Christina Hendricks


That Christina Hendricks is a right cunt. She thinks she is soooo sexy, with here flame coloured hair, big tits, ruby lips and a perfectly peachy down covered arse. She no doubt anticipates a night of passion should she turn up on my doorstep wearing nothing but 1950s lingerie complete with elbow length kid gloves and a bucket full of lubricant. Well just go ahead and try it, you bitch. I dare you, just fucking try it……


Nominated by: Fat Rich

20 thoughts on “Christina Hendricks

  1. 21st century plastic woman. Bet she does the croaky voice and duck lips too.

    I’ll pass as well.

    She … is a cunt, but not in a wick dipping way.

  2. I am aghast that ‘Professor’ Sir Ian Gilmore has yet to be cunted.

    This first rate turd gurgler is all over the news this morning crowing about how Alcohol Health Alliance has lobbied the government and those other ‘arse for sale’, thieving, lazy BMA pricks into lowering the recommended alcohol consumption to 14 units per week for men and women.

    Lets start off on the right footing, have these cunts ever provided any real, factual hard evidence of how the ‘unit’ level of alcohol was defined and measure? I mean, it should be very similar to calculating the molar mass and therefore strength of acids, alkalis and other gases/elements right?

    WRONG. These Doctor cunts sat around a table and made this shit up. They pulled these values from there collective arses as an attempt at curbing the free will of the people to do whatever the fuck they please. The principle problem is the NHS, moaning that alcohol related illness costs it too much money. If we did away with the NHS and made people take responsibility for their own actions and ultimately the cost of doing so then these illiberal cock smokers would be voting the other way, more booze to bring in more punters…

    The ‘pants on fire’ accusation won’t stand up in court, but then again the equally childish and pathetic ‘because we said so’ defence is not viable either.

    And all because of a 1% risk in increase of Alcohol related cancers. You scare mongering, enemy of freedom, communist cunt.

    • I’ve already exceeded my weekly allowance and it’s only 9pm. Fuck them.

  3. Have to say I really can’t see the fascination with her. She’s OK. Not stunning, just OK.

    Still wouldn’t kick her out of bed for farting though.

  4. I’m surprised that Sir Jonathon Penn isn’t cunted yet. His real name is John Pennell but he also uses in his latest motor dealer scam the name of John Penn, what a cunt.

    His latest venture/scam is but he’s been a director of over 200 companies.

    If you google his titled name you will see photos of the cunt looking like a pirate in articles about the arson on his Jaguar on his driveway. What a cunt.

    He’s served time for gbh, fraud and bestiality.

    He’s ripped people off for hundreds of thousands of pounds

    His latest websites are Mafiosa and champagne and caviar and Sourcing Group. What a cunt.

    He was taken to court by Max Clifford for not paying his bill to the paedo pr man and turned up in court in a wig of memorable style. What a cunt.

    • He’s using the arson of his Jaguar as obviously another scam cos he’s talking about it being worth £100k but in reality it was a £17k trade vehicle, what a cunt.

      He’s using a charity on his website to try and present himself as a decent bloke but he’s just a scamming cunt.

      This bloke needs to be outed as “cunt of the highest degree” and should have “cunt” tattooed on his forehead.

  5. I dont think I should be included in any discussions like this, if the moon is in the right place or I have drunk enough I will do anything.
    I am a very sad person.
    I hear Mary Porter might be Bi that made my spirits rise a little, lottery chances though.

  6. I love redheads and I really love big tits. I’ve never watched that programme she’s in, but she’s a thumb up from me.

  7. Christina Hendricks has got to be one of the worst actresses in history if it wasn’t for her looks she would be finished unfortunately looks is all you need in todays mong fest for movies. “Hendricks commented in September 2010 that the media is too focused on women’s bodies and not their actual talents, “I was working my butt off on the show [Mad Men] and then all anyone was talking about was my body.” Because your body is more stunning then you’re shite acting talents you firey haired bitch. She’s got great pale skinned tits though not sure if they are fake or not.

  8. She’s a lot better than the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen ‘Miserable Bitch’ Stewart, Megan Fox, Kaley Cocoa (or whatever her fucking name is!), Dakota ‘Fifty Shades Of Shite’ Johnson and the vastly overrated Emma Watson… At least there’s a chassis on Hendricks, something to hang onto…

    Rich was, of course, being sarcastic and there was more than a hint of sour grapes… He wants to give her one and so do I…

  9. Can she cook and push the hoover around? I am going to reserve judgement until she comes round and demonstrates her skills.

      • She’s now doing a new film with billy bob thorton bad santa 2. I can’t stand that creep I also hate sequels especially if they are bloody braindead comedys. This bird is mental she does these sexy photo shoots and then complains people aren’t commenting on her good acting skills, hello birdy anybody home.

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