he had talent.Apparently he was concerned that his Oscar was in part undermined by him pondering whether his award was a token gesture from the academy.

  12. I fink dat one has to admit dere iz da shortage hof blak peeps in all walks hof life an’ industry. nah wot I mean? I mean dig yous nah whun iz dere gonna be blak tube train drivers, doctors an’ nurses or counta assistants in boots de chemist? Iz hit coz I iz blak aye?

  13. Just call the fucking things “De Ozkaaz” from next year and maybe the cunts will come back.

    By the way, I am boycotting Premier League Football because Hartlepool United is not in it. It’s just not fucking fair! The poor bastards try their guts out every week and never get a look in. Oh, black pudding and blackberry jam can fuck off an’ all!

  14. You know what. It’s a symptom of today’s whingy, whining society. Not enough blacks nominated for oscars. Because they weren’t good enough. Not because they’re black. Then you’ve got the arseholes trying to get the Rhodes statue removed from Oriel college because he was a racist. In fact they should be saying ‘Rhodes you Cunt, you were a racist and we’re studying at the institution you effectively paid for’. Every cunts worried about offending some other cunt. Fucking grow up FFS.

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