Dominic Littlewood [2]


The cunt, Dominic Littlewood, is the reason I stumbled on this website.

I was watching the ‘I obey the law, and Im fully legit’ cunt on some shit show. I think it was ‘Don’t get done, get Dom’ and I thought what a CUNT. I mean that title alone is enough make him a strong favourite for Cunt of the year.

Then there is the cunt that is Dominic, don’t get me wrong sometimes he helps people who have been duped or conned and thats ok with me, what I can’t stand is his ‘I am a knight in shining armour’ smugness and him in general, the way he speaks, the way he calls people up trying to find out why they ripped off some cunt, the way he chases the rip off merchant around like a little fucking Terrier. If he chased me like that I would knock the cunt out.

Anyway, after thinking “What a cunt!”, I searched ‘Dominic Littlewood is a cunt’ and I found this website. I suppose I owe ‘Dom’ a thank you for helping me find ‘Is A Cunt’, but that does not change the fact he is a Universal Cunt. I mean imagine he was your Dad, “Dad I found a fiver” Dom replies “Now now son lets go to the police station and fill out some forms and try and get the money back to its owner”. Aaaaaaaagh the cunt pisses me off.

Dominic you fucking CUNT.


Nominated by: Black and White Cunt

24 thoughts on “Dominic Littlewood [2]

  1. Dominic Littlewood – who?

    Anyway, Theresa May is a cunt. The useless old bag is chairing a Cobra meeting today about the Paris malarkey. The arse-holes that go to these let’s-kill-more-people meetings will have to listen to the cunt Theresa May farting out of her mouth for about an hour, as she says nothing in particular but in a sincere and concerned way with squinty eyes.

    Of course the old cunt will turn up in a Zandra Rhodes designer frock with a £1200 handbag and golden Gucci shoes, and a pint of Chanel Number 5 sprayed on her pits, arse, and twat – because she’s ‘with it’ and wants to interdict the ‘rotting old woman’ smell.

    The outcome will probably be a decision to waste even more 100s of £billions of taxpayers money bombing Iraq, Syria, Libya and other places, so these sick little bastards can wank at the killing, and their power to kill.

    I bet Theresa May goes to the Cobra meeting will love eggs up her arse given the prospect of even more collateral damage.

    • All the keywords are there transparence,solidarity democracey and not a apollagy (es tut mir leid)of sorry i fucked it up and it is going to get worse !
      Because of our liberal poo panted cunts i cannot defend my old dragon and defend it with a packet of peas and a straw

    • Another couple of facts about Theresa May which only serve to amplify her cuntitude:

      1) On her watch, the police force in Manchester has been almost halved – so good luck to our friends up there if any homegrown Jihadis try on something similar to Paris.

      2) Many other UK police forces have been similarly decimated by cuts on her watch – so much so that several are considering contracting out their 999 services:

      G4S of course are the clowns who fucked up the security contract for the Olympics. Why would police forces even contemplate signing up the spectacularly inept G4S for something as essential as the 999 services? Could it possibly be because Philip May (Theresa’s husband) is a director of G4S? Surely this is the sort of naked corruption for which the Italians are notorious?

  2. Black and White Cunt – welcome to the site. I reckon a lot of us found it by Googling “x is a cunt”. It’s a lot of fun, plus we all get to run the Jewish media.

    • It was ubercunt Chris Evans for me. I googled “chris evens is a ginger cunt” and haven’t looked back since.

      • I typed in the chief exec is a cunt and found this place,
        No mention of the cooperate shitbags that I work for on here but they get cunted off so much on Glassdoor I supose its only fair that the get some slack on other sites,
        Type in “Glasdoor Jewson review” and you get a rough idea how motivational this place is.

  3. Has anything happened in the world since Friday? I don’t know about you but I’m growing weary of the endless conjecture, speculation and down right lies being spewed out by the media. It seems like every cunt who has ever been to Paris is giving their 2 penneth worth on the telly. I’m getting tired of being told I’m in shock, in mourning or that I’m saying prayers for some cheese eating head banger. Erm, I don’t think I am, but maybe that’s just the shock kicking in…..

  4. Fuck me, another false flag operation has been revealed by Chris Spivey ( no not the Paris attrocity) Some cunt posing as Pudsey Bear in a pub somewhere. I kid you not.

  5. The short arsed little spunk bubble used to be a dodgy as fuck used car salesman in Essex or some such Southern shit hole. He did a TV show called “faking it” where he had to train up a country vicar to be a car salesman. What a cunt he was back then, not changed much now either.

    If you can stand to watch the short tonged cockney gnome at work, here you go.

  6. His helping wronged people aside he is a dwarf cunt for sure. He rounded on a trader selling caravans in one show and ol Dom was moaning about this chaps misleading advert, the bloke turned around and said misleading…well on your about me page you said you’re 5ft8″ and you’re about 5ft2″ Fucking hell the look on Dom’s face was priceless, little cunt was stuck for words for once!

  7. Going back to black and white’s cunting I would just like to say I fortunately stumbled on this great website in similar circumstances. I was reading about Cliff Richard’s kiddie fiddling accusations when it first kicked off well over a year ago now. I typed in Cliff Richard is a cunt on google and the rest is history. Thanks Cliff you little nonce cunt !

  8. For me it was Boris Johnson. So a big THANK YOU to Boris…The Billy Bunter shaped buffoon of a cunt.

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