Farah Abraham


This cunt called Farah Abraham (sounds like a Chinese version of the bloke who sang with the Smurfs!) became a ‘celebrity’ by appearing in the MTV show ‘Teen Mom’

Which basically means the little slapper got up the duff to get on a crappy TV show…. Then the gluebag does a porno DVD: titled ‘Teen Mom XXX’ or something like that….Now this cunt is on the abomination that is Celebrity Big Brother, with a new pair of plastic tits and celebrity status….

We live in a world where slags like Abraham, Kardashian and Katie Price are seen as celebrities… I partly blame Beckham for this modern celebrity famous for nothing culture…. After all, he married that talentless, obnoxious cunt, Posh (except she isn’t!) and with her help, they became a ‘celebrity couple…’ And this (especially her) set the template for the famous for fuck all celebrities we have today…

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. Great nom Norman. I also despise the Beckhams for them appearing to be at the forefront of a most despicable culture change. I also align Tony Blair and his horrific wife to the sudden desperation for ‘celebrity’ credential – they fucking lapped it up back in the good old bad old 90’s.

    • On the subject of the Kardashians et al I’d like to cunt The Daily Mail for being the whoremasters who whore these whores out on a Daily Basis. Shower of whoring cunts.

  2. Do a shitty sex video become a famous cunt, or go on Emtv if you can’t get famous do a sex tape it’s written in the how to be a stupid cunt manual.

  3. It’s the fall of the Roman Empire all over again; bread and circuses become: Mac’s-n-reality. You, me and every other right thinking Cunt knows she’s a cunt, but her cunt attracts the scum cunts that adds to this cunt’s current accunt. Cunt!

  4. I like the fame for fuck all monica,these people really are cunts,if they wernt on the telly all the time for the latest please show me some attention,i think the likes of isis should concentrate on doing cunts like these as they desrve it and leave normal people alone,they would get plenty of pr and would be doing a service for the world instead of being the cunts they are…….or even better bring back the vigilaties,kill off isis and then start doing a long list of cunts,this website can be a cunt register and we can have a deadpool lottery doing camalot out of business at the same time,it will be a cunt fest……winner!!!!

  5. Ronda Rousey from the world of UFC who is one tough gal refers to women like Farrah Abraham as DNB’s…Do Nothing Bitches who generally wait around to get fucked, in Farrah’s case I guess Ronda was spot on

    • Women fighting in UFC are a right set of cunts. Who wants to pay good money to see lasses scrapping, I can get that up town for fuck all every Friday and Saturday night. UFC is a cunt an all. It used to be alright when you had proper martial artists applying their style, like Royce Gracie, but now it is all MMA, no style at all. The MMA crew don’t have the discipline to be proper martial artists.

      Take this picture for example;


      Look at the hand position of the kicker, all over the fucking place, body and head wide open. Shocking lack of form. Try that in my old dojo and it would be goodnight Vienna.

        • That’s as maybe however none of that was my point…which was she called the likes of Farah Abraham DNB which is fucking near enough for me.

          Titslapper, your obvious godsquad bias amuses me, please at all costs keep it up mate lol also bear in mind this preacher’s daughter got a huge shout out from her top sponsor Intel Pharma after the fight, by the way Intel Pharma has sold at least two products — Ligandrol and Ostadrol — that contain SARMs, or selective androgen receptor modulators, which are anabolic ingredients banned by both the World Anti-Doping Agency and the US Anti-Doping Agency. SARMs are not steroids, but they mimic steroid’s effects in more focused, selective parts of the body. They are illegal to sell as supplements under FDA guidelines. Another two products, Ibutamoren HGH and Clenadrol, contain different banned substances. Aside from Clenadrol, which the company stands by, Intel Pharma says it stopped selling all these products months ago.​

          But hey, god has a sense of humour so will probably overlook this steroid fueled fugly preacher’s daughters sins

      • You’d imagine that a photo of two scantily-clad women hitting each other would give you at least a twitch. You’d imagine wrong.

          • Well what are you a agnostic or atheist? what is your bias against christianity is it because god won’t accept your homosexual lifestyle. If you want to live your life that way fine but you could still repent or burn in hell. I have empathy but there is a limit! But you however don’t And yet you may- while you may or may not have empathy as well, I feel you to still be a typical non-understanding Pig!

          • Well what are you a agnostic or atheist? what is your bias against christianity is it because god won’t accept your homosexual lifestyle. If you want to live your life that way fine but you could still repent or burn in hell. I have empathy but there is a limit! But you however don’t And yet you may- while you may or may not have empathy as well, I feel you to still be a typical non-understanding Pig!

            You are aggressive unstable and volatile, throw in some hypocrisy as well regarding the teachings of the bible and how a christian should behave and you’re the full package….with all those qualities have you ever thought of converting to islam? I hear they’re few down at the moment so would probably welcome you with open suicide vests.

          • Ignores criticism like a true poofter faggot, and says I should convert HA! nice try clown boy but Islam is a plagerized version of the bible with a pedo prophet. Islam isn’t being weakened like christianity from limp wristed atheists. Soon western countries will be flooded with muzzies because of gay supporting atheists and hypocrites like you attacking christians. I on the other hand rather die then join islam . Christian beliefs and identity is important. So while you change the subject like a poof pretty soon you will be surrounded by beliefs less tolerant then christianity and YOU could convert if you want!

          • You really don’t learn do you…there is absolutely nothing you can say that insults me 🙂 isn’t insulting people a sin tsk tsk tsk, you shouldn’t bother telling people you’re a xtian because you such a poor example.

            I forgive you, now whatever sky pixie you worship thinks i’m better than you, easy this ol religion lark innit.

            Anyhow as the head honcho got involved last time this will be my last reply on this matter, you’ve learned nothing as usual but just remember I did try to help which now doubles my heaven house points.

            Pssst i’m not even going to drop back here to see what you reply teehee

  6. Amber Rudd (Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change) is a cunt.

    The filthy evil cunt is a 5th columnist from J.P. Morgan, acting for vulture capitalists to destroy the UKs native infrastructure to make sure the globalist 1%ers maximize profits on fuel, energy and even the air we breath.

    The dirty vile cunt from hell, Amber Rudd, is closing all our coal-fired power stations (that used to burn our own coal – we have at least 4000 million tonnes ion reserves – but presently import coal because the Lib/Lab/Tory party has closed all the mines out of hatred for miners and for under the table cash from foreign coal exporters), and has dictated imported gas has to be used to generate electricity in place of all the coal-fired power stations, by 2025.

    Coal provides 30% of the UKs energy needs and there are over 30 coal-fired power generation stations still in operation. Dozens of gas-fired power stations will need to built to make up the shortfall in supply (obviously, given the filth we have in parliament, by foreign companies awarded ludicrously generous contract with zero risk and obscene profits guaranteed for the next 50 years, by venal MPs for bribes [money, kids etc.]).

    The Satanic corrupt cunt, Amber Rudd, will be first in line for a brown envelope stuffed with £50s and a £2 million-a-year place on the board of some secretive vulture shell company milking the British poor as they strive to keep warm and cook the little shit food they can afford, followed by arse-face David Cameron and most of the rest of the unholy filth in the Lib/Lab/Tory party.

    The fucking irony is that treated emissions (scrubbed smoke etc.) from a coal-powered power station have less ‘greenhouse’ gasses than a gas-powered power station.

    So expect a kilowatt of electricity to be £5 by 2025 (with a surcharge of £10 for carbon trading and to subsidize fuel bills for the rich).

    I wouldn’t be surprised if filthy corrupt cunt Amber Rudd sold the air we breath to J. P. Morgan so it could charge us all 50p a lung full.

    Amber Rudd is a filthy evil corrupt cunt.

      • Yeah, that’s the massive irony about all the “we are the true patriots, we are proud of this country and its heritage” bullshit that spews out daily from Tory Central Office – so proud and so patriotic, in fact, that they sell off this country’s assets (most having been paid for by the British taxpayer) as fast as is humanly possible.

        Now Corbyn is a cunt, but imagine the fuss if it had been HE who had decided to sell the Chinese an open invitation to the British nuclear power industry? The Daily Mail and The Sun would have been calling for a military coup. But when it’s the Pig Botherer and Gideon “George” Osborne doing the exact same thing, they are praised for their political nous and described as “master strategists” – despite the fact that the British security services have expressed grave concerns about this issue.

        • Another example of double standards from the Press was when Miliband (cunt) called for unused land hoarded by developers to be seized. A “Stalinist land grab!” screamed the customarily apoplectic Daily Mail.

          But what happened when Alex “Boris” Johnson (cunt) called for unused land hoarded by developers to seized? “An astute and popular move that will address the housing crisis in London” was the Daily Mail’s supportive response.

          • Fair point Fred, thank heaven the guardian is always even handed and consistent in its journalism.

    • Lyin’ whore was on R4 Any Questions Monday claiming that ONLY the Cuntservatives offered a referendum on the EU in their election manifesto (basically so she could 1-up that fat labour cunt falconer and the SNP wallah). The cunt even lies when she doesn’t have to.
      Just as well that Aaron Banks reminded her the only reason the tory cunts “promised” the referendum was because they were shit scared of UKIP; I know the Greens also offered an EU referendum but I don’t think the tory cunts paid them much mind.
      Pretty sure I saw Rudd on QT a month or so ago, again lying thru her teeth and being economical with the truth.
      Truly she is a grade A cunt.

    • Actually the tories closed all the mines for 2 reasons:
      1: It’s cheaper to have slave labour abroad mine the coal and to ship it to the UK, rather than pay the UK miners a fair wage. IT also forces those workers in to using welfare, and once people are on welfare they are totally reliant on the ‘system’

      2: It promotes and reinforces the globalist agenda, you only have to look at how many UK industries have been decimated in the same way (Steel etc)

      • Sorry, I come from a mining area and can report that a great many miners, all good NUM members were in fact fucking cunts. Greedy, self centered me me me fucking cunts. Not the salt of the Earth, dignity of honest labour type working class heroes of popular revisionist myth but rather thick as shit violent cunts who made going out for a beer a fucking trial by combat in the early 1980s.

      • More Mines were closed under Labour the than the Tories. Do your fucking research. Harold Wilson. was also the first to stop School Milk.

  7. Jonah Lomu has shuffled from this mortal coil. Don’t see him on the DP list, but I thought about picking him does that count?

    • I didn’t know kidneys were that important. Luckily I keep mine safe and happy with a 57″ gut of blubber and a regular supply of Oranjeboom 8.5%.

  8. Posh Spice, that’s a fucking oxymoron, she is a talentless ‘middle class’ at best, cunt.
    You know she is a cunt because she has designers who create her designs, slave workers in Taiwan who machine them, and a fashion industry who think she is a ‘style icon,’ – fuck off.

    • Don’t get me started on that woman… It was a black day when two of the Spice Girls came to do the half time draw at Old Trafford (‘Who let the dogs out?’ sang the Stretford End)… Everyone from Fergie himself to the groundsman said the same thing, ‘He’s a great lad, but she will ruin him…’ And ruin him she did… I’ve seen her deliberately ignore people in the Old Trafford players lounge and behave like a total cunt…. Right about the poe faced cow not being posh too… Middle class, yes… But the ‘posh’ tag was just like all the other crappy nicknames given to those manufactured cunts… But notice that ‘Posh’ is the only one who still hangs on to her Spice Girls nickname… As for her being a fashion designer, the spoilt ugly bitch couldn’t do a mug of cup-a soup, never mind design anything… She is a cunt….

  9. I see that paragon of reading matter, FHM magazine, is to close…
    Truth is it was always crap, but 20 years ago they did have a better class of celebrity/bird in it (only issue I remember purchasing was the one with The X-Files bird on the cover, 1995 or 96)… Fast forward to 2015 and all they can get is scrag-ends from Hollyoaks, reality TV trash and slappers who have shagged Wayne Rooney (he must have paid them a fucking lot!)… Let’s face it: any magazine that proclaims a poundland slag like Tulisa as the world’s sexiest woman has dug its own grave… Good riddance to the cunts…

    • Good, that magazine is shite & Norman you’re spot-on.
      I actually have a cpoy in the shed (with my vintage wank mags).
      I only purchased it because Lisa Rogers was in a dirty photoshoot, I must have shot a couple of litres of man-muck for Lisa over the years, I even bought the Lock Stock TV series DVD for £25 just because she got her tits out in it!
      I must go dig it out……

      Oh for fuck sake, turns out it was Loaded Magazine, just dug it out of the shed, Mrs Boaby is out at bingo so time for a wee chug methinks!

      For anyone who does not know who she is…

        • All those lad’s mags have had their day. Surely their main purpose was for blokes who were too nervous to buy porn mags.

          • With t’internet you are only ever a click away from cracking one off to some quite upsetting filth. Or so I’ve been told.

            Although if I did have a huge collection of vintage jazz mags I think I’d be inclined to keep hold of them, for old times sake. Hypothetically speaking you understand.

          • I recall buying the Gillian Anderson issue of FHM in Smiths, the lady at the till said ‘Is it a good magazine? Is it worth reading?’ ‘Not really’ was my reply… ‘Then why buy it?’ she said… ‘Why do you think?’ I responded with a sly wink before sodding off…

  10. Women are fucking filth. Most of them would have sex with animals at the drop of a hat.

    Ergo Kim Kardashian and 1000s of dropped hats.

    It’s about time human babies were grown in machine incubators (all male) and filthy women cunts were burned like rats. The dirty diseased cunts are fucking filth.

  11. Farrah Abraham is the epitome of a low rent munter but in the poorest council estates she’s probably the future of teen girls in the UK.

    For the religious nutter here, have you ever heard the term projecting, you used so many gay slurs I bet you stare at the mens asses in front of you in the high street.

    • Fucking hell never thought of the projection angle, I suspect you’re right on both counts though, unless you’re projecting too lol

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