Olly Murs


Olly Murs another spawn of the talent show cancer we call music today.

Now the trilby wearing painter and decorating tone deaf cunt is presenting the very show that discovered the cunt,along with that fame hungry slut Caroline Flack who’s probably already shagged him…..pair of cunts

Nominated by: Smasher

10 thoughts on “Olly Murs

  1. This being can never, ever, ever be cunted enough. Beigest cunt in existence. Robbie Williams in a hat. Enough said.

  2. I’ve no fucking idea who this prick is having led a very sheltered life so let’s cunt him for being relatively anonymous and having a stupid name. As he claims to be a singer and is not that’s enough for me.

  3. He is a cunt of a cunt. Today’s so called music is bollocks. Real music was born in the 40’s and in my opinion died in the 80’s with the 90’s boynands and girl bands all being cunts then and most still are today. Fuck this cunt and every other cunt from the last 20 years. Fuck off to a cave and die.

  4. Olly Murs.When I hear that cunty name it cuntures up an image of a ventriloquists dummy. In fact it could be in the Keith Harris stable along with that other nappy wearing sad fuck Orville. I’m sorry Olly. Am I fuck!
    On a roll now, this is bound to cause a bit of blood pressure. Duncan “Chase me” Norvelle. Don’t we produce some talentless wankers. They would have all gone home wearing rotten tomatoes in my day. Hurrrrrumph! Cunts.

  5. I really did think this cunt was an arse bandit. Though I am also sure you could park a truck inside Caroline flacks arse from the amount of insertions it’s had the whore.

    I would however give her a good dose of throat yoghurt.

  6. Fucking fat midget gem headed cunt, never fear dear cunters, his career will be shorter then Susan Boyle’s.
    A couple of albums, where the record company take 95%+ of the money before he is dropped quicker than a 16 year old at a Jimmy Savile scout jamboree.
    Then you will find him working in McDonalds and sucking off old men to pay the bills before he inevitably returns to our screens on some god awful reality celebrity shite, like big brother.

    Fucking nonce

  7. Olly Murs symbolises the utter mediocrity of popular music today. Everything about him screams average yet he is promoted as having Star Quality . Fuck right off. Never has this been been so evident as in these past few weeks which have seen the passing of truly talented musicians . All that the likes of Cheryl Cole Fandango or whatever the fuck her name is , can offer in response is to start another fake media relationship with some gay boy dancer to keep the talentless hag in the news. CUNTS.

  8. Just heard him bleatin’ live on pig ugly criss evans show
    What a wanker, every cliched lyric in the book, condensed into 3 minutes of nausea

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