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Dylan Jones is a cunt…

The slapheaded professional chinstroker and GQ editor is in full griefjacker bullshitter mode: saying that Bowie had more influence than The Beatles…

First off, it isn’t a pissing contest: or about who did better than who… Second, it’s bollocks… Like them or not The Beatles changed the game for everyone… And they did it (mostly) without silly costumes and ‘stage personas’… It begs the question, as good as Bowie could be, would he have been as big without all the costumes, image, the playing of the media and Ziggy?

I’m not saying Bowie was without talent, but what would Ladyboy Ga Ga be without her image, stylists and her ‘controversial’ bullshit? I shall tell you: fuck all… Dylan Jones says while The Beatles reinvented music, Bowie reinvented musical genres… Typical hack chinstroking crap… What exactly did Bowie (re) invent? Glam Rock? Soul? Disco? that New Romantic shite? He dabbled in them all but he didn’t invent or reinvent them… Bowie was good in his pomp. but inspiring every pretentious and crap band from the 80s onwards is far less than what The Beatles achieved…

So fuck off, Dylan Jones, yer bald cunt…

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. Fair comment, except the Beatles weren’t all that either. You accurately shoot down the hype surround one pop icon and then over inflate another. Both can be enjoyed but at the end of the day the yare just entertainers. They don’t change the world, they provide the sound track we listen to whilst the world changes, it would change with or without them. Some of them are real cunts when it comes down to it.

  2. Bowie fans…….dry your eyes and rejoice. Get on over to the site of that venerable sage sir Christopher of Spivey. http://chrisspivey.org/the-road-to-hell/ .It would appear that your hero is in fact still on this mortal coil. Thank the Lord that Chris has been able to join the dots and open our eyes. Even by his standards……this particular set of oh so eloquent prose is a doozy. The mentally ill narcissistic twat has really jumped the shark with this latest conspiracy theory bollocks that he’s shat out of his arse.

    • Why didn’t that fat cunt Spivey die instead of Bowie?
      There really is no fucking justice…

      • You really can’t argue with that, Norman.

        So Bowie is still alive? FFS! The guy has to be seriously deranged. Of course, the only reason that the narcissistic sociopath comes out with this bollocks is so people like you and me talk about him.

        “There is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about” (Oscar Wilde)

    • Is Spivey claiming Bowie was driving the Glasgow bin lorry ? No ? Give him time, give him time. Daft cunt.

  3. I agree that both Bowie and The Beatles had both good and bad points as artists, but that The Beatles influenced and inspired more bands, and better ones than a lot of the 80s twaddle influenced by Bowie and those other arthouse cunts, Roxy Music… The Beatles (and Stones) inspired with their music, while Bowie inspired more with his image(s)…. And I admit it’s easy to blame bands for the crap that comes later… The Stone Roses influenced Oasis… What a dreadful thing to own up to…

    • Norman, people join pop bands to get laid and party, both honourable pastimes. But let’s face it, these are just people, nostalgia and the media place them on pedestals and that’s just wrong. Music is to be enjoyed but this whole nostalgia trip makes cunts of us all. The fact that Noel and Liam were both massive Beatles fans the fab four own some responsibility for the brothers grim. Music is subjective, Lemmy rocked hard but chilled out with ABBA. The value of any piece of music is how deep it moves you at any given point in time.

      Lastly there is the frog chorus…………there ain’t no coming back from that low.

      • I agree 6dog vomit I feel nausea when when somebody calls a musician god because it makes a talented musician out to be something more then what they are not. Beatles didn’t invent pop they influenced alot of musicians but before pop there was music hall , rockabilly, big band, jazz, classical,and gospel. Now we have the destruction of music nowadays hip hop, bubble gum pop and shitty rap

        • If any musician came close to being a God, it was Lemmy….. But that’s merely a personal view.

          • I’m not a big fan of heavy metal but I like lemmy in hawkwind and ace of spades was pretty good. Personally my favorite genres are progressive rock and classical music. I guess I find heavy metal to simplistic and macho alpha male Braggadocio bullshit with the verse chorus verse formula in heavy metal.

  4. When all is said and done, does any genuine music fan really give a monkey’s fuck about who influenced who and shit like that ?? Surely what matters the most is the music itself and how it sounds/what it means to YOU and no fucker else.
    Having said that, I have no time for cunts like this slapheaded prick who seam to think they’re some kind of authority on the subject and that everyone else should show them some respect for voicing their fucking opinions.

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  6. Seems that the post I wrote today referring back to this site has appeared as a ‘pingback’ whatever the fuck one of those is! Presumably this is because I moved my blog to WordPress as it never happened on Blogger.

    Don’t understand it but I can’t be bothered to find out either. FYI Jones’ piece in the Mail was a sickening piece of money grubbing cash-in arse crawling if ever I saw one…

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