Ahmed Mohamed


Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old Muslim boy from Texas whose teacher mistook his homemade clock for a bomb, will move to Qatar with his family”

For fucks sake………….here comes another cunt making bombs for one of the fucking nut nut groups of the world!!! Off he goes to start his training in the dark arts of murder and middle age life theory!


Nominated by: Cunty Cunterson

10 thoughts on “Ahmed Mohamed

  1. He’s also demanding $15 million in compensation and an apology from the City of Irving, Texas, and his school where his ‘wrongful’ arrest for his ‘invention of the clock’ incident took place. Unbelievable fucking story when you read it. Obama sucking up to the fucker and his family hasn’t helped. Cunts.

    • What a complete cunt! 15 million? just because he had a clock that Looked like a ISIS BOMB or some shite and got arrested. It might of been a clock but it looked very much like a homemade bomb. Don’t give this special snowflake a penny instead buy him a proper clock and give him a public spanking by donald trump. Then deport the cunt to islam-a-bad!

  2. This cunt deserves every bit of cunting he gets. Look at this cunt’s face. I would pay good money to slap his smug face till the cunt admits he was fishing for a reaction from his teachers. His father is also a cunt who obviously used this little shit for his own agenda. Look it up cunts, daddy cunt is running for office in Sudan and heads an anti-islamophobia group in the US. His cunting sister also has a history in crying foul.

    The media, Google, that facebook cunt, O-cunt-bama and all the liberal cunts who felt sorry for this shit stain and showered him with gifts and attention also deserve a good cunting. What a bunch of gullible cunts for buying his farcical story. For once, I wished the US cops would have shot this fucker to smithereens.

  3. why the fuck is everyone bending over backwards for these sticking muslim cunts and the fucking future terrorists they spawn,they should be set of in a dingy from the beach,fuck returning them home and paying compo….fucking hell,still its own fault for letting these cunts come in their fucking droves so they can fuck us over,and that corbyn is a cunt,bomb the fuck out of them

  4. So breaking up a working clock and putting the works into another box counts as “invention” dose it? For the benighted savages this probably counts as a ground breaking inventive talent. Certainly the entire family seem to have a great deal of form in playing the “injured innocent” and winning the Islamic Lotto payout.

    • Funny that the do-gooding knicker wetters label that little shithouse, Ahmed Mohamed as ‘inventive…’ But when me and my mate, Micky Farmer, almost blew up the school chemistry lab we were called ‘a menace to society’ and ‘ the dregs of the school system….’

      If we told the teachers that we prayed to Allah, they probably would have sent me and Mick on safari with Raquel Welch and Bo Derek…

  5. The terrorist sympathisers and apologist mongs were all over Question Time last night… These cunts will be like the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail: They will be in the midst of a Paris style attack, limbs missing and blood coming out of their mouths, and they will still be saying shit like ‘Not all of them are IS terrorists… We have duty to these refugees…’
    They really are cunts of the highest order…

    Then again, we could drop Diane Abbott on ISIS and the fuckers would surrender overnight…

  6. The little muslim cunt is 14 for fuck sake!

    Taking a working clock apart and sticking it in a briefcase is the work of a fucking 6 year old retard, not a 14 year old genius.

    Notice how the smug little goat botherer now wants to come back to the good old US of A because the equally backward cunts in Qatar have figured out the only thing he is useful for is strapping himself up with explosives and walking into a crowded area of a high school.

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