Phil Spector


Phil spector is another cunt who thinks he’s he is gods gift to humanity.

He’s produced a few decent singles but he’s a bit overrated I think.

The best thing Phil had was the Wrecking Crew that was his wall of sound but the term itself has been bastardized to the extreme like it was some grandiose thing. He died down in the 80’s taking shite loads of cocaine and becoming a paranoid zombie then he killed some beautiful woman and he was waving his gun around like a foolish cunt and shot her now he’s in prison playing with big bubba.

Nominated by: Titslapper

Spector was/is a twat… He terrorised Ronnie Bennett when he was married to her, he also fucked up The Beatles last (released) album… I also think he overegged George’s ‘All Things Must Pass….’ Some fine songs on there (thanks to George), but why does that wall of sound have to drench everything? Also the percussion on most tracks sounds like someone shaking a box of cornflakes…

Spector was a cunt for his buddy buddy attitude to that other cunt, Ike Turner… Spector told everyone that Tina basically asked to be raped and beaten up by Ike…

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. He supposedly lost his hearing in prison which is sort of sweet justice considering he almost fucked up lennons hearing. “Spector once showed up dressed in a surgeon’s outfit and shot a gun in the ceiling of the studio, hurting Lennon’s ears”. Your right norm the drums are so buried under the mix of ATMP they do sound like shite their was a bootleg of ATMP with rough mixes that sounded alot bloody better Apple Jams. There was no reason for that george had some of the best drummers in the world Jim Gordon(WC,D&D ,Alan White(Yes),Ginger Baker(cream), Phil Collins(Genesis) and ringo. But spector never put emphasis on drums that often, mostly just vocals and guitar. Some people just shouldn’t own guns!

    • The only decent sounding drums on any Spector record are by Alan White on ‘Instant Karma’ and Ringo on ‘Power To The People…’

      • You are right, and I am quite fond of alan whites drumming, I’ve been getting into alot of Yes lately because I was tired of my friend saying how crappy they were. So I had to prove it to myself that they weren’t. Sure they had a few duds and andersons voice doesn’t always work but when it does it’s quite profound. Examples Owner of a lonely heart, roundabout ,hearts of the sunrise, gates of delirium and astral traveler et cetera .

        • Sorry, but “owner of a lonely heart” was a piece of shit about some love drunk pussy whipped loser who had just been dumped by his missus for not doing the biz enough. All in a whimpey falsetto voice. Or something….

          • I dunno I love that song sure the music video was a bit silly. I have alot of fond memories of it killing shite on rampages in grand theft auto vice city, probably my favorite gta game too. It was turned down by clive “piss taker” davis for being too strange. Yes is the kinda of band you either love them or hate them. It’s a shame they got rid of peter banks though a great guitarist and vocalist flash and empire were great!

        • Am I serious what?… I never said anything bout the ronnettes . Oh you mean there is drums in be my baby yeah sure but the song is shite brian wilson has a hard on for that song though. I’m not crazy bout black/white girl groups but the crystals and shiagra-las were alright if I had to pick, my girlfriend likes them too. We never said he didn’t use drums just that it wasn’t emphasized.

  2. Apparently Spector also held The Ramones at gunpoint during the ‘End Of The Century’ sessions… When The Stones met the Ronettes, Spector read them the riot act (he was notoriously possessive and paranoid with Ronnie)… Spector told them not to ‘fraternise’ with ‘his girls….’ So when it came to a photo opportunity, Brian Jones deliberately placed his hand on one of the Ronettes arses, just to piss Spector off… I think the photo is in Bill Wyman’s ‘Rolling With The Stones’ book…

  3. Right, lets get one thing sorted from the get go. The X Factor is strewn with cunts. I mean, it literally could not be more top heavy with cunts unless Chris Moyles got involved. Cowell, Cheryl the cunt, Grimshaw, Murs, the scraggy cunt that is Caroline Flack, everyone on the thing on ITV2 and of course every wannabe shit hole that appears from the first audition to the final.
    But let me tell you this, if you one of these cunts that have their faces superimposed on things during the adverts, (and I include any child in that, dont think those little shits are exempt) then you have managed to become the cream on a cunt pie.
    Absolute desperate, attention seeking scum-bags.

    • X Factor is a wankfest image thing if you look the part then you more or less have the job. It helps if you can sing but it’s not required because they can just use autotune. Simon cowell is a goatfucking bellend with no love of music. He is a greedy business man who makes shite music for people who are easy to please and most likely retarded and easily swayed by propaganda. Could you name 1 good artist on his label? I sure as fuck can’t! Simon cowell reminds me of this guy Yum yum, eat ’em up!

      • The X Factor should be re named the ‘Jewish Factor’ or even better the ‘Gay Jewish Factor’. Its a reflection of the music biz. Ive nothing against Jews or gays but I am against an almost completely closed shop based on religion and sexuality.

        • All the X-Factor mongs are cunts… From Cowell and Co to all the retards and look at me faggots who take part…

          And Caroline Flack is a fucking bike…. Flack has more different mens DNA traces than the criminal records bureau…

          • Flack has fuck all DNA in her as all her ‘clients’ are young gay men. She is a professional beard. Do keep up at the back of the class.

        • X Factor, like all the other identical “talent” shows is simply televised karaoke. They’re not interested in talent, just whoever can perform vaguely like whatever genre is popular at the time (clue, it’ll be shit).

  4. The ‘Phil Specter Sound’ may have been pleasing to the ear back in the late sixties but we were playing seven inch singles stacked ten high on a Ferguson mono player running valve amps with the whole family running riot around a two-up, two-down house back then.
    Maybe it was a good idea to let off a few rounds in the recording studio so the talent didn’t cotton on that he was shit, …. the cunt.

    • What is wrong with valve amps? Many of the best mid to high end hifi amps are valves, there is a strong market for genuine vintage valves and valve amps are very much in demand by guitarists. Just because it is old technology doesn’t mean to say it is shit. Rather it is the new high tech mp3s and hi def audio which is shit, vinyl and valves is still the combination of choice for many.

      • I agree some of the best technology very well might be old . Like valve amps and what not their are Advantages but not without their disadvantages. Plus vinyl is a good format for listening to music but have you seen the price on some them FFS i couldn’t afford that. But to say MP3 is shite is a bit naive it all depends what your using if your using a Iphone or something like that it probably is shite but I don’t have any problems It sounds fine to me but I have really good speakers . If I could afford some of my favorite vinyl LP’s- EP’s I would.

        • MP3s are great for one thing, to fit a lot of music into a very small amount of memory. In order to do this they have to leave a lot of the musical information out, and you really can tell the difference. If you absolutely must store music digitally then use wav or flac files, but even then they are no match for vinyl. And don’t fall for the hi tech mumbo jumbo that is hi def audio, a huge scam! The 44.1 kHz sample rate of a CD with 16 bit depth is as good as your ears can hear, that is why CDs were made that way in the first place.

          • Sorry but you are wrong, the 44.1khz sample rate was chosen because at the time the longest musical scores were classical pieces, it was deemed there would be no need for storage space of over 80 mins (700MB CD) as these were the longest classical pieces and most artists albums were 10-15 tracks at 5mins each.
            This is why 44.1khz was chosen.
            Also at the time CD’s came out there was very little reason to assume they would be used on computers, then mp3’s came along & 48khz was chosen as the default sample rate because it is divisible by 2, 4, 8, 16 etc, very useful for binary systems that use 8 bits per byte!

          • My ears aren’t digital and they aren’t Hi-Def either, they have an affinity for analogue.
            I can fit more music than I can listen to on something the size of a flake of fish food (probably all on 128k sampling rate) which is amazing when you can play it through something the size of a box of matches and good headphones. The technology dies though and you can be hard pressed to find it in a few decades on.

      • Nothing wrong with a good valve amp Rich, but the Ferguson mono one running through a poor speaker most could afford was a bit wank.
        One of the best sounds I heard was in a shop in Bradford (sells all things audio) that was playing an iPhone/Touch/Whatever through a Quad valve amp and escaping out of K&M (I think but don’t quote me on that) cabinets. The whole lot gave it a depth and warmth I hadn’t heard in a long time.
        The old Ferguson up against this was just not in the same league, it was a basic for the masses.

        • I have thousands of vinyl LPs and 12″s Titslapper. Bought them all new, in a record shop through the seventies and eighties (some are nineties) when they were released and inherited some from the sixties, a chronological of my tastes if you like.
          Nothing like that thud as the stylus hits the lead groove. ….

          • Me too, most of my collection was bought at the time of release though I buy a lot of vinyl at second hand stores too. Also buy through US dealers Music Direct whose prices are good.

          • I’ve had a few good finds in second hand shops but they are getting harder to come across these days. Mostly I search for gaps I wasn’t motivated to buy back then but since found a liking for.
            No idea what anything in my collection is worth as it isn’t the reason why I keep them.

        • A very good friend of mine runs an electronics business and is at this very moment building 200 valve amps for a guy who runs “Sound Systems” in London, believe me valve amps make the current crop of electronic amplifiers to be the utter shite they really are.
          Vinyl, true valve amps & high-end speakers (with cross-overs) piss all over 7.1 surround-sound, soundbars, mp3’s and wireless speakers.

          • Its horses for courses regarding valve vs solid state amps. Valves are particularly well suited to acoustic music but if you want to play banging tunes at high volume then solid state is for you.

  5. Harvey ‘Phillip’ Spector is a cunt, I’d love to insert a Moog Minimoog, TB-303, TR-909 & a Oberheim OB-1 up his arse, now that would produce a “Wall Of Sound”

  6. “Sorry but you are wrong, the 44.1khz sample rate was chosen because at the time the longest musical scores were classical pieces etc.”

    Sorry, but I beg to differ. The Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem states that the highest frequency of sound you can sample is half of the sample rate. Thus, as human hearing cuts off at about 20 kHz you must have a sampling rate of at least twice that, i.e. minimum 40 kHz. Due to the difficulty of producing a perfect low pass filter which only allows a signal of exactly 20 Hz to 20 kHz, a little wiggle room was built in to the sample rate, hence 44.1 kHz giving 2.05 kHz transition band.

    I think what you are thinking of is that there were no hard drives capable of holding that amount of information at the time, so modified video recording equipment was used. For technical reasons 44.1 kHz was chosen as it allowed 3 samples per line to be made at both the frequency and number of lines in both the NTSC and PAL video formats.

    But the primary reason for choosing 44.1 kHz remains a question of sound quality, nothing to do with the amount of space on a CD.,100_Hz

    And I completely agree with Barnaby, it is a fucking marvel that you can fit so much music onto a chip the size of your little finger nail and it is extremely handy that you can play it back through your phone hooked up to good quality head phones. But we are not talking about clever technology or convenience, we are talking about sound quality and on that measure vinyl cannot be beaten ( unless you want to invest in original master tapes and the machines to play them ) and nor can hearing the sound coming from a loudspeaker.

    • OK, I am man enough to admit I MAY have been wrong, I was under the assumption (I am sure I read it somewhere) that the 44.1 samplrate was used because classical music movements were generally up to 80 minutes long, and this was deemed to be as much storage space as was needed.
      I did read this a long time ago, so I cannot provide any sources,
      You are clearly either knowledgeable, or have copied your post verbatim from a website, so I can concede you may be correct!
      However, your point that it was tied to video frame rate is moot, do you know of any CD’s that contain with video? – NO!
      CD’s came before DVD’s, so why would a sample rate of 44.1khz be used for CD’s and yet for DVD’s they changed tit to 48khz?
      DVD’s (which contain video) are 48khz.

      I admit I may be wrong, however!

      • I have no doubt you did read it somewhere and your memory is not playing tricks with you. Unfortunately a lot of people write a lot of shite, even some people who should know better.

        Regarding the video connection, I just wrote a lengthy explanation which suddenly vanished once I posted it. Fucking bollocks! I’m not going to type it all again but in a nut shell video was the only existing media which could record data at a rate of over 40 kHz and 44.1 was the highest sample rate which both the NTSC and PAL video standards could record at a bit depth of 16 bits. Remember this was the late 70s.

        The reason I know all this is because about this time last year my ancient Arcam CD player gave up the ghost so I looked into the whole digital streaming thing. After doing a lot of reading and auditioning equipment I concluded that hi def audio is a cunt and I was better off buying a new CD player.

        If your interested in why hi def audio is a cunt, this is a good place to start.

  7. Agree about vinyl, Rich… Been playing those first two Stones albums (in mono) recently and they piss on all the remastered lossless sound and all that crap… Dug out all my New Order 12’s too… Each one was like a mini masterpiece… Always a 12′ record on heavyweight, deep grooved vinyl, with a specially made high quality inner sleeve (no paper inners) and always a sleeve designed by Peter Saville… And to think kids today think a single is some piece of piss they download off iTunes… If a single isn’t on CD or vinyl it shouldn’t be allowed in the chart… Todays record companies and artists (cunts like Taylor Swift and Justin Bellend) never shut up about piracy and ‘artist’s rights’ yet they can’t even be arsed to put a real record out… I remember when the likes of Blondie or The Police had to sell close to a million real vinyl singles to get to No.1 (and both often did)… Now some talentless little cunt gets 50’000 downloads and they top the chart… As Paul Calf might say. ‘Bag O’ Shite!’

    • 100% fucking agree about the anti piracy cunts, Norman. Metalica even complained about people transcribing their music to guitar TAB. Like they were really losing their livelihoods because some cunt was depriving them of sheet music sales. What a set of cunts.

      I’m sure it won’t be long before some cunt comes up with the idea of implanting micro computers in your head feeding directly into your brain and bypassing actual sound altogether. And I’m also sure there would be no shortage of cunts queuing up to have them fitted.

      • Agreed, Rich… Every fucker on this planet has at some time taped the Top 40 off the radio, exchanged a copied tape or CD of an album with a schoolmate or friend, and recorded a TV show on a VHS, and that includes those cunts Metallica, Madonna and all those other knobs (except maybe Taylor Swift… I expect that anything she wanted, daddy always bought it for her)… Todays ‘piracy’ of downloading etc is no different to the home taping, CD burning and video recording of the old days.. And I bet those scruffy, smelly Metallica cunts had taped copies of Led Zeppelin or whatever when they were younger… Hypocritical greedy cunts..

        • And another thing, the cunts doing the piracy are the very same cunts who spend £1000s on legit music/movies/games etc. They download a crap MP3 to see if they like it. If they do they buy the legit version the next day.

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