Emma Tapping


Emma Tapping is a cunt…

This daft bitch shows off all over social media about her expensive 300 presents Xmas haul for her three kids, yet she’s now bleating that she doesn’t want her pictures splashed all over the papers… She has no problem rubbing her lavish spending habits in less fortunate peoples’ faces, but she cries foul when it backfires and she looks like a cunt…

Well, you know what they say: a cunt is as a cunt does…

Nominated by: Norman

9 thoughts on “Emma Tapping

  1. As she’s from the Isle of Man all her kids will have extra limbs, might that account for her largesse ( which she also seems fond of slapping on social meedjia from a quick glance).
    Maybe she needs to make up for all the time she doesn’t see her spoilt brats whilst out on shopping expeditions.
    Nobody really needs that much, surely. Dozy cunt for ‘sharing’ the crappy pictures in the first place, some folks just amaze me by their sheer idiocy. Surely they must be able to see it coming, maybe not.

  2. The daft bitch probably didn’t pay for the presents anyway… She probably got her mug of a well off husband to do it for her… She looks like one of those WAG slags who would shag anything if it had a large wallet…..

  3. Spiike Lee is a cunt… This twat is boycotting the Oscars because he says they are ‘too white…’ Imagine the shitstorm if a white actor or director said that the Oscars (or anything else) was too black…. People should get awards for their talent: because of how good they are, not what they are… While we’re at it, who was the last white 100m sprint winner? But nobody would be allowed to say athletics are too black, would they?

    This is the opening of yet another PC can worms… Next it will be there aren’t enough gays getting Baftas (although plenty of them do!) or transgenders don’t get enough Grammy Awards… Rest assured, every cunt will be at it…

    • I’m boycotting the American Black Film Festival, the Black Movie Awards and the MOBO Awards, the Black International Film Festival, the Black Reel Awards, etc, etc…. just not enough whites getting prizes at them.

      I guess that makes me a big white racist.

  4. Anyone watched a documentary programme called Million Dollar Listing on ITVBe about real estate brokers in Los Angeles? One of these brokers is called Madison, who never stops telling us that he doesn’t mind who he dates, whether it’s a woman or a man. There is one thing about men who continually claim to be bisexual – you never see them with a woman.
    In the latest episode, friends (of both sexes) have fixed him up with a blind date – a man of course – and invited them both to their house to join them for a meal. They’re all sat round the table watching the ‘couple’ like hawks to see how they get along, knowing full well that if they hit it off, it’s going to result in mutual cock-sucking and lubricant-assisted penetration.
    After the meal Madison sees the fella to the door and they discuss whether they’re attracted to each other. Madison says “I’m not feeling it” (words open to interpretation) and the two decide they’ll just be friends and leave it at that.
    All this would have been embarrassing enough if it had been a blind date between a man and a woman, but two men?
    What sort of cunt agrees to do this in front of other people? And how desperate for publicity do you have to be to do it for the tv cameras? They can choose whatever lifestyle suits them, but I’ve found one more reason for not liking Americans.

    • One MORE reason, I’d have said no reason is grounds. But, in the interests of unfair play – gun crime, tipping, any fucking Kardashian or bastard offspring, Donald Fart, stupid cars (even though I don’t drive but wtf), massive obesity, ridiculous work/ no life balance, adverts, tv, golf, accents ( southern drawl in particular), mass racism, southern baptists (any fucking baptists to be frank), rap, more fucking rap, Eminen, Cher, etc.
      I’ll just go and get my coat now.

      • A lot of great Yank music though… Creedence, The Band, The Byrds, Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield,The Doors, Dylan, Stevie Wonder…

        There’s been fuck all of note for nearly 40 years, mind you…

        • I’ll go along with that, I do like Miles Davis even though he got shot by mistake by some gun toting nutter.
          It’s a bit weird that the nation that invented jazz has spent most of the ensuing years ignoring most of it.

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