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I want to nominate Emmeline Pankhurst’s great granddaughter, Laura. Apparently, a movie has just been released by the name of ‘Suffragette’. I think you can all guess the plot. Because of it’s subject matter, the movie has been promoted to fuck by the right on media. For some reason, it’s also meant that the great granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst, Laura, has been wheeled out at every opportunity to talk about her illustrious relative.

The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree, because it turns out that Laura is a ‘feminist activist’, or to put it another way, ‘man hating, swivel eyed loon’. I have a certain amount of respect for Emmeline, because she was fighting genuine injustice and sexism. And she was Mancunian, which always scores brownie points with me. A Moss Sider no less, when it was still a White area.

Anyway, in the interviews I’ve seen with her, Laura hasn’t really offered any insight into her great grandmother. I haven’t learned anything about her that I didn’t already know. All she’s really done is push her ultra feminist agenda. Apparently, the fight goes on, because women still aren’t equal. Us men, (those of us who can actually be described as men anyway, not those mincing metrosexuals), still stubbornly refuse to kow tow to the dungaree wearing, shaven headed, dyke harridans.

We’re still sexist bastards apparently. Still holding women back. Not showing enough respect…blah blah blah. We all know that’s bollocks of course. Women today are far more equal than they ever have been. But it doesn’t stop the likes of Laura Pankhurst, (yes that it is her name. So either no man has been dumb enough to marry her, or she’s using her famous surname as a leg up), from whingeing and whining, and telling lies.

Look love, you’ve had your fifteen minutes of fame. You’ll never be seen as a great woman, like your great grandma. Because you’re not. Accept that, and then get the fuck back in the kitchen. Speaking of which, another advert made by a shaven headed dyke seems to have been pushed. It’s a farm foods ad, with the unfunny half of the two Ronnies. He’s talking to some old bitch about how simple they are to reheat, which brings the reply, “It’s so easy, even a MAN could do it”. Cue dumb looking husband turning around, with a thick as fuck expression on his face.

I really, really wish that fuckwits like Laura Pankhurst would shut up and fuck off! Find a real job, because the ‘job’ you have now, ironically, involves bigotry and hatred.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. I remember her rather bold statement that when she gets married, she will be keeping her maiden name.

    The obvious flaw in this plan is that she has a face like a potato, coupled with a personality that could be used as birth control.

    In short, a sure fire instant pot winner on a lads pull-a-pig night.

    • She’ll keep her maiden name and her maidenhead if looks are anything to go on. I suppose you can’t blame her, it beats working for a living.

      • I don’t think she will have a problem keeping her maiden name… She looks a bit inbred to me…

        • The useless cow cannot add to the genuine achievements of her illustrious relative so she has to make up extreme views and pretend dragons to slay. Stupid cunt,

    • I don’t think she needs to worry about losing her maiden name. Does she really think any bloke is daft enough to marry her ?

  2. Spot on QDM just came back from a birthday party and two old hamburg dykes (old girls) lovely ladies over sixties and can take out men with pure violence but from the old school.
    NEPOTISM AGAIN done fuck all did fuck all and living off a name

  3. Diane Abbott
    Seeing as that cunt Corbyn has just been cunted yet again, I nominate that useless fat cunt Diane Abbott. Yes the same useless fat cunt that Corbyn shagged years ago, if for no other reason than being a useless fat cunt !!
    What the fuck is this pig doing sat on the front bench when its rightful place is
    face down on a dinner table with an apple stuffed in its fat gob. Corbyn is more than capable of fucking up the Labour Party without any help from this cunt so it baffles me why the prick gave it a job, unless of course he really did think he could polish a turd. More likely is he’s still sticking his cock in it…..squeeeeel little piggy!!!

    • Yup! Helps you understand why Camoron stuck his todger in a dead pig, it was probably after hearing of Corbyn,s liaison with Butt Abbott that the pig looked suddenly alluring, by comparison.

      • She’s also a thick cunt, who hides her stunning lack of intellect behind shouting “racist” louder than anyone else in the playground. Ironic really, as she’s made extremely racist statements quite recently. But she’s black, so it doesn’t count.

  4. I would like to nominate the youth of today
    I bang my head on a scaffold clip and get a bruiser the size of a golf ball and ask is it bleeding ?
    My back hurts from the day before DO I COMPLAIN
    and take a week off
    When a 20 year old bullshitter is like a butterfly

  5. I’m also getting very fed up with hearing about pay inequality. Now, I don’t know what happens in the private sector, but public sector pay is non-gender specific. Plus the ladies get pretty generous maternity leave for when they realise they’re not going to make anything of their lives so decide to spawn instead. I’m assuming the “pay gap” comes when they take career breaks and other forms of unpaid leave to bugger about with their kids. So the reason you’re paid less is because you aren’t at work. Can’t see the injustice myself, but of course I’m a typical product of the phallocentric misogynist hideaously white society etc etc etc

    • I always liked Churchill and Bessie Braddock’s interchange…
      “Mr Churchill, you are drunk!!”
      “And you madam are ugly – but I shall be sober in the morning”


  6. I’ve said it before on another thread… these modern day western feminists are only so fucking belligerent because we live in a free country in which they can blob on all day long whilst the PC brigade lap it up like obedient little mongrels. They love playing the oppressed, downtrodden card at every opportunity whilst conveniently ignoring just how inclusive Britain is compared to the rest of the world.

    Now the women who battle for rights in places like Iran and Saudi Arabia – that deserves respect… because they are actually risking a lot.

  7. Just a thought, if the original Emily had not bent over and got shagged, the later day Laura would not exist.

  8. The issue with third wave feminism is that unlike the first and second waves which had clear objectives i.e equal suffrage,legal rights .The fact that they achieved this seems to have left them lost for things to lobby for.Hence you get vicious infighting in the movement to the extent that the poster girl for Feminism Germaine Greer isn`t allowed to speak at Universities under their tyrannical”safe space” policies because she doesn`t think transgender women are women.Funny also to note how the third wave feminists look down their noses at any women who don`t conform to their “standards”.I once talked to a feminist about how women are not incapable of great success and pointed out the example of Margaret Thatcher to which she responded “but she acted like a man so wasn`t really a woman in the true sense” as amusing as that is if I had said that a woman should act in a certain way to conform to my notion of what a woman is I would be called a massive sexist misogynistic rapist or something.Funniest of all perhaps as that they are preoccupied by false tags such as rape culture and the gender pay gap( which is not taken seriously by any economist) and ignore the subjugation of women within Islam as it is too controversial.Hypocritical cunts!

  9. Those two in that pic wouldn’t look out of place in revolutionary France: stinking of rotten fish and cackling on the steps of the guillotine…

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